Another divine failure



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If your God really wanted to pass wisdom, he could have done it genetically. Clearly he failed (if he exists anyway)

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8 thoughts on “Another divine failure

  1. the wisdom is encoded on DNA, created through neural myelination passed down as cellular memory. Neural Myelination is created whenever an action or thought is repeated. Which begs the Question, what were the thoughts and patterns being repeated that created the positive cellular memory? What were people meditating on that evolved our morality? The frontal lobe governing morality and relationship was the last part of the brain to evolve and is the last part of the brain to myelinate?

    • I believe the reason that the frontal lobe developed last was to ensure that the more base sexual behaviors remained dominant with a lack of need to develop complex commitments in order to propagate the species. When established in the ecosystem, behaviors evolved to sustain instead of explode the species, resulting in manifestation of ‘morality’ and the drive to commit monogamously. Certain mutations develop in a given population to prevent it from overrunning the ecosystem. With opposable thumbs and a large brain thrown in the mix, I believe that an organism could develop technology that could subvert natural selection in say, the Ebola situation? The Spanish flu pandemic?

      • It sounds like you are arguing for intelligent design. It sounds like you just used the narrative fallacy, human evolution doesn’t subscribe to a narrative, neither does human history, there is no reason we couldn’t be wiped out tomorrow or back in the stone age. History and Evolution don’t subscribe to a narrative. If they did the question would become who is the architect of the plot?

      • Actually, after posting this, I read an article in Scientific American regarding exactly what I had said according to peer reviewed study and publication. I don’t always explain things with regard to the rules of debate, and if explaining peer reviewed science is narrative fallacy then, GUILTY! I also don’t believe in anything that I cannot prove with hard evidence, so the intelligent design thing is lost on me. I think, personally, that intelligent design is another one of man’s attempts to find relevance where there is none, but our likely outcome is that we will destroy ourselves before this can be proven right or wrong.

      • Or allow ourselves to be destroyed, I am inclined to agree with you. Furthermore, I don’t agree with the infallibility of peer review. New sciences and ideas start with the individual not with groups of people in relationship with their authority reifying their authority.

        “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”
        ― Max Planck, Scientific Autobiography and Other Papers

        Ludwig Wittgenstein who was integral in creating the modern philosophy of science, said, “Deep is that which cannot be said.” Referring to the Philosophy that Science only accepts empirical evidence and apriori, and in so doing rejecting the personal experience of the individual as immaterial.

      • That is very enlightening and appreciated. You are obviously an intelligent, well read person and please let me tell you that I enjoy your comments and learn quite a bit from them. I consider bloggers such as yourself people that I look toward to learn and expand my knowledge. My greatest esteem is weighed upon the intelligent because it is knowledge that advances understanding in human culture. I continue to read your blog based on the fact that it yields understanding and evokes question after question due to the complexity of the articles posted.

      • Thank you sir, I find, though I do not agree with everything, that Atheists are usually more capable of intellectually stimulating conversation than most people. I do appreciate your conversation and thank you for reading my blog. You might enjoy the 3rd installment of Torah explained for atheists. Have a good day. 🙂

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