The Ten Humanist Commandments



  1. Try to be a good person. Not to avoid burning in eternal hell. Just because it makes life better for everyone.
  2. Form your own beliefs based on evidence, fact and reason.
  3. If you screw up big time, don’t be afraid to apologise and try to make amends. Preferably with the person it concerns, rather than going over their head to God.
  4. Admit it when you find out you were wrong in your beliefs. It’s OK to change your mind if new evidence springs to light.
  5. Try to enjoy life as much as possible and let others do the same.
  6. If you see bad things happening, do what is in your power to try to bring about change.
  7. Care about the society in which you live and what is done in your name.
  8. Respect and value diversity. Let people do what they like in their private lives, so long as it…

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