Crossing Circles


Aaaaaaaand, Muslims in Britain, France, Belgium, etc. aren’t demonstrating in public against free speech, OR patrolling neighborhoods in these countries, (that they immigrated to to escape persecution), telling non-Muslims to get out? Yes they are and the ‘Moderates’ are just sleeper cells that will join with the radicals when the riots are in full swing! Affleck is deluded and would change his mind when the machete is at HIS throat!

I'm Rhett James

On Bill Maher’s latest Real Time, he hosts Sam Harris and Ben Affleck, and with a blunt scalpel, surgically introduces the topic of Islamophobia into their discussion.

I’m facepalming for Ben Affleck.

Ben Affleck was strangely passionate about this topic, which seems strange, as those who are cool, calm, and collected seem to present the best cases. Affleck was appearing on a show ran by an atheist, and by simply watching Maher’s composure, he seems to look up to Sam Harris as a freethinking role-model. Affleck was simply out-matched from the start. I almost pity Affleck.

Ben Affleck, as a layman in the field of theology and the sociology of culture, represents the spiritual Zeitgeist of our Western civilization. In other words, what he thinks is what most Americans think about Islam. (Those who are uninformed due to the sheer force of their laziness.) He is an expert in acting and directing. That is…

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