The God Delusion


Musings of an Ancient Briton

I’ve just finished reading The God Delusion by Professor Richard Dawkins.    Something I’ve been meaning to do for some time but have been too busy.

What a refreshing change to listen to someone who is not afraid to expostulate against organised religion.   As a lifelong atheist and independent thinker I’ve long since given up arguing with those who want mindlessly to  follow a doctrine that dictates how they should live their entire lives from the cradle to the grave.   I see such argument as pointless as there is nothing much you can do to counteract the illogical “because I say so” reasoning that seems to prevail these days.

Well done Professor Dawkins for having the patience to spread the message of truth against superstition.   Would that there were more like you.

I’ve included a link below to “The God Delusion” lecture by Professor Dawkins

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