Ben Affleck and Bill Maher have a spat


I tend to side with Maher over Affleck on this one due to the complete lack of understanding that Affleck has for the tenets of Islam. When riots begin in the religious communities the ‘Moderates’ will side with the fanatics.


Caught the clip of the spat a few days back. The video I watched had Affleck coming unglued and calling Maher a bigoted racist. At the time, with Affleck’s raving, I did not really get the message being put forth and just shrugged my shoulders.
Finding the tiff was making main stream media news gave me reason to believe there must be more to it than I had originally thought.
As far as I could figure Maher was condemning Muslims and Affleck was calling him a bigoted racist for doing so. There was a third person involved who was agreeing with Maher but I did not catch his name.
Feeling that one should not condemn all Muslims for the acts of a few any more than one should condemn all Christians for the actions of a few (Westboro Baptists) my vote goes to Affleck in this dispute.
Looking deeper…

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