Hey, just a thought on how people actually feel. Why do we celebrate the exploits of a 60 year old Liam Neeson, a 66 year old Sylvester Stallone, a 65 year old Arnold Schwartzenegger and other ass kickers when the hipster culture promotes passive shitbirdiry and puss-out non-action as some sort of norm? I guess that the majority of society actually wants to see the brutal offenders shot and suffering as they actually should be, instead of enjoying a life sentence doing drugs and fucking prison bitches as they actually are at the present. I would legislate DNA evidence and if the proof matched, would torture these assholes,( especially the child offenders ), on public access TV and sleep like a baby. You have to be a sick fucking pervert to believe that these pieces of shit deserve any less! Fuck you liberals in your fucking deluded asses for thinking that you are above those who would torture these stupid fucks!!


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