Texas has Just Elected Some Mentally ill People. Again.


Phil Robertson is Wal-Mart people at it’s best! (or worst). Robertson and his bunch of redneck throwbacks prove that the masses will watch any piece of shit show that mainstream media will feed them, proving, yet again, that 90% or greater of humanity is composed of tractable lemmings. NOT encouraging!

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Good job, Texas. You’ve just elected an actual insane person to be the Lieutenant Governor of your state! Partnered up with another possibly insane person – Greg Abbott – who you’ve elected as Governor, what could possibly go wrong?

The two highest elected officials in the state are now taking their marching orders directly from an angry, homophobic, desert-God. And one of them – the former shock jock – believes that this god speaks to us directly through a bearded man who hunts ducks on a reality tv show. If you’re gay or female, now may be the time to consider relocation.

While other states are voting to legalize cannabis, our state is voting to continue locking people in cages for smoking a plant that makes them happy. But on the bright side, we should be seeing even more minimum-wage job opportunities that won’t pay basic cost of…

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