The Vatican calls Brittany Maynard’s decision to end her life “reprehensible”


Brittany Maynard was an inspiration to all forward thinkers and will be remembered as such. Just because the Pedophile Church condemns her choice does not make it any less heroic for those trying to end their suffering. Personally, I cannot understand why anyone can remain a Catholic after the last 20-30 years of the church being exposed as the very bastion of corruption and heinous shitbaggery! When people tell me that they are Catholic, I have to stifle a snicker due to the absolute idiocy of the claim. By identifying as such, one admits that they have no common sense and that they do not read their history. By openly declaring loyalty to a fraud, one becomes complicit WITH the fraud. P.S Fuck you you Papal bastard in your well travelled ass for daring to speak on something that your pious ass knows absolutely nothing about! Stick to running the great whore church of Revelations instead!

Why Evolution Is True

Gad, the Catholic Church is dreadful: the most immoral and perfidious religion on Earth besides Islam. It just can’t stop sticking its nose into people’s private lives, and visiting oppression on gays, women, and the many children who have been the victim of the church’s sexual predators. My only consolation is that some day the Church will dwindle to a useless remnant like the human appendix. And it makes me happy that the Vatican knows this, and is desperate to stop its slide into irrelevance.

Yet the off-putting nonsense that spews from the Vatican continues to amaze me. The latest is their pronouncement on—or rather condemnation of—the assisted dying of Brittany Maynard.

Two days ago I wrote about the heartbreaking but courageous decision of Maynard, a 29-year-old American with terminal brain cancer, to end her life by taking barbiturates. She did this to forestall the inevitable but gruesome death that comes from glioblastoma. She was bright, eloquent…

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