Improvised Survival Weapons in a Lady’s Purse



BIG Purse

By Theresa Crouse – SurvivoPedia

It doesn’t matter how many guns or knives you have at home when you’re caught in a survival situation without them. For that matter, you may have a gun in your purse but either run out of ammo or lose it somehow.

Stealth may be in your best interest and the sound of your gun going off will bring more danger to you. Don’t despair because there are many improvised survival items right in your purse or on your body that you can use to defend yourself. The key is to be creative.

In any survival situation, your mind is your greatest weapon and any material item that you use will be limited or strengthened by your ability to creatively and effectively use it. There are three traits that make an item suitable for use as a weapon and we’d like to talk about those…

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