Philae isn’t dead:, just sleeping (?)



Why Evolution Is True

Well, our optimism about the comet probe Philae was premature, but it wasn’t a total loss. Although it failed to “harpoon” itself to the comet, Philae did land after a couple of bounces and sent out some data. Sadly, its solar battery wasn’t able to keep it going since it was stuck on a dark part of the comet, and for some reason the Europeans who launched it weren’t allowed to use nuclear batteries, which, I’m told, would have been sending out data even now. (I may be wrong here, but I’m just saying. . .).

As the BBC reports:

The Philae lander on the distant comet 67P has sent another stream of data back to Earth before losing power.

The little probe delivered everything expected from it, just as its failing battery dropped it into standby mode.

Philae is pressed up against a cliff. Deep shadows mean it cannot…

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