The entitled


I am ever convinced by my profession that what I am doing is completely fucking wrong. I regularly take care of piece of shit drug addicts that act as though they are entitled to the care that they receive. They treat the staff as slaves and have no appreciation for the care that they receive even though they are worthless pieces of shit.
I understand the psychology of addiction but understand natural selection even better and believe that these assholes are slated for disposal due to genetic weakness.
These assholes need to realize the need for rehabilitation or they need to perish and that is a fact. I feel sorry for the parents of these idiots,  but they need to accept their culpability in producing entitled assholes. I realize that some of the idiots come from normal households, but drains on the system need to decrease. Liberal or not, people need to realize that financial resources are not infinite.
The more that you take from the system,  the more someone else needs to contribute,  and that person is usually a worker. The person taking is usually a titty sucker. We are not creating a society of workers,  we are disabling ourselves with a social contract to the lazy assholes of the world.
Wake up America! ! You are being sold a bill of goods that you can’t pay for,  and it is politically correct and unsustainable! We need to be taking care of our own and we are not!!


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