National Tragedy!


All is wrong with the world!
“The Walking Dead” aired its midseason finale Sunday
It was intense and tragic
One beloved character was killed

Editor’s note: Spoilers for the most recent episode of “The Walking Dead” are below, so stop reading if you’re not caught up!
(CNN) — “The Walking Dead’s” midseason finale on Sunday – watched by a staggering 14.8 million viewers – was about as intense as it gets.
There was Abraham’s army returning to the church in just the nick of time and Rick putting down a cop who wouldn’t stop running.
‘The Walking Dead’ dominates TV Season 5 of ‘The Walking Dead’ premieres
Beth pushed yet another cop, the threatening O’Donnell, down an elevator, and Morgan found his way back to the church just as our group of survivors left it.
But all of that action paled in comparison to the big, heartbreaking exchange at Grady Memorial Hospital (and if you went to the show’s official Facebook or Instagram right afterward, you know what happened).
Carol and Beth had finally been reunited with their people when Dawn demanded that Rick return her former ward, Noah.
Rick objected, but Noah decided to go back. And then it happened: One of Dawn’s comments set Beth off, leading to an altercation that ended with Dawn shooting Beth in the head.
It was a shocking, tragic end for a beloved character.
The look on Daryl’s face as he carried Beth’s body, followed by the anguish on her sister Maggie’s face, said it all. One year after we saw the death of patriarch Hershel, the Greene family had lost someone else.
Viewers struggled to come to terms with the character’s death on Twitter.
“If Daryl cries, you know it was a bad night on #WalkingDead. #RIPBeth,” said Travis Radina.

Christopher Cross didn’t know how he was going to get through the work day after that death.

Megan Mobley was “Still crying because Walking Dead.”

Ken Jeong of “The Hangover” and “Community” summed it all up with “Crying.”

So what can we expect next? Unfortunately, fans will have to mull over this episode for a while, as “The Walking Dead” doesn’t return to AMC until February.

First of all…..NAME DROP!!!! I remember when my wife and I used to hang out with Ken Jeong before he won the New Orleans Laugh Off and got incredibly famous. You see, he did his internship at Ochsner Foundation Hospital in the late 90s and did comedy shows around N.O.

Also, with all that is going on in the world, with Ferguson, ISIS, Boko Haram, Bill Cosby, etc. We now have to deal with the most important thing above all this! They killed off Beth!! WTF man?! No, no, not now, I know that there is a problem in the Middle East and an F-16 pilot crashed in Jordan but lets stay on the important issue folks!!!! They killed off Beth!! Hasn’t the Greene family suffered enough Goddammit!!!? Where does injustice end and decency begin? What? I…I know, Temple University just cut ties with Cosby, I know, but HAVEN’T YOU FUCKING HEARD ME?!!! THEY KILLED OFF BETH GODDAMMIT!! I…I’m sorry…I just need a minute, let me absorb this tragedy so that I can move on….

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