Jesus sucks at preventing plane crashes.


Jesus seems to have taken a powder when it comes to saving people from horrible shit. Don’t get me wrong, I support everyone’s right to believe any myth that they want, but when they try to push their inane bullshit off onto the rest of us, I get pissed. GOD was conspicuously absent in the case of the poor little 7 year old who had to walk in freezing cold temperatures in fucking shorts to a remote house to relate to the owners that her parents and sister had just died right in front of her because GOD couldn’t stop a fucking plane crash!

You fucking religious bastards, I can see her standing at this mans door, cold and in total shock telling him what had just happened to her, she’s cold and in shock and reeling in her mind the fact that she will NEVER sit by the fire and open Christmas presents with her mom and dad EVER again! She will never go to ballet lessons with her mom, she will never ride bikes with her dad fucking ever again! WHERE is the miracle in this!!?? WHERE??

You deluded assholes!! I have two daughters and cherish EVERY moment with them because I know that there is no tin shit sky faerie looking out for me or for them! Fuck your pithy bullshit pleasantries and fuck you on this one!! I cannot imagine being subject to walking through freezing temperatures in shorts and no shoes for a mile to tell someone that all of my family had perished in a plane crash! Take your ‘Miracle’ and put it so far up your sanctimonious ass that you could NEVER wash the brown out of it! If Jesus WAS real, HE is the biggest pompous dick that ever lived and he can suck my mortal cock!!

In conclusion, fuck Yaweh, Jehovah, Jesus, the Holy Ghost and whatever incarnation that your ridiculous myth takes, and bless this poor child in secular ways, that she will find eventual peace among the assholes who will try to convince her that this injustice was GOD’s will. Fuck you Jesus!!!!

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