Atheism and Murder


Shame on the media hacks who put a spotlight on his ‘Atheism’ instead of his lack of self-control!

Atheism Life

Most of us have probably heard of the Chapel Hill shooting. For those of you who haven’t, here is a quick recap. A man named Craig Hicks gunned down three Muslim students over an alleged parking dispute. The catch is that this man is an atheist. His trial will be deciding if this was a hate crime or not due to his anti-religious posts on Facebook and non-religious lifestyle.

Image provided by Fox News

It is unfortunate to see this take place. Many are anxious to see what consequences will come to the secular community. Though few atheists already are, in the future, all atheists might possibly be seen as killers and people to be feared. As mentioned in my first blog post, militant atheists use logic and non-violent discussions to make their point. In the case of Craig Hicks, he described going into a blind rage upon seeing a…

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