The price of faith.


The price of faith is really kind of a variable that increases and decreases on a sliding scale much like public health care. When you need something greater, His Majesty requires a stiffer tribute, but when the request is mundane, He only requires that you sacrifice only one goat from the herd.
How very fair and balanced of His Mega-Importance when it comes to us pithy little creations here on His  6.000 year old Earth. Thanks be to the Heavens that we have the all powerful sky fucker on our side when trying to find out why His existence makes no fucking sense.
I believe that you have already figured out that I am being totally fucking facetious here. The lack of evidence to support the existence of an all powerful Sky Marshall seems to me as plenty of reason to tell believers to fuck off. As my divorce looms on the horizon, I take the news as, yet another reason to rail against the religious system that supports the insane institution of marriage that has treated my loyal ass so fairly, leaving me out in the cold after 23 years of devoted service.  Thank you, oh Lord of the Fucking Flies, for protecting honesty in relationship. As I fucking lick my wounds inflicted because of deceit, I really realize how it is your fucking will that my life is turned upside down. Fucking thanks to the sky fairy for letting me know that I have no choices in my life and that you can fuck me when ever you feel like it!
Fuck that shit and fuck your fucking God! I am more than ever convinced that any deity does not exist and that everything is fucking random. Fuck Gawd and  fuck his goddamned agenda.


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