The Chemistry of Love


I have said for some time that love is a chemical reaction in the brain with all of the needed evidence to support my statement. It is biology, nothing more. There is only impulse created by certain chemicals being at certain levels at the right time.

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How are you doing in the LOVE department? Are you IN love? Breaking up? Sad and lonely? Angry at the world? Have you never been in love?  Not sure?

Here’s a bit of love science in case you might need it.

Love is a mechanism nature uses to ensure that we reproduce and that our offspring survive. The chemicals involved in our brains can make losing love one of the most painful emotional experiences we can have as human beings. Many people have died from it, in fact. Yes, you can die from a broken heart. Physical pain and the pain of social rejection are experienced in much the same way by  your brain.

If your partner’s oxytocin receptors get blocked, they will lose interest in love. On the other side, if you are addicted to someone, you might want to find a way to block your oxytocin receptors.

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