Joshua Feuerstein is no joke


Fat Josh, the fairy dust fucker. Turn your cap around and try rapping for Jeebus

Dave the Atheist

So this man Joshua Feuerstein on his Facebook page is promoting this shirt. He claims it is banned and he cannot show what is on it for fear it will be banned again.

Of course if you are not a blind puppet of his you quickly see the link in his posting takes you to a site that will create a shirt for your fund raisers…

Yes he is creating a fake panic among his followers by selling a t-shirt not sold in stores cause it was created on a fund raising site.

Earlier this model citizen claimed guillotines were being bought by the US government to behead Christians like the bible says…now naturally if you look there is zero evidence of this.

This guy was a joke, but I don’t think so anymore, he is dangerous, his cult following will get people hurt. Be glad you live in…

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