When Faith is Not Enough


I feel sorry for those poor ignorant people who have bought that foolish indoctrination. Religion truly demonstrates that a sucker is born every minute.

Secular Chaplain

Liberia church

When Ebola Came to Church (Liberia)

Reading this NYT article about a church in Liberia that was hit hard by Ebola, I reflected back to the time I was a Pentecostal like these folks. . .

You believe that “With God, All Things are Possible.”

You believe that “Jesus is the Great Healer.”

You believe that “Prayer–especially speaking in a Heavenly Language–can do Anything.”

You believe that raising your hands and waving them is the best way to get God’s attention “Praise the Lord.”

You believe that “I am FILLED with the Holy Spirit (so the God of the Universe is especially interested in ME, speaks directly to ME and will heal ME whenever I ask–unless He wants to teach me a Lesson. . .or has something better to do“).

You believe that “We have Victory over Evil and the Devil (the cause of disease).”

Then. …

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