The Trump Revolution


Hello blog folks,

The secret garden shit for this administration happens to be the very thing that the Left has been stumping for for years, gun registration and background checks. I have been on the bandwagon for years about re-organization, legislation, and registration for firearms, forgetting the standard for conquest of relieving the general populace of firearms, citing safety national loyalty, and other concerns. You know, ‘to conquer a nation, first disarm it’s citizens.’ This has never been so illustrated in the possible quote of Emperor Yamamoto during WII, “There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” If this was true, he was wise in that we have a gun culture that sissy-ass milquetoast people cannot comprehend in that they would let their families perish if they had to compromise their pussy beliefs by defending themselves with an ‘oh gasp’ firearm!!

I am Old West myself. I can shoot a motherfucker dead if they fuck with my family! I am an advocate of green energy, public transportation, and socialized education, but I have the common sense infection in my brain. If you fuck with my family, I can put a new asshole in your forehead in the blink of an eye and feel NOTHING! The minute that you lose worth as a living being in my eyes, I can treat you as an acceptable loss. I am the 10%, I am the one who is awake but can play the game as long as I get something for it. I am awake but can play the game. It is stacked against me and I know it, but there are those who think that they are getting an unfair shake, but in reality, they are reaping the benefits of the game!

The 1% that you hear so much about are beyond your reach, and the only way to get anything is to play their game. 1% of families own 25% of THE GLOBAL WEALTH!! 10% of the families own 75% OF THE GLOBAL WEALTH!! YOU ARE A SLAVE!! The Matrix is ALIVE! I resist by being allied with the people who refuse to register their firearms, I never will! We need to wake up and fight the powers and force them to bend to OUR will, not their’s! We keep the globe running but are devalued because we don’t belong to the elite status! We are beaten down to believe that our lot is to be abused by the haves and their ilke. We need to wake up and realize that we are meant for better and that skills and education is the standard! Stop the fight to raise the diabetes causing minimum wage to be raised in fast food! These aren’t necessary jobs Goddammit!

I will be on the front lines when armed citizens are needed! Those of you to afraid to pick up a firearm…grab a daisy and kiss your fucking ass goodbye!!

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