Rambling on


I find myself pontificating of late, on things that I must say, I know a shitload about. I am a learned scholar of many subjects which allows me to direct my mini polemics toward the appropriate demographic without appearing the sophomoric ass, and yes I do tend to stroke my own ego related to these strengths. I am learning to be increasingly congruent in my writings related to my alcohol intake so that I may be better understood and set apart from the average idiot who speaks from little frame of reference. Let’s face it, if one speaks of something that they have minimal knowledge of as though they possess intimate insight, assholery prevails and the target audience ceases to listen, therefor casting credibility into question which results in fucktardery of the speaker.

Moving on. Atheism, my peeps! I am refreshed on it! I work with sooo many fucking Mormons, and coming from Portland I can tell you that these fuckers BLEED religion! I am a healthcare worker who is fully entrenched in the trappings of blessed science and reason, who worked at an institution that buzzed with atheist fervor. I now reside in Boise, ID in the 2nd most Mormon populated state in the Union and work for a Catholic hospital under a Mormon manager. Many of my colleagues are Mormons which makes it a very difficult to be genuine in my life endeavors and social norms. My wish to keep my job detracts from my exuberant atheist persona, and my wish to not offend the truly wonderful Mormon people I know limits my outbursts to the minimum. As we all know, the fact that the Book of Mormon was translated into nineteenth century English, the same as the King James Bible, totally invalidates the text in that in 1830, people did NOT speak this way and the most advanced being in the known cosmos would have never made a mistake such as this.

I moved to Idaho four years ago for my spouses educational benefit, but never left. Portland, OR provided freedom to overtly practice non belief, but it cast upon me the yoke of conformity and fascism in that the hidden benefit of religious freedom or lack thereof was mired in the disease of extreme political correctness, where one could openly be LGBTQ or atheist, but if any extreme adherence was questioned it was met with extreme public shaming and intolerance. The mantra of the Alt Left, as I have termed it, in response to the term Alt Right, is to declare something accepted by the majority as law and to vilify anyone with a divergent opinion as intolerant and bigoted. We have recently been witness to this fascism at Liberal bastions such as UC Berkeley when they attempted to justify the thuggish tactics and violence perpetrated regarding the invitation of right-wing speakers. While I dislike most right-wing pundits, I support free-speech, unlike the Alt Left, who uses jackbooted tactics to feign outrage with an excuse to physically assault law abiding citizens who believe that they have the right to be heard as well.

My politics usually stay toward the middle with a right lean, I support an equal verbal discourse between party beliefs so that one can make a logical, fact-based decision on who or what to endorse. Yes, religious legislation is folly, but gender fluidity issues are just as psychotic as any. One is NOT female one day and male the next dependent on how one feels. This is insanity and has no scientific validity; please don’t cite Bill Nye the Sell-out Guy, many more educated folks can tell you snowflakes that this shit is total liberal fucktardery! I support gays and lesbians AND transgender folks, but don’t EVEN try to sell me on this new shit that is being forced upon rational people today! I AM YOUR ADVOCATE! Get this! But there are limits to the liberal shit that comes my way!

I am pro-hunting and gun, concealed carry, green energy, socialized education, healthcare for all children. I straddle the middle as a skeptic and an atheist with about eight years and counting of college to my credit. I dislike ANY far thinking Left or Right because it is irrational and based in emotional knee-jerk crap. I deal in evidence and rationality as my compass for truth. The Left as well as the Right is guilty of suppression of truth and corruption, while the middle is rooted in sanity and problem-solving. I rail against the Left much more than the Right because the educated deserve MUCH more ridicule because they act soo much better while being JUST AS INTOLERANT as the far Right. Liberals have proven to be more intolerant of freedoms than their counterparts while extolling the virtues of being fascist with fucking specious arguments.

I am now integrating into the Boise atheist scene, which seems to be a lot more tolerant than the Portland scene. Atheists need to remember that truth is our compass, and that evidence trumps all else, even socially accepted norms such as gender fluidity. I am not obsessed with it but I don’t want to be fired because I don’t coddle this bullshit in clinic. Reality used to be our byline, but now atheists in big cities seem to think that social pressure is the norm. These are examples of things that need to change. If someone ain’t drinkin’ yer Kool-Aid, then leave ’em the fuck alone and treat them as people who disagree with you! Amiable discourse used to be the atheist experience and now fascism is the new norm. Fuck that! I believe atheists are meant for better and are smarter than that. Believe what you want, but don’t shame others for not getting on your boat! I do NOT disparage your beliefs, but let me be free to believe in mine without being told, with NO scientific evidence, that I am wrong!

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