Writing about people!


Racially charged shit on this blog is rapidly turned to dust. Humans are constructed with certain anatomy and are the same no matter what! I have been told by DS that this is not so, but he is a staunch racist from a long time ago! I was told by DS that black people were inferior and that Mexicans were complete assholes because they were willing to accept wages that DS wouldn’t to complete a job. I was also informed by the children of DS that he would rather let them go without food and rent rather than reduce himself to accepting the wages of Mexican laborers.

I see DS as a piece of shit willing to let his family starve rather than accept a wage that would provide them food. He was unwilling to work when work was present because it didn’t pay what he wanted it to pay, so he let his family go without because he was a shiftless piece of shit who couldn’t take responsibility for the kids that he fathered.

The fact of the situation is that no matter how proud you are, if you don’t make allowances for taking care of family, you do what you can as a man, or you be a total bitch in the mix! DS was a bitch in the mix, making excuses for his failures and his need of using his daughter as welfare for nine years. He tried to say that he took care of his grandchildren for many of these years, but what he really did was throw them a sandwich for a meal and disappear into his hidey hole for hours hoping that one of them wouldn’t choke to death while he was NO WHERE to be found most of the time!

This asshole lied about the benefactors that saved his ass! He told stories about taking care of children as he spent hours in front of his TV away from them, he told of things that the parents didn’t say as a way of justifying his worthless behaviors! He blamed them for his gambling away of about $10,000 of assets in Winemucca, CA, to make himself look like he was stable! What an asshole piece of shit to throw his own daughter under the bus!! He then started to lie about his family in Idaho to justify his own completely racist and misogynist agenda. What a total loser and asshole who ran his own business into the ground and blamed his daughter for it! He was the one who returned his daughter to the mother saying that she needed to be institutionalized because she was acting out over her father choosing another drunk piece of shit’s kids over her! Dave, you are a total piece of shit asshole motherfucker for being a shallow fucktool. I hate you for the shit that you have done to my wife and I hope you burn in Hell for your lies you lying sack of shit!!


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