I am an anti-theist who does not wish that a cosmic dictator was watching over us and hopes that the Great Sky Fairy does not take away his pixie dust for blasphemy. I am a health care professional that believes in sane people owning firearms with strict background checks and will give up his stance on the death penalty if the judicial system works convicted nonviolent and violent felons 12-14 hours a day. They must also take away appeal rights for DNA convicted offenders to expedite them being worked to death. I grew up in a religious household but lost my faith at around 11 or 12 and never believed in the biblical fairy stories after that. I am married to a health care professional who doesn’t realize yet that she is an atheist. My fucking dog is an atheist too and took a very large poo on the church lawn the other day. FUCK YOU FATHER! You get a plastic bag and grab the steaming pile!

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for signing up to follow my ongoing journey. I look forward to your comments and hope that you will share your opinions. I tend to believe we have a hell of lot more in common with each other than otherwise.

    • I am a gym goer and an avid blogger, I love following intelligent blogs and getting active in things that help humanity move forward. I am getting more active in trying to sabotage human traffickers and to spotlight our Government’s crimes in scrutinizing our personal lives. Sorry for the late comments, I was away for a week. I look forward to following your blog!

    • Sorry, can’t talk now, I’m eating infants and worshiping Satan at the moment. You know, the usual things that atheists do! Wait! I thought that atheist meant that we didn’t believe in Satan either?

  2. Kayla Brianne

    I’m looking for some good debates (maybe on youtube) between Christians and Atheists… generally when I search, I’m only finding ones Christians have posted and are commenting smugly written captions about how the Atheist “really got what was coming to him” which just serves to infuriate me haha. Have you found any good ones?

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