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Unsplash, Sokoloff Lingerie1. Give her massages. You want a blowjob as foreplay? Well, she wants a massage. Get her naked, touch every inch of her body while her favorite music plays in the background, and then think about fucking her. 2. Touch her clit. By now, you should know that most women can’t cum from penetration alone. They want their…

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The Trump Revolution


Hello blog folks,

The secret garden shit for this administration happens to be the very thing that the Left has been stumping for for years, gun registration and background checks. I have been on the bandwagon for years about re-organization, legislation, and registration for firearms, forgetting the standard for conquest of relieving the general populace of firearms, citing safety national loyalty, and other concerns. You know, ‘to conquer a nation, first disarm it’s citizens.’ This has never been so illustrated in the possible quote of Emperor Yamamoto during WII, “There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” If this was true, he was wise in that we have a gun culture that sissy-ass milquetoast people cannot comprehend in that they would let their families perish if they had to compromise their pussy beliefs by defending themselves with an ‘oh gasp’ firearm!!

I am Old West myself. I can shoot a motherfucker dead if they fuck with my family! I am an advocate of green energy, public transportation, and socialized education, but I have the common sense infection in my brain. If you fuck with my family, I can put a new asshole in your forehead in the blink of an eye and feel NOTHING! The minute that you lose worth as a living being in my eyes, I can treat you as an acceptable loss. I am the 10%, I am the one who is awake but can play the game as long as I get something for it. I am awake but can play the game. It is stacked against me and I know it, but there are those who think that they are getting an unfair shake, but in reality, they are reaping the benefits of the game!

The 1% that you hear so much about are beyond your reach, and the only way to get anything is to play their game. 1% of families own 25% of THE GLOBAL WEALTH!! 10% of the families own 75% OF THE GLOBAL WEALTH!! YOU ARE A SLAVE!! The Matrix is ALIVE! I resist by being allied with the people who refuse to register their firearms, I never will! We need to wake up and fight the powers and force them to bend to OUR will, not their’s! We keep the globe running but are devalued because we don’t belong to the elite status! We are beaten down to believe that our lot is to be abused by the haves and their ilke. We need to wake up and realize that we are meant for better and that skills and education is the standard! Stop the fight to raise the diabetes causing minimum wage to be raised in fast food! These aren’t necessary jobs Goddammit!

I will be on the front lines when armed citizens are needed! Those of you to afraid to pick up a firearm…grab a daisy and kiss your fucking ass goodbye!!

Religion really fucking cares about humanity…..REALLY!!!!!


I, being the retarded motherfucker that I am, have left a place of reason to inhabit a closed-minded bastion of archaic bullshit theism. I refer to my movement from a healthcare institution with a union, to one that forbids representation of any kind and will fire those who believe that they should have any rights in the workplace and have threatened people who have invoked the ‘U’ word. As a minion of Catholic Healthcare I hear the Gospel of Bullshit referring to administration of care to the poor and vulnerable as well as the need to be a representative of Jesus the mythological zombie fuck of goodness and mercy who encourages women to forgo birth control in an effort to fill Catholic pews with ignorant assholes who never question authority and lies!

Forget the fact that empowerment of women begins with informing them that they can be something beyond human incubators of countless poor uneducated children from half a dozen illiterate prison-bred baby daddies, let’s just focus on birth control being a woman’s way of keeping herself from being trapped in a backward abusive situation that those Catholic bastards endorse. The kinder, gentler Catholic religion just coddles women into giving up their vaginas to losers now instead of ordering them to surrender to abusive fucktard pricks who should be euthanized!

Well, good for them for electing a Pope that encourages euphemistic language to continue oppression of women to conform to the modern world and ways of thinking. Regardless of what Little Pope, Little Pope Frant-Be-Wrong believes, his institution still condones the subjugation of females to males! I believe that everyone should wear a sticker that says that all faith-based beliefs are discriminatory in some way shape or form, because they fucking are and should be rejected by educated skeptics everywhere!

My Catholic experience is that of a healthcare worker that works in an urgent care setting that seems to cater to mostly poor ignorant assholes who are using the system and can’t get the education that they need to realize just how fucking entitled and stupid they really are. The Catholic system keeps these fuckheads ignorant and relies on their complete stupidity to keep them loyal to the pedophile capitol that is the Catholic Church by fostering mythological belief rooted in an ignorance of basic science. Even though the church accepts Evolution as common sense, the church continues to co depend the continuing lack of education that contributes to backward views by the less educated members of the religion.

I, as an employee of Catholic Healthcare, am admonished to give money to help build new hospitals by an organization that has hundreds of billions of dollars and has tried to vilify the very victims of the child-fucking perverts that the cock-fucking Pope went to great lengths to hide from prosecution. The fucked up religion even now tries to hide funds to keep the victims of Catholic child rape from being fairly compensated because they believe that guys like Jared Fogle were just enticed by the evil little poor kids who only wanted anal sex and not a loving family like everyone else!

I have been warned that references to organizations that fight for my rights as an employee will NOT be tolerated by the assholes that believe that a tyrannical employer should be able to fire you if he just doesn’t like your fucking face that day! The Republicunt environment is one of oppression and hatred fueled by a love of the Gospel and of the myth Jesus! These intolerant assholes believe that life-savers are overpaid and should work in a factory environment controlled by assholes such as Mitt-the shit-Romney and his one-percent Nazis! We get this and are afraid of the neo-Nazi resurgence in business that says that decline in business is due to Liberal policies that undermine capitalism and promote socialism, that fucking evil that protects lazy assholes everywhere!

The reality is that socialism, in this country, protects lazy fucking do-nothing shitbirds in their quest to have as many welfare babies as possible, per the Catholic dictates that say that sitting on your ass and collecting a check is NOT socialism, but we all know that socialism is an actual system of forced repayment by able lazy assholes for what they steal from society, and that benefits given a person who is legitimately disabled is payed by taxpayers to take care of the unfortunate who have done NOTHING to keep themselves from being in the working force.

Catholic Healthcare does everything and anything to keep lazy piece of shit assholes recycling through the system and staying co-dependent on this system. Education and enabling counseling is rejected to keep these shitbirds consuming healthcare and dependent on the system of welfare.

As the abhorrent satanic asshole sadist Mother Theresa  believed, it was better to deny life-saving anti-biotics to easily treated patients in order to come closer to the mythological god that this sadist believed in! Fuck this piece of shit that was the media head of the Catholic Church, and her pandering to despotic dictators who flew this horrible person around on their private jets! My own research makes me hate this evil harridan even after the facts exposed by the credited intellectual, Christopher Hitchens, but screw her anyway as the credited surveyor over poor houses that were denied life-saving medications by this minion of evil!

These people reign supreme with a Bronze-Age religion that has controlled powerful people through confession and manipulation dating back to around the 2nd Century BCE. The facts do not hold and the tenets remain valid due to military force and zealous adherence to a religion that is more cultural, than sensible. I must soon retreat to an arena that respects true freedom and gives the employee recognition for achievement and reward for expended sweat! I bitch not, but support a system that offers a level playing field to those that bust their ass and not just to those that inherit money and are spoiled legacy shit asses running a company that someone started two generations ago! We know that Catholic Charities and healthcare is only a front that enables the poor without providing an actual solution to poverty. They put a band-aid on the situation without providing an education that will free people from the yoke of welfare because they are painfully aware that education will clear out the pews with newly rational thinkers questioning why a multi-billion dollar industry must cloak the fucking of children by powerful men supposedly blessed by Jesus himself!!

Remember that Christopher Hitchens exposed the criminal exploits of Mother Theresa and her tormenting of the poor at her travesty shithole poorhouses. She worked overtime to ensure that power was NEVER given to the poor because of the misguided mythological bullshit belief that suffering was divine and got you closer to the myth of Jesus! These poor fucked up ignorant souls! I feel so sorry for those who died from totally preventable illnesses because of this twisted bitch and her place in the child-fucking Catholic Church. I really hope that accepting money for the church from despotic states of murderous dictators was worth it as these same heads of state were responsible for so many horrible acts, thank you Jesus!!

In conclusion, I believe that the Catholic Church is as wrong as you can get and is totally against their workers getting representation because they are greedy satanic fucks preaching that they do sooo much good as evidenced by Native schools run by church officials that tortured indigenous peoples out of their traditional beliefs, and by the movement of pedophiles around the world to prevent their prosecution! Thank you Catholicism for fucking people all the way around!!

A heartfelt goodbye to an atheist icon.


Four Decades and 20,000 Abortions Later, Anne Nicol Gaylor’s Organization is Still Going Strong

Anne Nicol Gaylor is an 86-year-old abortion provider with no medical training of her own. Her “office supplies” consist of little more than a pen, paper, checkbook, and a telephone. On a Tuesday morning this past July, in a retirement home just outside of Madison, Wisconsin, I sat in her living room as we waited for calls from women who needed (or wanted) to obtain abortions but just didn’t have the ability to pay for them. She is their last hope for a handout.

As the founder of Women’s Medical Fund, Inc., a non-profit group she formed in 1976, Gaylor asks intimate questions of strangers without the slightest hesitation. There’s no time for emotion. There’s work to be done.

Are you single or married?

How much money do you make?

Did you use contraception?

Is the man involved helping you?

How much will your procedure cost?

Did you see a doctor yet?

Have you had an ultrasound?

Gaylor has answered the phone like this more than 20,000 times. Since 1995, WMF has raised and spent nearly $3,000,000 to help women, with most of the money — just over $200, on average, per caller — going to a small handful of providers like Planned Parenthood. The funding comes mostly from individual donors, though about a quarter of the funding last year came from foundation grants. Its mission is to make sure that a woman’s right to reproductive choice is not denied because she doesn’t have enough money, regardless of whether the pregnancy is unintended or unwanted. The organization has no paid staffers, only dedicated volunteers. And, for the moment, Gaylor is just sitting in her recliner, waiting for the next caller, waiting to write her next check.

Anne Gaylor at her 80th birthday party (via Annie Laurie Gaylor)

Depending on who you ask, I’m sitting in front of a sweet woman in the final years of her life or someone who will dread meeting her Maker; a modern-day savior or a prolific serial killer; one of the great feminist activists of the past several decades or, as one newspaper columnist put it, “Granny Blood-Money.”

There are only a few prerequisites that must be met before a check can be written: the caller must live in (or plan to obtain the abortion from a shortlist of clinics in) Wisconsin, she must be more than eight weeks pregnant, and she must visit a clinic to confirm her pregnancy. Once Gaylor can verify that information, she writes out a check for up to $400 directly to the hospital, clinic, or physician performing the procedure. She also refers the callers to another national organization that may be able to write out an additional check, allowing the women to pay as little out of pocket as possible. Gaylor used to give out some of the money as a loan, hoping to get paid back eventually, but she knows better now. The women are just too poor. Still, she tries to get them to put up a little money of their own, even if it’s only $25, so that they don’t see her fund as a form of free birth control.

When I ask Gaylor how young her callers are, she opens up a nearby nightstand and pulls out a folder containing a stack of papers, all records of her phone conversations over the past few days. A sheet near the top documents a phone call she received the day before my visit, concerning a 13-year-old girl who had been raped by her 17-year-old brother.

How is anyone even supposed to process information like that?

I’m not sure whether to follow up with a question about the incest, the rape, or their ages. All crimes are reported to the police by the clinics, so Gaylor doesn’t deal with those issues. Her primary concern is whether the caller (in this case, the girl’s older sister) can pay for the procedure.

She’s immune to the horror stories by now. While it’s the first time I’ve ever heard such an awful story, she hears them on a regular basis. The youngest caller this year, she tells me, was only 11.

Gaylor knows the trends, too. While she hears from women all throughout the month, the calls tend to come near the end of the week, when some of the women receive a paycheck, and around the first of the month, when the welfare checks arrive. They don’t cry as much as they used to. They all cried when abortions were harder to come by, she recalls, but now only some shed tears. Most are just nervous. Emotional. Worried about how to pay for it. Wondering how they’ll reconcile their religious faith with their decision. Wondering if they can keep this a secret from their immediate and extended families.

Do you ever hear back from the women who call for help? She shakes her head. Few of them ever want to talk about the procedure after it’s happened. Gaylor herself has never had an abortion. In 1958, a few years after giving birth to her fourth child, she had a tubal ligation (something she highly recommends to women who’ll listen).

I wonder if there’s anything that could help make things better for her organization. More donations? Paid staffers? Nope. None of that. She just wishes women had easier access to birth control. She wishes young women could more easily report instances of rape and get immediate help. But “as long as men keep attacking women, you’re going to have a need” for abortion services.

Women’s Medical Fund, Inc. unofficially began in March of 1970, just after Wisconsin’s anti-abortion laws were declared unconstitutional by a district court. The ruling effectively made first-trimester abortions legal in the state. (It wasn’t until 1973 when the U.S. Supreme Court, in Roe v. Wade, took a similar position.)

Gaylor was already a vocal abortion-rights advocate at the time. In 1967, she wrote an editorial (she believes it to be the first of its kind) in favor of an overhaul of the state’s abortion laws. In the years to follow, she joined the Association for the Study of Abortion and the Wisconsin Committee to Legalize Abortion, spoke about the issue on radio and TV shows, and wrote a number of letters-to-the-editor of local newspapers. But in 1970, building off a program launched by scientist Paul Ehrlich, Gaylor began the Zero Population Growth Referral Service (ZPG), where she could direct women to cities where abortion services were readily available. After the Wisconsin court’s ruling, her phone began ringing — women knew they could get abortions now, but they weren’t sure from where, and they believed the outspoken Gaylor would have the answers.

On August 12, 1970, Gaylor placed an ad in two local newspapers that included ZPG’s post office box and her personal phone number. The ad urged women to contact her if their doctors weren’t helping them obtain an abortion. In the weeks to follow, nearly 100 women contacted her. Playboy magazine later mentioned her as a resource for women who needed such help, which only ramped up the number of phone calls. (“Contrary to popular opinion,” she later wrote, “Playboy readers rarely went to bed.”)

Unfortunately, local hospitals were expensive, often had long waiting periods, and required getting through all sorts of bureaucratic red tape (including, in one hospital’s case, letters from two physicians confirming that the procedure was required to save the life of the woman). One provider in Madison, Dr. Alfred Kennan, opened up an outpatient clinic for women who needed abortions, but he was limited to seeing about 100 patients a week. It wasn’t long before Gaylor began referring her callers to sites in Mexico, where the total cost for the flight, procedure, and hotel room was still less than a trip to the expensive hospital next door. (Abortions were illegal in Mexico, and still are in many parts of the country, but bribes to police officers allowed some doctors to practice without problem.) Referrals to New York soon followed.

With the help of University of Wisconsin professor Robert West, Gaylor began Women’s Medical Fund, Inc. in 1972 as an outgrowth of the service she was already providing. It was incorporated as a non-profit in 1976 and is now said to be the country’s largest and oldest independent, all-volunteer abortion fund.

The Hyde Amendment, passed by Congress in 1976 and still in effect today, resulted in an even greater demand for Gaylor’s service. The legislation bans the use of federal funds to pay for abortions, with exceptions made only for rape, incest, and to save the life of the woman. Because Medicaid funds are included in this ban, poor women are disproportionately affected and they frequently need financial help to go through with the procedure. According to the National Network of Abortion Funds, which WMF is a member of, “[t]here are 15 states that use their own money to pay for abortion care as part of their Medicaid programs, but there are 35 that do not.” Wisconsin is one of the 35.

WMF no longer advertises as it once did, but local clinics are aware of it and they frequently refer clients who need financial assistance to Gaylor’s organization. It’s not hard to see why: the non-profit has virtually no overhead costs and, as the group’s financial records show, more than 99% of its income goes right back to paying for abortion care.

If you called WMF today, using information available on some older websites, you might reach the offices of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), another organization Gaylor founded in the late 1970s. FFRF is a church/state separation watchdog, writing letters of complaint to those who appear to be violating the First Amendment and filing lawsuits against them if needed. Gaylor officially retired from the organization in 2004, though she still holds the title of “president emerita.” Staffers at FFRF screen the callers and only then give them Gaylor’s direct line — to the phone in her living room — offering her an additional layer of security. (Most clinics, after screening the women, give them Gaylor’s number directly.)

After 61 years of marriage, Gaylor’s husband Paul died of brain cancer in 2011 and she moved into the retirement home where she now lives in the summer of 2012. Gaylor herself suffers from macular degeneration and glaucoma, but her voice, while frail, is still strong enough to answer the calls. (Her daughter Annie Laurie Gaylor said about her in a 2004 tribute, “She may be losing her eyesight, but she is not losing her vision.”)

Gaylor’s only daughter inherited her mother’s activist streak. Annie Laurie Gaylor is one of the co-presidents of the FFRF, along with Dan Barker, and she’s also no stranger to anger from the opposition. At FFRF’s headquarters in Madison, they even have a system in place for dealing with all the hate-mail they receive: Serious threats go in one pile, angry letters go in another.

According to Annie Laurie, fighting for church/state separation is similar to fighting for abortion rights, but “they want to kill you more” when you do abortion work.

The elder Gaylor is used to that kind of hostility, too. When I asked how she responded to threats, her voice became a little stronger, a little more confident.

“I ignore them.”

Anne Nicol Gaylor and daughter Annie Laurie stand near the family tombstone (via Annie Laurie Gaylor)

Just as I’m leaving Gaylor’s apartment, with my computer packed up and my keys in hand, the phone rings. Gaylor answers it while instinctively picking up a pen and a form. She listens quietly for a few seconds while jotting down some basic information about the caller. Gaylor asks where she’s from. And how much the provider is charging. And if she’s visited the clinic for her first appointment. There’s an extended pause after that question, after which I hear Gaylor gently cut in: “You have to have that appointment before I can take your application, because at that point, they will do the ultrasound which will confirm exactly how far you are, and then they’ll be able to tell you exactly what the cost will be.”

The call lasts only two minutes before Gaylor hangs up the phone and smiles at me. “Ordinarily, they’re more interesting to listen to,” she jokes.

WMF won’t last — can’t last — much longer in its current form. Gaylor won’t always be around to answer the phone. But a contingency plan has already been drawn up. When the time comes, the group’s board of directors and additional volunteers will take over the phone calls and other menial tasks that Gaylor has been doing for decades now. They haven’t worked out all the logistics yet, but thankfully, they haven’t had to. They’re considering getting a dedicated cell phone that is assigned to volunteers during shifts or getting a phone number that goes straight to voicemail and having volunteers call the women back. For now, Gaylor is able to answer all the calls herself on a landline without leaving her home.

One of WMF’s board members, Nora Cusack, wrote to me that if abortion services were covered by health insurance providers or Medicaid the same way as other medical procedures, the phone might just stop ringing. Or at least not ring as much. That, too, would ease the succession problem.

Gaylor’s mission when she began WMF was to help women obtain legal abortions even if they couldn’t afford them. That mission hasn’t changed, but as she sits back down to wait for the next call, she reflects on the grander vision she has for the future: “It would be nice to not be needed.”

-Best wishes to the family of Anne Nicol Gaylor, a woman who did more for humanity than most in taking care of the needs of women and fighting religious bullies on their own ground! This is a sad time for all who respect the separation of church and state.



It is with a heavy heart that I announce the death of one of the New York prison escapees………Haaaaaa! Just kidding! Death to the next scumbag once they catch him! I hope he rides the lead sled to a painful sleep!

Yoomanists and tha poor!


I am a person who is really prejudiced against the poor because I lived in Section 8 housing and was homeless until I was 18 years old. I see the ‘Will work for food.’; people as a plague of lazy assholes apart from the mentally ill who cannot help the things that they do.

I overcame the assholes who were in charge to accomplish the middle class goals that I have met today. I send my children to guitar and ballet lessons because that is what responsible people do! Where is the Government agency to keep meth head assholes people from having kids? Someone needs to take responsibility to keep these irresponsible assholes from bringing kids into the wonderful welfare world in which they exist!

Keep these assholes from propagating and and the pregnancies of these useless assholes!!