Your god is a psychotic killer.


I have started to get a little more theist friendly but understand where this article is coming from. I choose to approach believers with logical questions and gentle requests for knowledge of their position followed by more questions based in logic. Call someone a fucking idiot and they immediately close off the debate.

Nothing Atheist About “Real” Black Atheist


One of the best written articles on WordPress, and one of the most relevant.


Nothing is wrong with the need to understand about one’s distance past; one’s history. The eagerness to learn about our African past is real and alive in Grenada. Africa’s great past and contributions to civilization are discussed among many young people looking for a new narrative that speaks to their nature. Their Africanness! No educational institution, I know of, on the island, imparts such education. Thus, organizations like Rastafari become an appetizing resource. Not only that, many of these young people seek to sever themselves from the Euro-centric religions that continue to define their cultural and religious experiences. Consequently, many of these young Grenadians often find themselves part of black organizations framed within an Afro-centered cultural and theistic worldviews, but are organizations as divisive and as irrational as the ones they seek to leave. Take this black organization that caught the attention of a Grenadian friend of mine.

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When Faith is Not Enough


I feel sorry for those poor ignorant people who have bought that foolish indoctrination. Religion truly demonstrates that a sucker is born every minute.

Secular Chaplain

Liberia church

When Ebola Came to Church (Liberia)

Reading this NYT article about a church in Liberia that was hit hard by Ebola, I reflected back to the time I was a Pentecostal like these folks. . .

You believe that “With God, All Things are Possible.”

You believe that “Jesus is the Great Healer.”

You believe that “Prayer–especially speaking in a Heavenly Language–can do Anything.”

You believe that raising your hands and waving them is the best way to get God’s attention “Praise the Lord.”

You believe that “I am FILLED with the Holy Spirit (so the God of the Universe is especially interested in ME, speaks directly to ME and will heal ME whenever I ask–unless He wants to teach me a Lesson. . .or has something better to do“).

You believe that “We have Victory over Evil and the Devil (the cause of disease).”

Then. …

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Thank GOD no one else was killed!




A small plane crashed minutes after takeoff in DeKalb County, smashing into the interstate and killing four people.

The plane crashed onto Interstate 285 eastbound at Peachtree Industrial Boulevard just after 10 a.m. Friday.

Traffic reopened on westbound lanes three hours later, but eastbound lanes remain closed until just before 3:30 p.m. Friday.

DeKalb County Public Safety director Dr. Cedric Alexander said there were three men, a woman and a pet on board the plane.

The victims were identified as Christopher, Phillip, and Greg Byrd, and Jackie Kulzer.

The pilot, Greg Byrd, was a retired Buncombe County, North Carolina deputy, and father to Phillip and Christopher.

The Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office say, “This is a tremendous loss for his family, the Sheriff’s Office and the community.”

Christopher and Jackie were engaged. Jackie is a graduate of St. Pius X Catholic High School in Atlanta.

The school said, “Jackie is remembered as a wonderful young lady, very popular, very energetic, out-going individual that was always concerned about others.”

Christopher Byrd worked as a property manager in midtown Atlanta.

Channel 2 investigative reporter Mark Winne say a source told him Greg Byrd “calmly” reported an issue “climbing out” and said, “Hey, we’re going down.”

Winne’s source told him that the pilot mentioned he was headed to Oxford, Mississippi, to graduation then after he was airborne, a controller asked if he was flying the heading he had been given and the pilot replied, “Yes,” but he was having a problem climbing.

The source said the pilot’s next transmission was to the PDK tower saying they were going down.

Witnesses say they felt the impact of the plane crash on the interstate, but somehow the pilot avoided hitting any vehicles.

“The impact was large, like a bomb being dropped,” said witness Don McGee.

Gerald Smith told Channel 2’s Tyisha Fernandes that he was driving his tractor-trailer along I-285 when he saw the plane flying lower than usual, and that it was coming straight him.

Smith said he was able to stop the big rig before crashing into the plane, but not before it clipped the front of his truck.

“I guess it was just God telling me to slam on brakes to see whether it would go on in front of me, but by the time I hit the brakes I heard the impact hit the front of my truck and not knowing what to expect, I looked at the front of my truck and the only thing I seen was the mirror laying down, I looked back to my left, once I stopped the truck and that plane was just against the wall burning,” Smith said.

Witness Blake Green told Fernandes that the plane propeller flew off on impact. He said the impact sounded like a bomb going off.

Green said he tried to run over and help get the people out of the plane but it was too late.

“As soon as it hit, it burst into flames, there wasn’t anything you could do,” Green said.

The FAA tells Channel 2 Action News it was a Piper PA-32 aircraft that went down after departing from Runway 3 Left. It was flying to Oxford, Mississippi.

Channel 2 investigative reporter Aaron Diamant searched for records on the plane and learned it was licensed to an LLC in Asheville, North Carolina, belonging to Greg Byrd.

Channel 2’s Richard Elliot was the scene Friday afternoon as investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board removed the wreckage from the expressway and took it to their facility in Griffin to reconstruct the incident and try to figure out why the plane went down.

“It’s not going to be difficult. The airplane is somewhat complex, but it shouldn’t be a problem. Once it gets to Griffin, we’ll be able to reconstruct it and figure out what happened,” said NTSB investigator Eric Alleyne.

The NTSB told Elliot that the reconstruction of the entire aircraft which will take about two weeks. A final crash report will take six months to a year.

We have several reporters working to learn more about the tragic crash. Refresh this page and watch the Channel 2 Action News Nightbeat at 11 for updates.

– 4 people were killed in this plane crash yet some idiot actually has the fucking GALL to “Thank God” that more people weren’t killed, only the pilot and his family including one of his son’s fiance! This total ignorance demonstrates the cognitive dissonance demonstrated by the faithful on a minutely basis! This is a goddammed tragedy that killed 4 fucking people, PERIOD!

Fuck the Djokhar!


Fuck this jihadist asshole and a speedy death for his evil ass. Glad that you have to live with the fact that you ran over your own brothers ass while running away from the cops, you fucking cowardly asshole! Die you evil fuck.

Joshua Feuerstein is no joke


Fat Josh, the fairy dust fucker. Turn your cap around and try rapping for Jeebus

Dave the Atheist

So this man Joshua Feuerstein on his Facebook page is promoting this shirt. He claims it is banned and he cannot show what is on it for fear it will be banned again.

Of course if you are not a blind puppet of his you quickly see the link in his posting takes you to a site that will create a shirt for your fund raisers…

Yes he is creating a fake panic among his followers by selling a t-shirt not sold in stores cause it was created on a fund raising site.

Earlier this model citizen claimed guillotines were being bought by the US government to behead Christians like the bible says…now naturally if you look there is zero evidence of this.

This guy was a joke, but I don’t think so anymore, he is dangerous, his cult following will get people hurt. Be glad you live in…

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Have You?


Fuck Ken Hammbone and his complete ignorance


Featured image

Acts 5:42

Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Messiah.

Just a question, to ponder. Have you stopped proclaiming his name?

Since so many of us know that He is Alive And working, lets proclaim his name and make this sign so true!

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Ken Ham proves he is a moron.


Dave the Atheist

Let me sum up here with the basic assumptions presented by AiG.

1. The bible they read is true.
2. Any conflicts with number 1 must be altered to include over lapping rulers and altering dating methods, altering outside historical documents including those done by the engineers.
3. print results.

When you start with the answer you want, you will twist data to fit it, so in that spirit I will prove Ken Ham is a moron.

1. Ken Ham is a moron
2. Everything Ken Ham says seems stupid to me and when it is not I must refer to number one.
3. Ken Ham must be a moron.

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I to, was the brunt of an abusive parent. I lived on the street from 9 to 18 and got off due to hard work and sheer will. I have recently learned to pity my mother instead of hate her because it’s better for me, not her. I know about oppression as well and things need to change to include equality for everyone, not just the privileged.


I’m not black, and I’ve never been persecuted for my skin color. But. I know what it’s like to endure years of unrelenting abuse at the hands of power.

If you’ve never experienced it, if your mind can’t grasp the scale, then maybe this personal story will help you understand.

My mother beat the shit out of me from 3 to 13. CRUNCH! There’s no suitable onomatopoeia for the sound of an adult’s hand belting a child across the face. There’s no word that describes what it’s like to feel your cartilage ring. She’d backhand me across the face for nothing, out of nowhere. She’d beat me with whatever was handy — spoon, belt, hand — and she’d always scream at me that it was my fault. I made her do it. There was always a reason, always a transgression. “You’re only hurting yourself!” CRACK!

By the time I was…

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