Holy Shit!


Negan was right, “I’m bringing ORDER to this shit!” I seem to remember this above all else OVER the constant shit about how a society deals with, ‘The most vulnerable.’ Or as I call them, the people that would be culled due to inadequacy and weakness. Most people born with the inability to care for self would naturally die out and the strong would survive. Weak assholes liberalize the reason for non-producers to survive in a time of plenty because they are idiots who can’t live with themselves if they actually made the right decision about defective human animals. These people are eradicated on a natural level. If you cannot contribute to the village pot, you are turned out or driven out due to your uselessness. This is life as an animal in the real world.

Most stupid humans try to believe that they are beyond their animal origins and believe that overpopulation is not an issue due to bullshit asshole hubris believing that they are above the ecosystem of the basic animal. This is fucking crap! Humans have busted out of the ecosystem that they occupy resulting in unnatural results such as adjusting habitat situations resulting in elevated murder/crime statistics resulting from too many rats in the maze. We are an animal regardless of the religious communities opinions or dictates and the opinions of the assholes that believe we are better than the things that they allow to piss on their lawns.

We have problems that are going to kill us as a species related to the opinion that we are above the other mammals on our planet. Until we manage our villages like we do our rabbit hutches and hen houses, we are going to spiral out of control and kill each other trying to take resources to survive.


Moderate unobtrusive shit!


I am a moderate…what does that mean? It means that I see Right and Left as extremes that cannot come to agreement because they are too busy one-upping each other and smearing the truth into something unreadable. The extremes are too busy flogging their respective dicks in pleasure and celebration of their utter superiority to one another, while ignoring the dictates of a small thing called ‘Demonstrable Evidence.’ Neither dickheaded group respects evidence or even, ‘shred-of-proof, because they are too busy celebrating non-win situations that rational people see as fucking ridiculous.

One can learn if one is open-minded, that sand papering one’s dick to a bloody nub is quite non-productive and deeply unpleasant to the dick in question. Spinning a wheel to no avail is the same thing and a seeming standard today with the two ruling asshole parties that don’t even advertise as being keggers! Fuck you dude! No beer? Take your party and shove it up your collective proper assholes! Moderates, such as myself, claim to be in the middle and devoid of the same unreasonable illogical bullshit positions as either side. Moderates take demonstrable evidence into account and weigh it against all incoming claims that may dispute it and use intellect to decipher a probable and reasonable standpoint. When given new evidence, they take this into account and vet the evidence at hand so as not to decide based upon emotion or popular belief. This is called,”Sane.”

Religion uses faith, which requires absolutely ZERO evidence, and 100% emotion and knee-jerk to determine some of the most important decisions in this life. Reference the molestation of the Duggar sisters at the hands of their own brother which the sick fucks known as Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have sought to sweep this under the carpet to hide that fact that their God sure as Hell didn’t do a fucking thing to protect the Duggar sisters from this dangerous pedophile! Duck you Fuggars!

I, as a moderate, ask what the evidence is that backs the things that you are telling me. Both Left AND Right have attacked me for not taking sides. I have slammed the Left for their hypocritical support of the misogynist Hillary, and the Right for their intolerance. The Left and the Right need to come together on taking back many rights, because they will find themselves behind the eight ball if they keep fighting. The 1% counts on the divisive shit fed to the public by the media to keep the hen house open for the wolves!

I ask people to continue to be diligent in their resistance to media and bullshit and to skeptically evaluate things so that they can fight for their rights through the bullshit. Watching reality TV and shit will fuck you. Rejecting crap and other bullshit will empower you. Rioting and ‘demonstrating,’ will empower your Millennial Hipster entitlement. Be aware of how you demonstrate. If it is ineffective, then you are an asshole. If you are legit, then you are an activist. Being in the middle seems to regulate reason and balance. I use ‘Snowflake,’ and ,buttercup,’ to describe assholes who think that they are special to everyone besides their loved ones, because no one is special in a pack of wolves except to their fucking parents!

Moderates believe that eventually evidence will trump, (no relation), bullshit, and that reason will return control of the nation to the people instead of the 1%. Yes, the rich have always lived above us and beyond our laws, but their heads roll from their bodies with a sharp blade the same as every one else’s. So, if the elected officials refuse to be accountable, we can cut their fucking heads from their bodies and feed the carrion to the crows! Fucking sucking A dudes!


Cheeto Man!


Trump supporters….Those who are too stubborn to realize that the honeymoon is over and that now the sex has just degenerated to revenge fucking. How do they do it? I have no idea. I am about the most measured guy a person could meet and I gave the Orange Guy a chance…for about a month. After that, he just started putting his Jimmy Choos in his oral toilet on a daily basis and hasn’t stopped telling pathological lies since! This fat golfing addict bastard is so on a roll with being in love with himself on the great power trip that he seems to believe that impeachment is still something served out of a can in heavy syrup! This, of course, points to high time that Americans need to wake up, pull the face out of the puddle of drool on their collective pillows, and realize that their top elected official is using his public office as a personal Ms. Pacman arcade!

First off, thanks Dimmocrats, for choosing the asshole corporate hack misogynist Hillary over Bernie Sanders. You played right into the Republican’s hands. Bernie may have had extreme socialist ideas, (that would never work in a country so full of welfare leeches), but he was passionate and forthright in a sea of corporate run assholes who were slowly selling the country out to the highest bidder. I, the middle-road guy would have chosen him in a fucking hot minute over Shillary! Second, I cannot fault the moderates and Rightys for their choice because Chester Cheeto was the only other candidate speaking to the middle-under-fire-class that pays for corporate welfare AND for able-bodied people at the bottom to sit on their fat asses. I wanted free college for anyone willing to pull themselves up, I wanted Fed regulations on these educational institutions to have to consult with public and private sectors on career needs instead of handing out pH D’s in fucking basket weaving for $100,000 dollars, which are fucking worthless!

Now we have the Lefty ‘No hopers,’ who’s mantra is, “when you take away ALLL HOPE,” which is dis empowerment speak for, ‘When you sit on your Liberal ass and stay asleep, refusing to fight for your freedom and rights, while whining the whole fucking time.” Homey, I have a useful degree AND was homeless on and off for 18 years, (up until 18 yrs of age), and made the choice to refuse drugs and to pull myself up by my bootstraps! Personal choices people! Give away your hope and someone will come along and take it from you you fucking idiot! A person can still make the right choices without blaming others and be a success in this world! No Hopers are just complacent liberal assholes too cowardly to take what is rightfully theirs!

The 1% needs to be taken down a notch and through mass numbers, this CAN be done! People just need to use guts and force with a little thought to sacrifice! Military people did this in multiple conflicts. so take back the greatness of your nation and stand up to Cheeto Man and put a man of the people in there! People need to wake up and hold the political machine responsible to the public, and let the rich know that they are being watched and that ala French Revolution, their fucking melons could suddenly be separated from their necks if they overstep their bounds. Cheeto Man needs to go, he is a piece of shit. Let’s do this now before he does some REAL damage!

The Donald world.


Hello America, today is yet another day that we can say, “Days without presidential embarrassment…..FUCKING ZERO! And counting. I had hoped to be a holdout to encourage folks to give him a chance, but he is proving himself a 1% asshole just like the rest of the Washington ilk! I am in the middle of the teeter totter. I balance myself in the middle while the angry children on the Left and Right try to knock each other in the dirt. My ass doesn’t end up there because I have found the mathematical perfect position of balance between two warring and extreme knee-jerk factions, none of them right but full of emotional conflict.

My position is to examine all of the facts and examine ways to solve complex problems, the Left and Right positions are examples of how children quarrel over a toy ending in the weakest one sustaining an injury while the winner gloats over the show of blood. It is very strange how the sociopathic  Darwinist takes the position of peacemaker and caregiver of wounds in the midst of supposed normal folk who lust for blood at the enemy’s expense. I usually attempt to lead the religious zealot to the climate change believer and try to broker a peace and mutual understanding between them, me, the social Darwinist who believes that Eugenics wasn’t all bad and that death row inmates and lifers should face mandatory sterilization, believes that mediation could result in rational outcomes and the betterment of mankind in general…DUH!

The Donald is fucking irrational and deluded. He is busy not connecting with the majority of us as he stated he would! He is busy still fucking off at Mar-a-lago at our expense and fucking the local economy by causing a shutdown of all of the airport businesses due to restrictions related to Airforce One flying in their area of operations. Every commercial aircraft is grounded while The Donald’s plane is in the area! This is causing businesses to go bankrupt and the economy to take a downturn which is contrary to the message that he sent during his campaign of restoring the middle class. He isn’t for restoring the middle class, he doesn’t even install middle class friendly people to his cabinet. He elects those who have a strong dislike for those not in their country club and those who hob-knob with the 1%. You see, these assholes are not the 1%, not Donald, not his acolytes or his sycophantic fucktards. The 1% is unknown to us and multi-generational. These people operate above Donald and Bill Gates. These are the Billionaires that we know. The 1% operate above the law and don’t give a shit about the feeble every-day problems of the rich and the poor, they just pit them against each other to create a smoke screen for the constant fleecing.

The Donald was an answer to nothing that was supposed to be an answer to politics as usual. Now we have uncertainty and erratic bullshit over any balanced decision making resulting in a worry over whether or not Donald will kill us all. This dick cannot just shoot off his mouth and expect people to accept him as anything but ridiculous! Our President must respond with diplomacy and measured rhetoric before dropping a big assed bomb on any opponent. It’s like a chess game, not getting punched and reacting. This shit is gonna get us into something that the American people cannot extract themselves from for at least a decade, so pay attention people! Get the net and start being as afraid of this asshole’s policies as any other fair and balanced person!

I am on alert and am reasoning with the people that I can reason with. I am pissed about bullshit and complacency and ignorance and am well against it and need to warn others of the Donald’s idiocies. This fuck needs to NOT have 4 years of fucking us all. The Left needs to GIVE us a candidate like Sanders that we can use to fix certain things and veto others. Fix it and socialize education Goddammit! Get yer ass in gear! Donald is a loser!

Great read!

For years, I’ve been trying to put a skeptic message into far-reaching mainstream media. Now it has worked. This was posted by CounterPunch, which has around 1 million readers.
If you can use my essay in any manner, I’ll be pleased.
James A. Haught, editor emeritus
Charleston Gazette-Mail
1001 Virginia St. E.
Charleston, WV 25301
(304) 348-5199
(fax) 348-1233
CounterPunch – Dec. 29, 2016
The long, slow death of religion
By James A. Haught
By now, it’s clear that religion is fading in America, as it has done in most advanced Western democracies.
Dozens of surveys find identical evidence: Fewer American adults, especially those under 30, attend church — or even belong to a church. They tell interviewers their religion is “none.” They ignore faith.
Since 1990, the “nones” have exploded rapidly as a sociological phenomenon — from 10 percent of U.S. adults, to 15 percent, to 20 percent. Now they’ve climbed to 25 percent, according to a 2016 survey by the Public Religion Research Institute.
That makes them the nation’s largest faith category, outstripping Catholics (21 percent) and white evangelicals (16 percent). They seem on a trajectory to become an outright majority. America is following the secular path of Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and other modern places. The Secular Age is snowballing.
Various explanations for the social transformation are postulated: That the Internet exposes young people to a wide array of ideas and practices that undercut old-time beliefs. That family breakdown severs traditional participation in congregations. That the young have grown cynical about authority of all types. That fundamentalist hostility to gays and abortion has soured tolerant-minded Americans. That clergy child-molesting scandals have scuttled church claims to moral superiority. That faith-based suicide bombings and other religious murders horrify normal folks.
All those factors undoubtedly play a role. But I want to offer a simpler explanation: In the scientific 21st century, it’s less plausible to believe in invisible gods, devils, heavens, hells, angels, demons — plus virgin births, resurrections, miracles, messiahs, prophecies, faith-healings, visions, incarnations, divine visitations and other supernatural claims. Magical thinking is suspect, ludicrous. It’s not for intelligent, educated people.
Significantly, the PRRI study found that the foremost reason young people gave for leaving religion is this clincher: They stopped believing miraculous church dogmas.
For decades, tall-steeple mainline Protestant denominations with university-educated ministers tried to downplay supernaturalism — to preach just the compassion of Jesus and the social gospel. It was a noble effort, but disastrous. The mainline collapsed so badly it is dubbed “flatline Protestantism.” It has faded to small fringe of American life.
Now Catholicism and evangelicalism are in the same death spiral. One-tenth of U.S. adults today are ex-Catholics. The Southern Baptist Convention lost 200,000 members in 2014 and 200,000 more in 2015.
I’m a longtime newspaperman in Appalachia’s Bible Belt. I’ve watched the retreat of religion for six decades. Back in the 1950s, church-based laws were powerful:
It was a crime for stores to open on the Sabbath. All public school classes began with mandatory prayer. It was a crime to buy a cocktail, or look at nude photos in magazines, or buy a lottery ticket. It was a crime for an unwed couple to share a bedroom. If a single girl became pregnant, both she and her family were disgraced. Birth control was unmentionable. Evolution was unmentionable.
It was a felony to terminate a pregnancy. It was a felony to be gay. One homosexual in our town killed himself after police filed charges. Even writing about sex was illegal. In 1956, our Republican mayor sent police to raid bookstores selling “Peyton Place.”
Gradually, all those faith-based taboos vanished from society. Religion lost its power — even before the upsurge of “nones.”
Perhaps honesty is a factor in the disappearance of religion. Maybe young people discern that it’s dishonest to claim to know supernatural things that are unknowable.
When I was a cub reporter, my city editor was an H.L. Mencken clone who laughed at Bible-thumping hillbilly preachers. One day, as a young truth-seeker, I asked him: You’re correct that their explanations are fairy tales — but what answer can an honest person give about the deep questions: Why are we here? Why is the universe here? Why do we die? Is there any purpose to life?
He eyed me and replied: “You can say: I don’t know.” That rang a bell in my head that still echoes. It’s honest to admit that you cannot explain the unexplainable.
The church explanation — that Planet Earth is a testing place to screen humans for a future heaven or hell — is a silly conjecture with no evidence of any sort, except ancient scriptures. No wonder that today’s Americans, raised in a scientific-minded era, cannot swallow it.
Occam’s Razor says the simplest explanation is most accurate. Why is religion dying? Because thinking people finally see that it’s untrue, false, dishonest.
White evangelicals tipped the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump, giving an astounding 81 percent of their votes to the crass vulgarian who contradicts church values. But white evangelicals, like most religious groups, face a shrinking future. Their power will dwindle.
It took humanity several millennia to reach the Secular Age. Now it’s blossoming spectacularly.
(Haught is editor emeritus of West Virginia’s largest newspaper, The Charleston Gazette-Mail. He can be reached by phone at 304-348-5199 or e-mail at haught@wvgazettemail.com.)

Rambling on


I find myself pontificating of late, on things that I must say, I know a shitload about. I am a learned scholar of many subjects which allows me to direct my mini polemics toward the appropriate demographic without appearing the sophomoric ass, and yes I do tend to stroke my own ego related to these strengths. I am learning to be increasingly congruent in my writings related to my alcohol intake so that I may be better understood and set apart from the average idiot who speaks from little frame of reference. Let’s face it, if one speaks of something that they have minimal knowledge of as though they possess intimate insight, assholery prevails and the target audience ceases to listen, therefor casting credibility into question which results in fucktardery of the speaker.

Moving on. Atheism, my peeps! I am refreshed on it! I work with sooo many fucking Mormons, and coming from Portland I can tell you that these fuckers BLEED religion! I am a healthcare worker who is fully entrenched in the trappings of blessed science and reason, who worked at an institution that buzzed with atheist fervor. I now reside in Boise, ID in the 2nd most Mormon populated state in the Union and work for a Catholic hospital under a Mormon manager. Many of my colleagues are Mormons which makes it a very difficult to be genuine in my life endeavors and social norms. My wish to keep my job detracts from my exuberant atheist persona, and my wish to not offend the truly wonderful Mormon people I know limits my outbursts to the minimum. As we all know, the fact that the Book of Mormon was translated into nineteenth century English, the same as the King James Bible, totally invalidates the text in that in 1830, people did NOT speak this way and the most advanced being in the known cosmos would have never made a mistake such as this.

I moved to Idaho four years ago for my spouses educational benefit, but never left. Portland, OR provided freedom to overtly practice non belief, but it cast upon me the yoke of conformity and fascism in that the hidden benefit of religious freedom or lack thereof was mired in the disease of extreme political correctness, where one could openly be LGBTQ or atheist, but if any extreme adherence was questioned it was met with extreme public shaming and intolerance. The mantra of the Alt Left, as I have termed it, in response to the term Alt Right, is to declare something accepted by the majority as law and to vilify anyone with a divergent opinion as intolerant and bigoted. We have recently been witness to this fascism at Liberal bastions such as UC Berkeley when they attempted to justify the thuggish tactics and violence perpetrated regarding the invitation of right-wing speakers. While I dislike most right-wing pundits, I support free-speech, unlike the Alt Left, who uses jackbooted tactics to feign outrage with an excuse to physically assault law abiding citizens who believe that they have the right to be heard as well.

My politics usually stay toward the middle with a right lean, I support an equal verbal discourse between party beliefs so that one can make a logical, fact-based decision on who or what to endorse. Yes, religious legislation is folly, but gender fluidity issues are just as psychotic as any. One is NOT female one day and male the next dependent on how one feels. This is insanity and has no scientific validity; please don’t cite Bill Nye the Sell-out Guy, many more educated folks can tell you snowflakes that this shit is total liberal fucktardery! I support gays and lesbians AND transgender folks, but don’t EVEN try to sell me on this new shit that is being forced upon rational people today! I AM YOUR ADVOCATE! Get this! But there are limits to the liberal shit that comes my way!

I am pro-hunting and gun, concealed carry, green energy, socialized education, healthcare for all children. I straddle the middle as a skeptic and an atheist with about eight years and counting of college to my credit. I dislike ANY far thinking Left or Right because it is irrational and based in emotional knee-jerk crap. I deal in evidence and rationality as my compass for truth. The Left as well as the Right is guilty of suppression of truth and corruption, while the middle is rooted in sanity and problem-solving. I rail against the Left much more than the Right because the educated deserve MUCH more ridicule because they act soo much better while being JUST AS INTOLERANT as the far Right. Liberals have proven to be more intolerant of freedoms than their counterparts while extolling the virtues of being fascist with fucking specious arguments.

I am now integrating into the Boise atheist scene, which seems to be a lot more tolerant than the Portland scene. Atheists need to remember that truth is our compass, and that evidence trumps all else, even socially accepted norms such as gender fluidity. I am not obsessed with it but I don’t want to be fired because I don’t coddle this bullshit in clinic. Reality used to be our byline, but now atheists in big cities seem to think that social pressure is the norm. These are examples of things that need to change. If someone ain’t drinkin’ yer Kool-Aid, then leave ’em the fuck alone and treat them as people who disagree with you! Amiable discourse used to be the atheist experience and now fascism is the new norm. Fuck that! I believe atheists are meant for better and are smarter than that. Believe what you want, but don’t shame others for not getting on your boat! I do NOT disparage your beliefs, but let me be free to believe in mine without being told, with NO scientific evidence, that I am wrong!

The Amazing World of Dumbball.


I find myself coming back to my writing more and more as I realize that it comforts me and allows me to actually be my true self. There are no employers, no friends with religion, no other influential assholes here that harsh my literary mellow or try to squash my opinions with their idiotic outrage. When I write I go to my creative happy place and with a lack of worry, create what I believe to be some pretty cool and edgy prose on the foibles and frets of mankind, and how easily fixable most of it all is if people weren’t such complete dunces most of the time.

As a healthcare professional, I am somehow required by the law of man to passionately give a shit about humanity and strive for the betterment of these creatures above all else, even though they fuck themselves on a constant basis. I care, I do actually have a conscience, but the limits therein create a line that about 90% of humanity crosses on a daily basis with all of their petty infighting and,  ‘I don’t give a shit about any problems but my own,’ attitudes. These people annoy me to no end and cause me to be very aware of an almost sociopathic quality to my personality that I am apologizing for quite rarely these days, but there are those whose opinions greatly matter to me over all others. The ones that matter discuss things sanely and fairly, without harsh judgment to those that they disagree with, without totally denying peer-reviewed demonstrable evidence, without masking their assholery in in pseudo-educated unsubstantiated circumlocutions tainted by holier-than-thou bullshit. These people are very few and far between and are always greater than an arms length away, making them very difficult to reach.

I used to consider my self a humanist, and maybe I am one, more so than I actually think. I believe that doing the best for the human race is the greatest gift that you can actually give it, so being a bit harsh, but adhering to logic will save the race without giving in to pseudo-morality and bullshit pandering to completely fucktardish thinking. Therefor I must now put forward my basic thoughts about humanity and it’s failings.

I believe in a swift death penalty only with irrefutable evidence. There is no room if conviction was done upon race and socioeconomic standing. If genetic evidence is present or a camera shows the crime in question, then convict and execute immediately as the gavel falls. Why? Not because of, ‘an eye for an eye,’ but because we have too many rats in the maze and it is showing the scientific signs of breaking down in real time as we speak. The animal condition of overpopulation is the real problem behind most of our difficulties on the planet Earth and less human beings is the answer. Religion will say different and knee-jerk liberalism will also defend the weakest, but the reality is that if you have a defective brake pad, then you wouldn’t install it on your car. So if this is the case, why do we keep death-row inmates alive and why do we keep those too disabled to contribute, alive when the system is the entity paying for their survival? This is a logical call, not a knee-jerk call! Asshole liberals will say that this is, ‘draconian,’ until the population reaches it’s breaking point when too many rats are in the maze, and then where are the liberal sentiments when these assholes are just trying to shore up their supplies by eliminating the needy?

I just believe in pre-empting the inevitable, the mass extermination of those not deemed worthy by the current government. We need to think and act upon forcing birth control on Medicaid recipients creating multiple children and using welfare as a career. The system needs to enact a free college and trade school system for these people while taking them and instructing them that they need to get a trade or a career, or forever be banned from the welfare system as complete flotsam. The system needs to be focused on being a necessary part of the village instead of a burden. People need to be trained for needed skills and plugged into the system as needs arise, and discouraged from getting worthless degrees that they, ‘dreamed of,’ getting because these fucking fields are goddamned pipe dream fields not populated by those based in reality. Yes, I understand the 1% and I get the bullshit that is going around, but I also believe that if society allows you to say what you want, then rise against the 1% and demand a better deal! This is possible because the status quo relies on the majority NOT rising up with guns and assassinating the minority! So get this shit together if you are unhappy with the current state of jobs and the minimum wage and be willing to risk your piece of the American pie to make the changes that you want, because if the Government is allowed to make those changes, you are probably not going to be quite satisfied with their incarnation of YOUR wishes. My father-in-law is very accustomed to using the word, “Draconian,” to describe anything that he disagrees with, ie, ALL things not extremely liberal, but given the problem with overpopulation, I hope that liberals get the net and realize that when people in industrialized countries begin fighting over resources, you a see the altruistic liberal vanish in a heartbeat when they miss a few meals.

The truth of the matter is that human beings need to start embracing some of their similarities to other animals, because it is unnatural and against what we are intrinsically as mammals to try to deny ourselves. We pontificate about unnatural things that we think elevate us and make us better as beings but ignore the fact that in the animal world there are no freebies and everyone contributes, or those that do not get nothing, THAT is natural and good! It is advanced thinking to assist a person or a family in temporary need, but it is unnatural to create a strata of flotsam who constantly graze on the labor of the working people while sitting on their subhuman asses. Things need to change that allow for socialized education and assistance programs for retraining if a person is injured, but if the person does not want these things and is abide, they need to be denied any tax dollars from those that work for a living. If this confederacy of dunces resort to crime, than force them to labor for 10 hrs a day and give them three meals a day and a cot, AND NO CONJUGAL VISITS! These slope-browed idiots should be mandatorily sterilized so that they cannot repopulate the trailer park!

You see, there is a serious need for people who are hardwired to do the right thing no matter how hard the decisions may be. I see these things in black and white and realize that half of our people have deluded themselves into thinking that all of this altruistic save-everyone bullshit is advanced thinking, much to the detriment of the ENTIRE planet, it’s climate, and it’s renewable resources that are rapidly dwindling. Most of these positions are due to liberal and far right religious folly, religion being the cancer upon humanity that seeks to fill the pews by restricting birth control and encouraging Latin men to essentially force their wives into maternal servitude and early death. These are just a few things that humanity uses to pump up the volume of an already overpopulated species! Yes, I know that poor Muslim countries do this as well and the 90% of their people follow it hook, line and sinker, or stinker, just like most of the majority of human beings. We have people like the ducking Fuggars who view the vagina as God’s sacred clown car, the more that comes from it, the better, until we are shoulder-to-shoulder and literally spiriting our neighbors away in the middle of the night to carve ’em up ala Terminus style and save ’em in ‘th big freezer until maw needs a shank fer the fucking stew!

The world needs a shake-up in the leadership, and not one that ignores the coming problems. It needs forward-thinking social Darwinists able to make decisions that are sensible and animal for the good of the producers/survivors, for the hunters that put meat on the table and keep the village psycho from running rampant! Liberal idiocy aside, these things are gonna happen and I would LOVE people to get on the bandwagon and support sensibility rather than support the free-love freebie snowflake shit happening today. I WANT green energy NOW! I want free college and trade school NOW! I want sustainable solutions to save the planet like fucking yesterday, but I am NOT a knee-jerk liberal and I think that the far right are insane. People need to, ‘be willing to break a few eggs.’ The reality of the matter is that people need to return to the days when hard choices were something you just had to make, instead of turfing it to someone with more guts and sticking their heads in the sand! I always say that I notice how 99% of self-made people are NEVER extreme liberals because they are too used to making tough choices and working for stuff instead of getting it for free, and I mean that. Without a frame of reference, a person should NEVER speak of something of which he/she has no experience. It’s like a career poor person telling you that money can’t buy you happiness. Has this person ever had money? No! Keep your mouth shut unless you have demonstrable evidence! Many of those without experience will pontificate on things that they know nothing of and they usually make themselves look like fools. These people usually are not those who have made hard choices that ended in their success or the success of others. Hard choices have to be made by people with guts who can look you in the eye after sacrificing something to save countless others.

I have gone on long enough. As I have said before, I am a social Darwinist who believes that the salvation of the human race relies on us going back to embracing the fact that we are animals and returning to a village lifestyle, where those who don’t contribute are given a job and if they can’t hack it, they receive NO benefit.






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The Trump Revolution


Hello blog folks,

The secret garden shit for this administration happens to be the very thing that the Left has been stumping for for years, gun registration and background checks. I have been on the bandwagon for years about re-organization, legislation, and registration for firearms, forgetting the standard for conquest of relieving the general populace of firearms, citing safety national loyalty, and other concerns. You know, ‘to conquer a nation, first disarm it’s citizens.’ This has never been so illustrated in the possible quote of Emperor Yamamoto during WII, “There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” If this was true, he was wise in that we have a gun culture that sissy-ass milquetoast people cannot comprehend in that they would let their families perish if they had to compromise their pussy beliefs by defending themselves with an ‘oh gasp’ firearm!!

I am Old West myself. I can shoot a motherfucker dead if they fuck with my family! I am an advocate of green energy, public transportation, and socialized education, but I have the common sense infection in my brain. If you fuck with my family, I can put a new asshole in your forehead in the blink of an eye and feel NOTHING! The minute that you lose worth as a living being in my eyes, I can treat you as an acceptable loss. I am the 10%, I am the one who is awake but can play the game as long as I get something for it. I am awake but can play the game. It is stacked against me and I know it, but there are those who think that they are getting an unfair shake, but in reality, they are reaping the benefits of the game!

The 1% that you hear so much about are beyond your reach, and the only way to get anything is to play their game. 1% of families own 25% of THE GLOBAL WEALTH!! 10% of the families own 75% OF THE GLOBAL WEALTH!! YOU ARE A SLAVE!! The Matrix is ALIVE! I resist by being allied with the people who refuse to register their firearms, I never will! We need to wake up and fight the powers and force them to bend to OUR will, not their’s! We keep the globe running but are devalued because we don’t belong to the elite status! We are beaten down to believe that our lot is to be abused by the haves and their ilke. We need to wake up and realize that we are meant for better and that skills and education is the standard! Stop the fight to raise the diabetes causing minimum wage to be raised in fast food! These aren’t necessary jobs Goddammit!

I will be on the front lines when armed citizens are needed! Those of you to afraid to pick up a firearm…grab a daisy and kiss your fucking ass goodbye!!

Religion really fucking cares about humanity…..REALLY!!!!!


I, being the retarded motherfucker that I am, have left a place of reason to inhabit a closed-minded bastion of archaic bullshit theism. I refer to my movement from a healthcare institution with a union, to one that forbids representation of any kind and will fire those who believe that they should have any rights in the workplace and have threatened people who have invoked the ‘U’ word. As a minion of Catholic Healthcare I hear the Gospel of Bullshit referring to administration of care to the poor and vulnerable as well as the need to be a representative of Jesus the mythological zombie fuck of goodness and mercy who encourages women to forgo birth control in an effort to fill Catholic pews with ignorant assholes who never question authority and lies!

Forget the fact that empowerment of women begins with informing them that they can be something beyond human incubators of countless poor uneducated children from half a dozen illiterate prison-bred baby daddies, let’s just focus on birth control being a woman’s way of keeping herself from being trapped in a backward abusive situation that those Catholic bastards endorse. The kinder, gentler Catholic religion just coddles women into giving up their vaginas to losers now instead of ordering them to surrender to abusive fucktard pricks who should be euthanized!

Well, good for them for electing a Pope that encourages euphemistic language to continue oppression of women to conform to the modern world and ways of thinking. Regardless of what Little Pope, Little Pope Frant-Be-Wrong believes, his institution still condones the subjugation of females to males! I believe that everyone should wear a sticker that says that all faith-based beliefs are discriminatory in some way shape or form, because they fucking are and should be rejected by educated skeptics everywhere!

My Catholic experience is that of a healthcare worker that works in an urgent care setting that seems to cater to mostly poor ignorant assholes who are using the system and can’t get the education that they need to realize just how fucking entitled and stupid they really are. The Catholic system keeps these fuckheads ignorant and relies on their complete stupidity to keep them loyal to the pedophile capitol that is the Catholic Church by fostering mythological belief rooted in an ignorance of basic science. Even though the church accepts Evolution as common sense, the church continues to co depend the continuing lack of education that contributes to backward views by the less educated members of the religion.

I, as an employee of Catholic Healthcare, am admonished to give money to help build new hospitals by an organization that has hundreds of billions of dollars and has tried to vilify the very victims of the child-fucking perverts that the cock-fucking Pope went to great lengths to hide from prosecution. The fucked up religion even now tries to hide funds to keep the victims of Catholic child rape from being fairly compensated because they believe that guys like Jared Fogle were just enticed by the evil little poor kids who only wanted anal sex and not a loving family like everyone else!

I have been warned that references to organizations that fight for my rights as an employee will NOT be tolerated by the assholes that believe that a tyrannical employer should be able to fire you if he just doesn’t like your fucking face that day! The Republicunt environment is one of oppression and hatred fueled by a love of the Gospel and of the myth Jesus! These intolerant assholes believe that life-savers are overpaid and should work in a factory environment controlled by assholes such as Mitt-the shit-Romney and his one-percent Nazis! We get this and are afraid of the neo-Nazi resurgence in business that says that decline in business is due to Liberal policies that undermine capitalism and promote socialism, that fucking evil that protects lazy assholes everywhere!

The reality is that socialism, in this country, protects lazy fucking do-nothing shitbirds in their quest to have as many welfare babies as possible, per the Catholic dictates that say that sitting on your ass and collecting a check is NOT socialism, but we all know that socialism is an actual system of forced repayment by able lazy assholes for what they steal from society, and that benefits given a person who is legitimately disabled is payed by taxpayers to take care of the unfortunate who have done NOTHING to keep themselves from being in the working force.

Catholic Healthcare does everything and anything to keep lazy piece of shit assholes recycling through the system and staying co-dependent on this system. Education and enabling counseling is rejected to keep these shitbirds consuming healthcare and dependent on the system of welfare.

As the abhorrent satanic asshole sadist Mother Theresa  believed, it was better to deny life-saving anti-biotics to easily treated patients in order to come closer to the mythological god that this sadist believed in! Fuck this piece of shit that was the media head of the Catholic Church, and her pandering to despotic dictators who flew this horrible person around on their private jets! My own research makes me hate this evil harridan even after the facts exposed by the credited intellectual, Christopher Hitchens, but screw her anyway as the credited surveyor over poor houses that were denied life-saving medications by this minion of evil!

These people reign supreme with a Bronze-Age religion that has controlled powerful people through confession and manipulation dating back to around the 2nd Century BCE. The facts do not hold and the tenets remain valid due to military force and zealous adherence to a religion that is more cultural, than sensible. I must soon retreat to an arena that respects true freedom and gives the employee recognition for achievement and reward for expended sweat! I bitch not, but support a system that offers a level playing field to those that bust their ass and not just to those that inherit money and are spoiled legacy shit asses running a company that someone started two generations ago! We know that Catholic Charities and healthcare is only a front that enables the poor without providing an actual solution to poverty. They put a band-aid on the situation without providing an education that will free people from the yoke of welfare because they are painfully aware that education will clear out the pews with newly rational thinkers questioning why a multi-billion dollar industry must cloak the fucking of children by powerful men supposedly blessed by Jesus himself!!

Remember that Christopher Hitchens exposed the criminal exploits of Mother Theresa and her tormenting of the poor at her travesty shithole poorhouses. She worked overtime to ensure that power was NEVER given to the poor because of the misguided mythological bullshit belief that suffering was divine and got you closer to the myth of Jesus! These poor fucked up ignorant souls! I feel so sorry for those who died from totally preventable illnesses because of this twisted bitch and her place in the child-fucking Catholic Church. I really hope that accepting money for the church from despotic states of murderous dictators was worth it as these same heads of state were responsible for so many horrible acts, thank you Jesus!!

In conclusion, I believe that the Catholic Church is as wrong as you can get and is totally against their workers getting representation because they are greedy satanic fucks preaching that they do sooo much good as evidenced by Native schools run by church officials that tortured indigenous peoples out of their traditional beliefs, and by the movement of pedophiles around the world to prevent their prosecution! Thank you Catholicism for fucking people all the way around!!