Religion really fucking cares about humanity…..REALLY!!!!!


I, being the retarded motherfucker that I am, have left a place of reason to inhabit a closed-minded bastion of archaic bullshit theism. I refer to my movement from a healthcare institution with a union, to one that forbids representation of any kind and will fire those who believe that they should have any rights in the workplace and have threatened people who have invoked the ‘U’ word. As a minion of Catholic Healthcare I hear the Gospel of Bullshit referring to administration of care to the poor and vulnerable as well as the need to be a representative of Jesus the mythological zombie fuck of goodness and mercy who encourages women to forgo birth control in an effort to fill Catholic pews with ignorant assholes who never question authority and lies!

Forget the fact that empowerment of women begins with informing them that they can be something beyond human incubators of countless poor uneducated children from half a dozen illiterate prison-bred baby daddies, let’s just focus on birth control being a woman’s way of keeping herself from being trapped in a backward abusive situation that those Catholic bastards endorse. The kinder, gentler Catholic religion just coddles women into giving up their vaginas to losers now instead of ordering them to surrender to abusive fucktard pricks who should be euthanized!

Well, good for them for electing a Pope that encourages euphemistic language to continue oppression of women to conform to the modern world and ways of thinking. Regardless of what Little Pope, Little Pope Frant-Be-Wrong believes, his institution still condones the subjugation of females to males! I believe that everyone should wear a sticker that says that all faith-based beliefs are discriminatory in some way shape or form, because they fucking are and should be rejected by educated skeptics everywhere!

My Catholic experience is that of a healthcare worker that works in an urgent care setting that seems to cater to mostly poor ignorant assholes who are using the system and can’t get the education that they need to realize just how fucking entitled and stupid they really are. The Catholic system keeps these fuckheads ignorant and relies on their complete stupidity to keep them loyal to the pedophile capitol that is the Catholic Church by fostering mythological belief rooted in an ignorance of basic science. Even though the church accepts Evolution as common sense, the church continues to co depend the continuing lack of education that contributes to backward views by the less educated members of the religion.

I, as an employee of Catholic Healthcare, am admonished to give money to help build new hospitals by an organization that has hundreds of billions of dollars and has tried to vilify the very victims of the child-fucking perverts that the cock-fucking Pope went to great lengths to hide from prosecution. The fucked up religion even now tries to hide funds to keep the victims of Catholic child rape from being fairly compensated because they believe that guys like Jared Fogle were just enticed by the evil little poor kids who only wanted anal sex and not a loving family like everyone else!

I have been warned that references to organizations that fight for my rights as an employee will NOT be tolerated by the assholes that believe that a tyrannical employer should be able to fire you if he just doesn’t like your fucking face that day! The Republicunt environment is one of oppression and hatred fueled by a love of the Gospel and of the myth Jesus! These intolerant assholes believe that life-savers are overpaid and should work in a factory environment controlled by assholes such as Mitt-the shit-Romney and his one-percent Nazis! We get this and are afraid of the neo-Nazi resurgence in business that says that decline in business is due to Liberal policies that undermine capitalism and promote socialism, that fucking evil that protects lazy assholes everywhere!

The reality is that socialism, in this country, protects lazy fucking do-nothing shitbirds in their quest to have as many welfare babies as possible, per the Catholic dictates that say that sitting on your ass and collecting a check is NOT socialism, but we all know that socialism is an actual system of forced repayment by able lazy assholes for what they steal from society, and that benefits given a person who is legitimately disabled is payed by taxpayers to take care of the unfortunate who have done NOTHING to keep themselves from being in the working force.

Catholic Healthcare does everything and anything to keep lazy piece of shit assholes recycling through the system and staying co-dependent on this system. Education and enabling counseling is rejected to keep these shitbirds consuming healthcare and dependent on the system of welfare.

As the abhorrent satanic asshole sadist Mother Theresa  believed, it was better to deny life-saving anti-biotics to easily treated patients in order to come closer to the mythological god that this sadist believed in! Fuck this piece of shit that was the media head of the Catholic Church, and her pandering to despotic dictators who flew this horrible person around on their private jets! My own research makes me hate this evil harridan even after the facts exposed by the credited intellectual, Christopher Hitchens, but screw her anyway as the credited surveyor over poor houses that were denied life-saving medications by this minion of evil!

These people reign supreme with a Bronze-Age religion that has controlled powerful people through confession and manipulation dating back to around the 2nd Century BCE. The facts do not hold and the tenets remain valid due to military force and zealous adherence to a religion that is more cultural, than sensible. I must soon retreat to an arena that respects true freedom and gives the employee recognition for achievement and reward for expended sweat! I bitch not, but support a system that offers a level playing field to those that bust their ass and not just to those that inherit money and are spoiled legacy shit asses running a company that someone started two generations ago! We know that Catholic Charities and healthcare is only a front that enables the poor without providing an actual solution to poverty. They put a band-aid on the situation without providing an education that will free people from the yoke of welfare because they are painfully aware that education will clear out the pews with newly rational thinkers questioning why a multi-billion dollar industry must cloak the fucking of children by powerful men supposedly blessed by Jesus himself!!

Remember that Christopher Hitchens exposed the criminal exploits of Mother Theresa and her tormenting of the poor at her travesty shithole poorhouses. She worked overtime to ensure that power was NEVER given to the poor because of the misguided mythological bullshit belief that suffering was divine and got you closer to the myth of Jesus! These poor fucked up ignorant souls! I feel so sorry for those who died from totally preventable illnesses because of this twisted bitch and her place in the child-fucking Catholic Church. I really hope that accepting money for the church from despotic states of murderous dictators was worth it as these same heads of state were responsible for so many horrible acts, thank you Jesus!!

In conclusion, I believe that the Catholic Church is as wrong as you can get and is totally against their workers getting representation because they are greedy satanic fucks preaching that they do sooo much good as evidenced by Native schools run by church officials that tortured indigenous peoples out of their traditional beliefs, and by the movement of pedophiles around the world to prevent their prosecution! Thank you Catholicism for fucking people all the way around!!