The rich JUUUST get richer!!

  • Congressman Paul Ryan says America has a problem in culture of poverty
  • Eric Liu: Actually, we live in a dysfunctional culture of concentrated wealth
  • He says certain antisocial values and behaviors have taken root among the rich
  • Liu: The wealthy rigged the political and economic games to amplify their gains

Editor’s note: Eric Liu is the founder of Citizen University and the author of several books, including “The Gardens of Democracy” and “The Accidental Asian.” He served as a White House speechwriter and policy adviser for President Bill Clinton. Follow him on Twitter@ericpliu. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

(CNN) — When Congressman Paul Ryan opined recently that there was a “real culture problem” in poor communities, “in our inner cities in particular,” and that this culture was behind some of the country’s economic troubles, he didn’t realize how half right he was.

People are continuing to debate fiercely what Ryan said and whether he meant to propagate racially coded explanations of poverty’s roots. But put that aside for a moment. Here’s what he was right about: There is indeed a culture in America that is pathological and now threatens our social fabric. It’s not the culture of poverty, though. It’s the culture of wealth.

We live in an age of extreme concentration of wealth in America. The problem is not just that the 1% have managed to nearly triple their share of national income in the last three decades. Nor is it just that the 1% increasingly are fed, schooled and housed in a bubble apart from the rest of their fellow citizens.

Eric Liu

Eric Liu

The problem is that today’s concentration of wealth is breaking the golden link that Ryan and others take pains to emphasize — the link between work and reward.

Economist Thomas Piketty’s landmark new book “Capital”unpacks this delinking in great statistical detail. It turns out that increasing numbers of Americans in the 1%, .1% and .01% have done little to “earn” their wealth or privilege.

Contrary to myth, most of today’s plutocrats are not the kind of Steve Jobsian visionary risk-taking entrepreneurs or superstar celebrities. The .01%, for instance, tend overwhelmingly to be high-end corporate managers and executives, particularly on Wall Street, operating in interlocking networks that inflate the standard of what an executive is “worth.” Or they are the heirs of the great entrepreneurs (4 of the 10 richest Americans are children of Sam Walton), inheritors of fortunes of which it can truly be said, “someone else built that.”

An aristocracy is emerging in America, a class of insiders that corrodes the promise of equal citizenship. And with this compounding of unearned advantage, certain antisocial values and behaviors have taken root among the superrich — norms that threaten to corrupt the rest of American society.

 a inequality’s an embarrassment

s Google to blame for the income gap?

What’s in this dysfunctional culture of concentrated wealth? Look around Wall Street. You’ll find tribal insularity, short-term thinking, personal irresponsibility, cynicism about playing by the rules, an aversion to socially productive labor, a habit of shameless materialism, an inability to defer gratification and a lack of concern for what “message” all this sends to the youth raised in such an environment.

In short, you’ll find the very things typically imputed to the culture of poverty.

Now, to be sure, there are poor people who do exhibit these antisocial values and norms. And there is no question that plenty of poor people are poor because they made bad choices and behaved in self-destructive ways.

But rich people who exhibit such values have something the poor don’t: Money. Money buys exemption from bad choices. Money confers power — in particular, over the poor. It confers the power to frame public narrative and policymaking and to determine whose behavior — whose culture — is (and isn’t) called pathological.

Today, as it was during the last Gilded Age, the concentration of wealth gives the rich the political clout to further concentrate their wealth. (And now, as then, the Supreme Court greases the skids in the name of “liberty“). This clout is wielded in plain sight now, without any pretense of civic equality. And it calls to mind the warning attributed to Justice Louis Brandeis: “We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.”

When the richest 400 families in America have more wealth than the bottom 155 million Americans combined, the danger to the republic is far more clear and present than that posed by the “welfare queens” of lore or by anecdotes of shiftless inner-city men.

That would be true even if the super-rich today had entirely benign or merely neutral policy preferences. But in fact they’ve rigged the game of policy, subsidies and tax preferences to amplify and hoard their gains.

This isn’t to suggest that all super-wealthy people are “welfare kings” (they’re not) or to imply that they have a monopoly on selfishness or sociopathic attitudes (they don’t). Yet if it’s unfair to paint everyone in the 1% with the same unflattering brush of “dysfunctional culture,” isn’t it far worse to do the same to the poorest 20%?

Wealth and advantage are as strongly self-reinforcing as poverty and disadvantage. It’s possible to recognize this fact while also championing grit, gumption and good values. In fact, it’s essential. But culture doesn’t explain everything. And where it matters isn’t only among the poor or nonwhite.

If we’re going to reform the norms in this country so that opportunity is truly reflective of effort and talent, we have to do more than pick on those with the least. We have to start at the top.

-Again, start with the 90 Billion in church tax breaks, the NFL tax exempt status and all other huge corporate tax breaks and you have a good start. Applying skeptical and critical thinking along with a good bit of research and you will find the gap between the rich and poor exponentially widening. This is due to the fact that when you have enough money and influence you can load the dice in your favor.

The billionaires do not have to observe the laws that their paid minions write because they contain built-in loop holes dictated by said overlords, AND when the politicians get out of office, they just go to consulting jobs offered by the very same businesses that paid to have the laws written in the first place, yayyyy Sheldon Adelson, Koch Bros. George Soros and the people at ActBlue!!.

Proud of this guy!!!


Ron Reagan, the son of former President Ronald Reagan, has recorded a radio ad promoting the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The ad has been running on the progressive radio program “The Randi Rhodes Show.”

In the ad, which has been running all month, the former Air America host and atheist advocate warns listeners of the “intrusions of religion into our secular government” and asks them to join FFRF in the organization’s efforts against religion in politics:

I’m Ron Reagan, an unabashed atheist, and I’m alarmed by the intrusions of religion into our secular government. That’s why I’m asking you to join the Freedom From Religion Foundation — the nation’s largest and most effective organization of atheists and agnostics, working to keep state and church separate. Phone 1-800-335-4021 or visit the Freedom From Religion Foundation at FFRF.ORG. Ron Reagan, lifelong atheist, not afraid of burning in hell.
In 2004, three weeks after his father’s death, Reagan told The New York Times that he would be an “unelectable” candidate for president because of his secular affiliations.

“I’m unelectable. I’m an atheist. As we all know, that is something people won’t accept,” Reagan said.

Reagan, who stopped attending church at the age of 12, has also served as an outspoken advocate of stem-cell research, criticizing religious justifications for opposition to the scientific exploration.

“It does not follow that the theology of a few should be allowed to forestall the health and well-being of the many,” Reagan said of stem-cell research at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

In 2009, Reagan was awarded FFRF’s Emperor Has No Clothes Award, and he spoke at the 32nd annual convention of the FFRF, where he touched upon the negative impact of religion on politics.

“Religion may indeed inspire acts of great kindness and courage. But it also trains people to believe things for which there is no evidence. This makes religion’s intrusion into the political sphere all the more troubling,” Reagan said during the speech.

“We’re so grateful to Ron Reagan for recording this commercial for FFRF, and for being willing to speak out publicly as an atheist for so many years,” FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor said in a news release Monday.

True Freedom


Hello friends, 

I guess that I am getting used to the ‘out of the closet skeptic/atheist’ thing in that I’m being forced to put on my Skepo-vision goggles more often. I still do tend to knee jerk on some things and am trying harder to catch myself when it occurs so bear with me. I was pondering the subject of freedom the other day and came to a conclusion about most of the rhetoric coming from the media about it today. Most liberals hail Edward Snowden as a hero for exposing what he called invasions of public privacy and want him to be fully pardoned. Conservatives want him shot for treason and used as an example of what happens to people who ‘betray U.S interest.’  

I say that freedom is a double edged sword that can cut unclear both ways. People had true freedom in the early 1800’s in that they could strike out on their own, stake a land claim and die of disease, get attacked and slaughtered by the natives or starve to death. In some instances things worked out very well for these people, and as it did, they expanded Government to take on more of humanity’s problems. Branches of Gov. on food inspection, disease, healthcare, etc. started popping up and problems got solved, but as usual, Gov. always oversteps bounds because it is controlled by the greedy and dishonest life form Homo Sapiens. Now we find ourselves watched by cameras on every building and street corner, drones are starting to pop up in the civilian circle and spy equipment has become so sophisticated that it can be used to see through solid walls.

Today we are living in a world that is the natural outcome of the installation of central Government. We cry about violations of our freedom, yet like thought police we tattle on co-workers who talk of non-politically correct things. We curse the police for not coming sooner but decry the use of drones to identify criminal perpetrators. We want to be free of cameras but get pissed when mugged for our paychecks at an ATM. There are many more. Humans do nothing in moderation and usually take the path of least resistance, meaning that we want our freedoms but we will also allow Big Brother access to certain private matters KNOWING that if given them, BB will abuse the people’s trust almost every time! Freedom has it’s trade offs. If you want certain safety, then you have to roll the dice and hope that these safeguards won’t be used for invading your privacy. The human thing to do is to use these safeguards for selfish reasons, so there are your consequences for a central Government. If done away with, the country goes back to robber barons and chaos with people dying at an average age of 40-50. This is actual freedom; really not what you thought of when defining the word, huh? Excuse the simplistic view and analysis, but I was looking for a generic explanation to convey a complex thought. Peace! 


You’ve GOT to be kidding?!


I was on my way to work today with the radio on listening to music and the news came on. The commentator was saying that several large cities were having a single day strike by fast food workers to support an initiative to raise the minimum wage to $15.00/Hr. The workers were complaining that they are not able to raise their families on the current wage! Now why, might I ask, would someone even TRY raising a family on minimum wage? It seems to me that the stupid ass that is trying to resign a family to gut wrenching poverty is to blame for THAT situation, and NOT the system! Low income families are the result of ignorance and an inability to train these people out of the ignorance because idiot liberals have made this against their ‘Constitutional Rights.’ Well, it seems that the fight to preserve the rights of the poor also includes not educating them in the ways of success and accident prevention. By accident I, of course, mean stupidly not using the abundant FREE protection available to EVERYONE of child-bearing age! Not women, MEN and WOMEN both! It does take two to be utterly irresponsible to the American taxpayer!

Many of my past entries have been on the irresponsibility of the general populace and the evident disappearance of Personal Responsibility. This is no different. I am currently paying a back tax bill that was assessed because of my own complacency and it is large! Large in part due to the Government’s Biggest Bully on the block policy of doubling a debt after a certain amount of time. Now, they won’t double it if THEY owe YOU, no, that ain’t how it works. So many of us taxpayers who payed a shitload of tax but still get more assessed to their bill, continue to pay for the irresponsibility of the rest of humanity. We subsidize the richest corporations for countless billions while they hold us hostage to their demands; special session of State Congress in WA State for Boeing tax breaks, AND we get to pay for not educating the poor in common sense birth control. The squeeze on the middle class has got to end somewhere because our loyalty is starting to really wane here. I know that I’m thinking of becoming an expat somewhere in the world, because the supposed ‘Freedom’ in this country is disappearing FAST! The biggest problem is that the Government no longer fears the people, the people FEAR the Government!

I served my country in the military and have a well paying job so this does not equate to sour grapes. I pay a SHITLOAD of taxes and have done everything the way a responsible person should. The problem is is that I am loathe to stand on a street corner with a ‘will work for food sign,’ I have a great work ethic and can’t possibly look another able bodied person in the eye and collect welfare. I don’t make enough money to hide it off shore and was not born into privilege. I also did not sell out my fellow man while working my way up the ladder so politics is out! No. The American Dream has been reduced to being spied on by your own country, subsidizing the super rich AND the poor, incurring credit card debt and spending the rest of your life trying to stay healthy enough so that your family doesn’t tank! Shit man I have to tell ya, if this Obamacare actually changes anything I will be happy. Right now the jury is out on that one. If ANYONE can fix the broken school system that is helping to create people that are dependent on the system then I’m all in, the main problem is that useless trillion dollar wars seem to be more important than education! Politicians need to be reigned in on special interest so that their greedy asses are forced to STOP selling us off piece by piece to the Chinese. If you think that things are bad now, just wait until Chinese food is the main thing that is eaten here! Everyone will be doomed to being hungry a half hour after eating! Head injuries will also be rampant from striking the head on the tiny little doors built into new houses, and can you imagine the humiliation in having to dress like The Mandarin in Iron Man 3?! You can settle for this shit, not me!

Seriously, I’m wondering when or IF the public will EVER push back against the things that are happening here in our nation. Will the middle class sit by fearing losing their piece of the pie and shit on his fellow man? By shitting, I mean sitting on their laurels and letting the Government become absolutely unstoppable? Will the dystopian future of 1984 actually become reality? It’s coming via a civilian model military drone near you, and remember folks, it only serves to make YOU safer and stop the terrorists!


The sense that some people lack.


I am always in awe of the complete idiocy of most of the population. I try to keep a level head and an open mind, but most things that sheeple say are just completely misguided and absolutely in error. The reference for this statement comes from a conversation with a co-worker in which another decided to add her off-kilter idiotic twaddle to the mix. We were discussing the predilection of mankind to opt out of labor if given the choice to receive monetary compensation without expectations attached. The truth is is that if offered something for nothing, many people will be content to sit on their well appointed asses shoving Bon-Bons in their faces as the rest of America works to support them. Most knee-jerk liberals disagree and believe that it is the Government’s fault that these parasites do not exhibit personal responsibility in their worthless everyday lives. I, on the other hand, believe that if a person is too weak and simple minded to comprehend that they are supposed to work for a living, then the Gov. should trial them cold-turkey with ZERO support!

The Litmus test here is that if welfare soul-suckers are challenged to achieve, then they might return to personal responsibility and actually start to earn their keep and actually contribute to the tax base instead of rape it! This seems just too against liberal tenets to comprehend now doesn’t it?! Expect a fat pile of simpleton shit to do for him/herself? Why that’s just fucking crazy talk inspired by those bad ‘ol conservatives! No, it’s just completely sensible, reasonable expectations of any American with able arms and legs. Giving a person a living degrades society as a whole, fosters laziness and bankrupts resources that could be used for those truly in need.

The ‘low income family’ should be discouraged, not promoted. I was poor myself and worked tirelessly to educate myself and claw my own way out of poverty so as NOT to be a burden to society. My wife and I waited to have children so that we could afford to raise and feed them and this was as simple as keeping my dick in my pants, ( using abundant FREE birth control instead of idiot excuses ), and putting my goddamned nose to the grindstone per the expectation of a working-age adult. I made no excuses and used no Gov. assistance even at the lowest of times. I even joined the Army to pay for college because sacrifices are what is required to obtain wants and needs. I, having been raised homeless for the first 17 years of my life, could not imagine taking a handout from the hard working people of this country while I had a completely normal functioning body and the capability of finding work and I find it abhorrent that such a large percentage of the population can sit around the fucking TV and justify complete laziness! No, not all people receiving assistance are lazy, but an incredible amount of them are just lazy flotsam drifting by on a sea of welfare dollars while the rest of us work our asses off.

Now don’t get me started on corporate welfare sponsored by the masses of asshole politicians that the sheep just keep supporting! These fucknuts bankroll congressman, presidents and representatives to ensure a steady stream of pork barrel legislation to ensure that they chingetty-ching cash fucking large! Monsanto, Goldman-Sachs(of shit), Lehman Bros. pull the strings and the puppets dance! Corporate billionaires erode the middle class to create throngs of desperate credit card slaves that can’t afford to fight for better wages and end up working until death. The old American dream of retirement is gone as the system convinces the sheep to spend all of their dough on shit that is completely superfluous. On the back end there are the shit sucking masses of lazy welfare assholes and on the front end there are a bunch of corporate welfare recipients hoarding billions of dollars squeezed out of YOUR ass!! You get fucked when your alive and you get fucked when your dead-the new American way!

The system needs an ample supply of slaves to grind away for the privileged masses and to provide for the mindless ghetto flotsam that take their pablum from the little box in the living room. Hey! If I get a Coach purse then I can be just like a Kartrashian! If only they could put a manual for the English language in the bags and sell literacy as a fad….Of course why stop there? Why not make work a fad so that the lazy bastards think that it’s cool to work for a living? Hell, why not get convicts in the system an education and put them into the work force? Why not have offenders clean public areas and work the entire day away as punishment instead of letting them do drugs, watch cable TV and bend their cellmates over a stump and ass-fuck them? Too simple! You might actually spread logic and prevent corruption! Wouldn’t want that now would we???

Well, since I’m blogging on 6 cups of coffee at 3 in the AM, I will end this post before it turns into more of the dark realm of good, simple and logical solutions that make no money for billionaire contractors!!!!!PEACE.

Side Issues


I grow increasingly hopeless about the incredible gullibility of the general populace in regards to politics. I know that most politicians on both sides are already bought and paid for, but thats because of the system of bribes called political donations given out by the greedy corporations. The various lobbies continue their agendas while paying off the very people that are supposed to be working for the people of the United States.The people are able to change this en masse but are afraid to because they do not want to put their little piece of the pie on the line. They want to believe that it is safe inside their little bubble and ignore the creeping, insidious motives of the conglomerates that are cornering both the world’s food and energy markets. Why as we speak, the ‘moovahz ‘n’ shakaahz are busy buying up alternative energy companies and patents so that when you all wake up to a greener world, the evil fucking billionaires will STILL own your ass, so don’t count on being a part of all of this!

As food becomes more scarce due to unchecked population explosions, the corporations garner more and more favor for their brands of frankenfood to feed this continuing burden. The needs create desperation which fuels indifference towards the information being exposed regarding the real dangers of genetically modified foods and the pollution caused by the immense corporate farms. Listen close people! Chicken shit fed to your seafood IS NOT safe and it does not provide them nutrients as it does the soil! It gives them disease which is passed on to the consumer due to antibiotic resistant bacteria that has formed in their gut! Cow shit is only good for the land in a varying degree. When ultra concentrated and mixed with petroleum based fertilizer and insecticides, it becomes a vile poison that destroys aquifers and surrounding land. The cattle from these FRANKENFARMS also contain antibiotic resistant bacteria that enters the food chain and renders the consumer vulnerable to disease! Please Google how many meat and other food recalls that have occurred due to E-Coli or the deaths that have resulted from the ingestion of this putrid filth that companies like Tyson call food!

This is real science and can no longer be ignored! This is not just hippie bullshit or liberal nonsense, this is actual applied and proven science that is telling you that you are eating fucking Soylent Green! I expect free-thinkers to do their homework because they are the most sensible people and they account for most scientists in the field. Do not believe the lying corporations, all you have to do is watch Supersize Me on Netflix to see how ONE MAN spotlighted the insidious marketing plan by McDonald’s to poison YOUR children! The man ate McDonald’s for ONE MONTH and began suffering life threatening changes! Google where these Franken chicken McPoisonnuggets are coming from and a sensible person will never eat them again! Tyson feeds people SICK, DYING chickens for fucks sake! Monsanto pushes their poison by telling sheeple that they are trying to breed out the “cancer causing microbes that naturally occur on maize!” Can you believe that? We are breeding genetically poison and pest resistant corn soaked in cancer causing petroleum chemicals just for you so that you can feed your family safely! Can we say ‘crock of shit?’

Just between you and me, I need to ask a fucking question that has been burning a hole in my head. IF Monsanto and the other poison factories run by people who almost ALL claim to believe in the Christian god, are actually trying to help and are NOT trying to turn people into helpless consumers of their cancer causing filth, then why have they made half the U.S diabetic by putting high fructose corn syrup into almost EVERYTHING!!!??? Why have they almost totally shut out EVERYONE else in the food industry and hired legions of lawyers to leverage competition out of business?! Why when a farm becomes INFECTED by frankenshit corn, is it THEIR burden of proof to prove that no theft occurred? Fresh and Food Inc. Watch them and learn!

The next thing that I must ask is even harder. Why, if we know that we will have 20-30 billion people on the Earth by 2050, do we not do anything about it? God doesn’t exist, HE is not going to ‘Rapture’ your ass out of a world that you helped fuck up! We have dozens of problems already as the result of overpopulation and we only have 7 Billion sheeple grazing the fields! Frankenfood companies claim to be trying to provide cheap, inexpensive food for the burgeoning masses yet no one addresses the fact that there should not BE burgeoning masses! Sit on your collective asses now, but when the problem is bad enough and throngs of homeless hungry people are shitting all over the lawns of the best neighborhoods in our cities, THEN people will want to do something. Until then, sheeple will ignore the problem and stay asleep.

What would I do with them? I would reenact the village model of productivity. If you need help, the village will help you get back on your feet, BACK ON YOUR FEET!! Not give you a free check for life and let you blame someone else for your misfortune! If you want to sit on your fat lazy ass and benefit from someone else’s work, then you are turned out to fend for yourself, and if you resort to stealing, then you will be punished by forced labor to benefit the village. Murderers, pedophiles,rapists and those who cannot possibly imagine life as honest people would be worked in the fields or provide other services under armed guard for 12 hours a day 6 days a week and be housed in a fucking gulag, ( after DNA conviction, of course ). These people would never be allowed to infect the gene pool again or victimize more innocent people. The death penalty would be a thing of the past as these scumbags would actually provide a workforce to accomplish backbreaking tasks to earn their keep. Scumbag lawyers would be a thing of the past and careful tribunals of several would listen to the evidence instead of one scumbag lawyer in a black robe.

Believe me, nothing is perfect, but then neither is representation by an overpriced crook who believes that for a fee, everyone is innocent! The Criminally Unjust System is horribly broken and dangerous criminals are getting out of jail and killing innocent children instead of being put to a deserved death. Subhuman, ape-like anthropoid dirtsacks are being allowed to tell us that murderers and rapists do not deserve death! These apes are being allowed appeal after appeal under our system of idiocy and injustice! Allow criminals to be worked in the fields and whipped in public and a large number of worthless shit sacks become productive, albeit horribly ass raped and beaten members of society! That problem is solved!

Now allow for widespread birth control and licenses for future parents and another problem is contained! Quit providing assistance to low income families, ( two words that should not even exist in the English language ), and people start to make better choices based upon consequences. Beef the fuck out of the education system and promote it to the poor with financial incentives and you take care of another problem that has plagued our American society. Quit pounding sand in a rathole by sending billions to feed junta soldiers in the guise of feeding starving masses and quit buying anything from these dictatorships and you solve THAT problem. These are the simple solutions for HONEST people of which about 5% of the population could be considered in this category. Most people, of course, are greedy sons of bitches who would sell their own families for a billion dollars and keep their tiny little heads tucked far inside their asses so that they can claim ignorance of the atrocities of which they are willingly a part of. But hey! Tough times, tough rhetoric huh?

I just like to think of what life would be like if people were actually, honestly trying to do the right thing instead of posture and ignore the coming fall. Nations fall you know, and this one is almost a superpower of the past and will be in ten years. How long until civil unrest occurs because we all ignored the current problems, huh? Can’t happen here though, huh? We are different because we are free? Free… to come and go as long as we do what we are told and accept the ‘safety measures’ of the Govt. intruding on our privacy. Free as long as we continue consuming and keeping up with the Jones’s. Free as long as what we say doesn’t actually strike a chord with the dissatisfied and free as long as we keep side tracked by the many peripheral issues being thrown at us by the media!

The super rich are enslaving us by owning all of our power and food sources AND by pitting us against each other! The religious are a prime example of this! They believe that some imaginary GOD is going to deliver them so they keep their heads in the sand and don’t resist the shackles being applied to their feet! We go to work, spend all of our money and believe that those who prepare for disaster are ‘paranoid.’ It seems bad, very bad, and it seems that a shot won’t even be fired in defense. The sheeple continue toward the slaughter as if going off to play and trust their scumbag lawyer leaders on Capitol Hill to sort it all out!

Shit. I’m just rambling now, so I’ll slink back to my hole and bury my head. I only ask that readers enlighten themselves and wake up! First to your food and next to the idiots in public office that are selling you out. Pretty soon the young people of America are gonna wake up one day in middle age to wall to wall people, mass starvation and children who report them for speaking out against the Government. The billionaires, of course, will be safe and sound inside the citadels built for them by their minions, with clean, fresh water and plentiful good food. Sounds like paradise huh?



Hey you light bulb headed son of a bitch! No fucking war in Syria! I don’t know about your rich corporate purchased ass, but $16 Trillion in debt is quite enough thank you! You pack of ravenous wolf assholes sit by while trading with countries that traffic human beings right under your nose, send us food that requires no inspection, work children in sweat shops and ship out pet food with arsenic in it. The only reason that you want to go into Syria is for some corporate or political benefit! 

The bold truth is that it is not moral to destroy our country by playing world policeman! More children die in third world nations in a week than have died in the two years of Syrian civil conflict, so why all of a sudden is war on the table? Come on! Give us a patented Obamalama “It’s the right thing to do.” answer! Go ahead! I would like to hear this self-serving lie! The U.S hasn’t recovered from the recession, there are a record number of American children going hungry and being beaten to death by abusive parents. I’m just wondering when your self righteous ass is gonna spend a little of MY money taking care of problems in MY country? Maybe use some of the money allotted to the NSA for solving some problems instead of letting them use it to watch me slap the salami in my own bathroom? Hows about donating your enormous head to science so that they can turn it into a huge light bulb? They could even use that huge melon of yours to house a family of five! The religious right(wrong), wants this because they don’t care about anything but right wing bullshit AND they believe that their gawd wants us to kill non believers at all costs(Muslims). Also, these idiots actually claim to speak to something that can’t be heard or seen! Psycooooo!

Don’t get me wrong, I hated your predecessor as well! He was just a tractable dumb legacy kid who would have failed the entrance exam to Bubba’s Cookin’ Cawlidge. The Demoncrats AND the Republotards are all bought and paid for and only have their own corporate interests in mind. Lawyers, lawyers, fucking scumbag lawyers all of them! As long as scumbag lawyers control the nation, we will never have a system of fairness and democracy. If you have to spend a kings ransom to secure decent representation then the injustice system is broken, so why would you trust a stinking lawyer to tell you the truth on Syria?! Anyway, think about it very carefully. Bush lied about Iraq and all of you were sorry, what is different about this one? Also, Saddam gassed the Kurds and America was aware and just sat by and did nothing! Things haven’t changed, Obama just sees an angle for his corporate masters! I will go now and speak out again later. Thank you friends. I don’t write this because I don’t care about the children, I write because the Hope & Change asshole is blowing smoke about the real agenda behind his wanting to destroy the nation financially by getting into another never ending conflict. Lies, lies, lies yeah!