The sense that some people lack.


I am always in awe of the complete idiocy of most of the population. I try to keep a level head and an open mind, but most things that sheeple say are just completely misguided and absolutely in error. The reference for this statement comes from a conversation with a co-worker in which another decided to add her off-kilter idiotic twaddle to the mix. We were discussing the predilection of mankind to opt out of labor if given the choice to receive monetary compensation without expectations attached. The truth is is that if offered something for nothing, many people will be content to sit on their well appointed asses shoving Bon-Bons in their faces as the rest of America works to support them. Most knee-jerk liberals disagree and believe that it is the Government’s fault that these parasites do not exhibit personal responsibility in their worthless everyday lives. I, on the other hand, believe that if a person is too weak and simple minded to comprehend that they are supposed to work for a living, then the Gov. should trial them cold-turkey with ZERO support!

The Litmus test here is that if welfare soul-suckers are challenged to achieve, then they might return to personal responsibility and actually start to earn their keep and actually contribute to the tax base instead of rape it! This seems just too against liberal tenets to comprehend now doesn’t it?! Expect a fat pile of simpleton shit to do for him/herself? Why that’s just fucking crazy talk inspired by those bad ‘ol conservatives! No, it’s just completely sensible, reasonable expectations of any American with able arms and legs. Giving a person a living degrades society as a whole, fosters laziness and bankrupts resources that could be used for those truly in need.

The ‘low income family’ should be discouraged, not promoted. I was poor myself and worked tirelessly to educate myself and claw my own way out of poverty so as NOT to be a burden to society. My wife and I waited to have children so that we could afford to raise and feed them and this was as simple as keeping my dick in my pants, ( using abundant FREE birth control instead of idiot excuses ), and putting my goddamned nose to the grindstone per the expectation of a working-age adult. I made no excuses and used no Gov. assistance even at the lowest of times. I even joined the Army to pay for college because sacrifices are what is required to obtain wants and needs. I, having been raised homeless for the first 17 years of my life, could not imagine taking a handout from the hard working people of this country while I had a completely normal functioning body and the capability of finding work and I find it abhorrent that such a large percentage of the population can sit around the fucking TV and justify complete laziness! No, not all people receiving assistance are lazy, but an incredible amount of them are just lazy flotsam drifting by on a sea of welfare dollars while the rest of us work our asses off.

Now don’t get me started on corporate welfare sponsored by the masses of asshole politicians that the sheep just keep supporting! These fucknuts bankroll congressman, presidents and representatives to ensure a steady stream of pork barrel legislation to ensure that they chingetty-ching cash fucking large! Monsanto, Goldman-Sachs(of shit), Lehman Bros. pull the strings and the puppets dance! Corporate billionaires erode the middle class to create throngs of desperate credit card slaves that can’t afford to fight for better wages and end up working until death. The old American dream of retirement is gone as the system convinces the sheep to spend all of their dough on shit that is completely superfluous. On the back end there are the shit sucking masses of lazy welfare assholes and on the front end there are a bunch of corporate welfare recipients hoarding billions of dollars squeezed out of YOUR ass!! You get fucked when your alive and you get fucked when your dead-the new American way!

The system needs an ample supply of slaves to grind away for the privileged masses and to provide for the mindless ghetto flotsam that take their pablum from the little box in the living room. Hey! If I get a Coach purse then I can be just like a Kartrashian! If only they could put a manual for the English language in the bags and sell literacy as a fad….Of course why stop there? Why not make work a fad so that the lazy bastards think that it’s cool to work for a living? Hell, why not get convicts in the system an education and put them into the work force? Why not have offenders clean public areas and work the entire day away as punishment instead of letting them do drugs, watch cable TV and bend their cellmates over a stump and ass-fuck them? Too simple! You might actually spread logic and prevent corruption! Wouldn’t want that now would we???

Well, since I’m blogging on 6 cups of coffee at 3 in the AM, I will end this post before it turns into more of the dark realm of good, simple and logical solutions that make no money for billionaire contractors!!!!!PEACE.

Burn Baby!!


I am amazed every day that I see religious literature at the bedside of someone who is acutely or chronically ill. Amazed because the fear is very present in the fact that these people do not ask why their all powerful omnipotent god does not heal them. If he was all powerful then you would expect that he could do this, but no, that goes against that shit in the bible meant to obscure the truth of the matter. Oh, we have free will and such, so god doesn’t get involved in these cases and lets his sheeple suffer as they cry out unto him! The truth is that these clauses in the spiritual contract are there to reinforce that you cannot see, touch or hear him, because if they weren’t then that would blow the illusion by making some poor bozo have to show up in a god suit with a puff of smoke!

These superstitions are based on blind faith alone and require but a sheep-like mentality to adhere to them. There is no basis or proof, there is no actual witnesses. Hell, Jesus can’t even be substantiated! The authors of the bible have only proven that to take control of the masses you need only to present a better deity than the one before. People are tractable, limited and backward thinking which really helps people like the Kartrashians get famous. Being an idiot also helps to increase the sales of gossip rags and romance novels because vacuum headed morons love to live vicariously through actors and other fictional characters. Why, if so many people didn’t pay attention to useless drivel then these things wouldn’t even exist, but they do because 90% of all people care more about their favorite American Idol than who is elected to lead them.

I see the terrible things that happen to innocent people every day yet I see these people or their family members pray to the very god that supposedly is powerful enough to have prevented the tragedy. The excuses, of course, are free will, the Devil, god is testing them, etc. I say that if HE was all-powerful, then HE would be a better steward of his fucking resources, but thats just me and sense having a conversation over here! I try not to spoil another person’s irrational blabber with my petty logic and reasoning, and I also try not to impune their impotent sky cop by constantly questioning HIS grace and power either. I just would love to have some insight as to why people have to make up fantastic stories to make themselves feel secure instead of looking to each other for strength. Sky Daddy is gone! The smoke and mirrors have gathered layers of dust while God has trimmed the long white hair into a mohawk and gone off to follow The Stones on their last tour! The ticket booth is empty and the great theater of life is no longer seating for the reading of The Book of Life! Yes your gonna burn, but only when your cremated by a relative trying to save 12 Grand on that silver handled casket! Hell, he may just row you out in the ol fishing boat, weigh you down with a few rocks and let the alligators do the rest! The moral of this story is that you are fucking gone when you are gone!

Mormon Territory!


Reporting LIVE from deep inside the Mormon territory of Boise, Idaho, I am your host G. Olson, with the latest on atheist happenings! I have contacted brave atheist members of this community to join me in bringing logic and reason to one of Joe Smith’s myth-filled strongholds in an effort to wake up the golden tableted minions! These people come from all walks of life and stroll directly into the gleaming bastions of deception EVERY Sunday in an effort to reach the Celestial Kingdom of Jeezus! Our job, of course, is to inform them that at the end of their deluded lives spent wandering in the desert, they will simply feed the worms until they too grow fat and die!

Yes my friends, they too will eventually see that it IS OK to masturbate on the Sabbath insted of going to church. I can personally tell you that they will accomplish more by flogging their dicks then clasping their hands in prayer AND get silky soft palms in the process! So please, be ambidexterous, because who the Hell wants unequally soft hands?