Young Atheist!!


Hello my friends! 

I want to begin this post with the very reason that an atheist can NEVER rejoin ‘The Matrix.’ Faith. Once you have lost it truly, then you can never recover it no matter how hard you try! The reasons will be given here soon for all to see. First, I see very clearly how a person who had claimed to be logical and rational could now claim to be a true Jesus faithful! All that would be needed would be a hard dose of mortality laced with the fear of the unknown. Usually it is fear that keeps people in ignorance and adhering to religion because it gives them the ‘Afterlife Option.’ Science gives them the truth of what will really happen, decomposition. A very few thinking people become so afraid that they want to be re ‘plugged,’ and they should not be ridiculed for their weakness. Fear is human nature and plays to the very heart of the ancient fears that all primates have. 

Not all of us can be atheists. It takes great courage and the ability to stand being ostracized from ones social network to make such a drastic life choice. The rejection of the belief in a ‘Life Fairy Tale,’ takes possibly the most incredibly brave decision of a person’s life due to the devastating fallout that it produces. Most of this person’s associations are going to be with members of his church, and when they see that he no longer believes the fairy tale, they will turn against him and commit acts of sabotage. It is then up to this poor bastard to learn to effectively survive in a world where he is only in the world’s most fastest growing minority, ‘The Nones.’

The ‘Nones,’ are that caste of people reviled by the religious, not because of their non-belief, but because they are growing like a cancer among their ranks! ‘Nones comprise not only the current atheists, agnostics and non- affiliated, but the ‘Closeted atheists,’ that could make up as much as 20% more of YOUR ranks!! We are growing and there is nothing that ‘The Deluded Community,’ can do about it! Their GOD is becoming a choice and not a requirement with the freedom declaration of every new atheist/agnostic! Truly more people are becoming less afraid of the persecution that they will receive from the community of fairy tales!

I highly recommend podcast for those of you looking for a less controversial voice on atheism. Seth is an incredibly articulate gentleman who could talk God himself into becoming an atheist due to his finesse. He soothes the frayed nerves of the minister who calls in to confess his atheism and truly speaks to the pre-teen who is way ahead of her religious throwback parents. 

I, on the other hand, lace my blog with vitriol and angst borne of a person who had to fight for his identity. I had a fundamentalist mother who traveled the states with her children in tow to the lowliest soup kitchens and claimed that she had God on her side. I fought as a 12 year old to break free of the insanity that IS belief in fairy tale bullshit to establish a belief in the wonders of science. I lived the spite and ridicule of that pitiful idiot as she proved to me time and time again, why her fantasy sky fairy wasn’t a part of reality! She and I degenerated into animosity that kept the two of us apart until I had received a call about 23 years later that she had passed on, I was 46 and the time is now!

I encourage all of those that this blog reaches to fly away! Spread your wings and ascend to the reality of the never-ending wonders of science! I ask that you put aside childish bullshit and secret invisible friends and enjoy the reality of knowledge!! Immerse yourself in the sciences and philosophy and question ALL that has ever been told to you! Ask questions and question the fantastic! Think freely and for yourself and question ANYONE that sets limits on your knowledge! If there is a condition and proof is not offered then the speaker is probably without merit and a charlatan selling the snake oil of religion! This is the quick feel good fix that lets you forget about reality and personal responsibility and ‘Let go, let God.’ The ultimate cop out in taking responsibility for your own actions! 

Think for yourself but don’t be hasty. If you are in a social or work situation that might require much thought about ‘coming out,’ then weigh your pro’s and con’s. Do not irreparably damage yourself until you have a good support system in place because Christians are treacherous and vengeful and will do anything to discredit a dissenter! They have proven there evil over and over again and must be treated as a threat! New atheists need to be very careful not to ‘out’ others and of respecting the curious believer that appears to be questioning their indoctrination. The only thing that an atheist should be interested in, in my opinion, is spreading the truth and treating other well as many Christians have not! Be careful and help others to see the truth amidst the fairy tale.

In ending this, I hope to stir others to action and help others to protect budding non-believers from the idiocy of there detractors. Peace!


Things straight!


Hello from the internet!

I have many times come upon a news story in the self-serving ratings-grabbing media that has left me sticking my fingers down my throat making vomiting noises. Today I will elaborate and demonstrate the very loads of shit and drivel to which I refer!

I read that that attention grabbing fat fuck Oprah was being a fucking bitch,( as usual ), in Zurich by pulling the race card as self-important assholes usually do. Well, I dismissed the news story because I know Goddamned well that EVERYONE knows who that asshole Oprah is and just wanted the Goddamned money for the handbag because these asshole stars are always throwing their CONSIDERABLE weight around. There IS NO story here, period! Reasonable logical people do NOT rely on celebrities for instruction in how to conduct their lives. We use evidence and reason. not hype, to make informed decisions that effect our lives. I don’t give two brass plated fucks about what Angelina and the kids are doing, I pay attention to Brad and the lessons I can learn from World War Z! He actually demonstrated a very important thing that people who want to survive a zombie apocalypse need to know! NEVER get caught in a densely populated area and don’t LIVE in such an area! Get to an area of fresh water and wide open spaces, point taken! The point is to not listen to the magic box in the living room to tell you how to live! Also, don’t believe any Demoncrats or Republicunts! Be logical and pragmatic, be in the middle.

Point 1-Zimmerman identified as Hispanic, so it was Hispanic on black crime. Media distortion over!

Point 2-Paula Deen stupidly, in this fucking liberal society, admitted to using the N-Word 20+ years ago. I don’t give a rats ass about her personal leanings as long as her fried chicken kicks ASS! How many motherfuckers have these thoughts and NEVER get vilified for it? Duck fuckin’ Dynasty anyone?

Point 3-Black leaders pressure people to sit on their ass and do nothing. Other communities look at each other with puzzlement when you ask who their ‘leaders’ are. Why? Because others exist in their communities without self-appointed assholes like Sharpton and Jackson telling them what to think and do! These idiots have done nothing but feed off of the dependency that they have fostered in their own communities. The moral of the story? Stop listening to these self-appointed assholes, start taking care of your illegitimate children and get a fucking job! No one is getting on you for more melanin in your skin, we just get on you for crying ‘poor me’ and rejecting personal responsibility. I know that the liberal assholes today don’t know what personal responsibility is, but logical reasonable people do!

Barack Obama identifies with his African roots and that is great! We have an American President with African heritage, awesome! The fact is is that racism will ALWAYS exist as long as differences in appearance exist, that is fact. Smart people are able to see past this, ignorant people are not. We live in a world of 90% followers so what does that say to anyone? It says that sheeple will believe anything that the magic box in the living room tells them! Thus, we must believe that unless the 10% of forward thinkers takes control of these idiots, then nothing significant will happen. People need to be lead, they cannot exist without leadership. Look at the Mormon religion. It has NO BASIS in proof but has 13 million moron followers! If this is not a scathing indictment of humanity, I don’t know what is!

When the shit hits the fan the liberal PETA assholes are gonna thank fucking christ for gun-toting, survivalist meat-eating hunters who had the mind to prepare for an emergency! Anyone without a marketable skill, say a career welfare asshole, will have no use in a society and will be left to die! All dumbshit observations like ‘they were kept ignorant’, or ‘they don’t know any better’ won’t be worth a piss in Hell. Everybody will be expected to produce or be turned out to perish the way it should be! Here is MY social contract! If you work, you eat! If you don’t work, you perish, PERIOD! Fuck political correct Naziism and liberalism, none of this shit works in an emergency because it involves letting a facet of humanity sit on their asses due to an imaginary slight!

African slave traders sold their people into slavery in the beginning of slavery and are STILL selling people into slavery now! I don’t own ANY of this! Put the blame where it belongs and tell the truth, if the Africans had had the same technology then they would have committed the same atrocities as the conquerors of yesteryear! Shit happens and GET BEYOND IT! I and all of my like-minded thinkers do not do ‘white guilt.’ We never will. Fuck liberals and their gun control and false racist calls, AND their unrealistic idiot expectations of the human race. Fuck Republicunts and religion!

I’m off to enjoy Paula Deen fried chicken and Venison steak shot between the eyes by yours truly! Politically correct people, go fuck yourselves in your fucking asses and keep your feel-good bullshit to yourself! My folks, promote bio-energy, solar and water power, grow your own gardens, raise your own beef/pork, hunt and live off of the grid. Take reason and logic to heart and apply it to your every day life. Kill your TV and listen to your network of people. Peace out people!

I very much doubt the existence of the Lord YOUR god


I very much doubt the existence of the corporeal Jesus due to the overwhelming lack of historical evidence as well as the conflicting tales surrounding his supposed life. I also must often suffer the common platitudes of the closet philosopher’s specious supposition of a Buddhist-like Jesus figure who never meant to become a living god, but who wandered among the masses spreading a message of peace and love. Now I understand this mostly milquetoast approach to the argument as a way to avoid the intellectual stimulation of good old fashioned debate, but let us be honest in our assessment of the absolute facts or lack thereof.

According to the most trusted and reliable historical data there is very flimsy evidence supporting several possible candidates for a likely Jesus. This equates to searching for the proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’ and is at best supportive of conjecture only. In the podcast archives of The Thinking Atheist website there is a historical discussion of this very nature by noted authorities refuting ALL of the most popular suppositions as to the existence of a historical Christ. These arguments are accepted by most reasonable scholars due to the thorough nature in which they dissect the explanations offered by theological experts. In short-all argument for the existence of a true Christ figure are nothing but fragments of prehistorical references pieced together by those wishing to exploit the virtuous aspect of a philosopher-king in an effort to control a vast number of people. Jesus, my readers, was created for crowd control as was pepper spray. Jesus is a celestial can of pepper spray that if crossed, promises to have dire effects on the chosen offender!

The only remedy for pepper spray is to flush the eyes vigorously and then you will see….are you beginning to see?Hmmmmm? FLUSH YOUR MIND AND YOU WILL SEE-THE TRUTH! (As Mulder said, ‘It’s out there!’)