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I believe that anyone that considers themselves intellectual has heard the truly ignorant statement, ‘Oh, I think that was before my time.’ come from the mouth of a teen or twenty-something in regards to the mention of an event, movie or piece of literature that requires thought. These are the same people that will tell you that they believe in a 2000 year old book and deity but they know nothing of Shakespeare! Star Trek and Easy Rider were before my time but I believe that the bible is true! I haven’t READ the bible, but I believe that it’s true! Blah, blah, blah!

What is motivating these people to claim ignorance of anything that is not popular or from their generation? Do they think that it makes them look other than completely uncultured? I was listening to classical and jazz music by the time I was 20 and reading the classics throughout my teens. I was and am proud that I am well read and have worldly experience. I would have NEVER said that something that required intellectual investment was ‘before my time.’

The current lot seems to be following some kind of hipster script of lemming-like idiocy, but even hipsters pride themselves on knowing about obscure old movies and literature! The main streamers, the pop-icon followers are the problem I think. They don’t seem to want to be bothered with anything but what the latest mind-numbingly boring pop and young adult pulp bullshit publications such as the Twilight series and Taylor Swift’s latest uninspired piece of puling shit! Yes I sound like a self-important ass sometimes, but I respect knowledge born of music, theater and literature. I enjoy the classical, the hard rock, the grunge, and I appreciate the new as well. I just don’t discriminate against the things of a different era, I embrace them as a welcome addition to my repertoire.

A friend of mine recently divorced and in his middle thirties made the mistake of dating a girl, and I mean GIRL, in her mid-twenties. This person is a professional two years out of college to his 10 to 15. She is intelligent but I always got the feeling that the true core of this person was only skin deep. She seemed distracted all the time as so many young people appear, with her head in the clouds and her considerably beautiful swimmers body in the present, blindly checking for new text messages and studying her Facebook page for hours. She is very aware of the fact that she is beautiful and pours the narcissism out in generous portions seemingly oblivious to the eyes that watch. She believes that the attention is warranted and is completely expecting of it like the models that prance the runway.

My friend asked this girl to dinner a few times and to a movie or two, always paying of course. The airhead sat thru dinner and the movies bored out of her mind because they were eclectic pictures and required thought and contemplation. She also texted quite frequently throughout dinner giving the appearance that she was completely self absorbed and inconsiderate. The conversation seemed to always gravitate to her and the things that she liked and she frequently stated that certain things that he mentioned were ‘before my time.’ This, of course, has little to do with atheism but illustrates the simplicity of the beings that can claim to believe in something supernatural but can’t comprehend Nietzsche! So to those who are so obtuse and limited that they cannot comprehend anything that doesn’t happen in text or reality T.V, we don’t care about your limited sophomoric opinions and your pretentious superficial ramblings, when you get well read and take your heads out of your collective asses then we might actually give a rolling fuck about what you have to say. Until then, keep your goddamned Kardashian nonsense to yourself and text until your heart is empty and content! If you wake up…..Call me!

Bible Quiz from the great FFRF!

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What Do You Really Know
About The Bible?

The bible is the “best seller” that is rarely read. How much do you actually know about the so-called “Good Book”?

Answer all 50 questions, then hit “Submit” for your score and full biblical documentation of all the answers.

1. What is the last of the Ten Commandments?

  1. Don’t steal.
  2. Don’t covet your neighbor’s wife and property.
  3. Don’t boil a young goat in the milk of its mother.
  4. Love your neighbor as yourself.

2. What is the penalty for working on the Sabbath?

  1. You will be stoned to death.
  2. Neither you nor your offspring to the 5th generation can enter the tabernacle.
  3. You should sacrifice two unblemished she goats.
  4. You will be disinherited from the kingdom.

3. What is God’s name?

  1. Jealous.
  2. Righteous.
  3. Holy.
  4. Jehovah.

4. How should parents treat a stubborn and rebellious son?

  1. He should be beaten seven times with a whip made of horsehair.
  2. He should be stripped and humiliated at the gate of the city.
  3. He should be expelled from the family.
  4. He should be stoned to death.

5. What happens if you are not a virgin on your wedding night?

  1. Your father must pay 100 shekels of silver to your husband.
  2. You can never approach the altar.
  3. You must dress in black and leave your husband for one year.
  4. You will be stoned to death.

6. What does the bible say about witches?

  1. Witches should be killed.
  2. Witches are people possessed by demons and they are forever damned.
  3. Witches can be saved if they are exorcised.
  4. Witches are part of the mythology of idolatrous tribes.

7. Which of these foods does the bible expressly permit you to eat? (The others are “abominations.”)

  1. Pork.
  2. Shellfish.
  3. Locust.
  4. Rabbit.

8. When the Israelites conquered the Midianites, what part of the spoils of war was given to the priest as “the Lord’s tribute”?

  1. 500 sheep.
  2. 30,000 asses.
  3. 32,000 cows.
  4. 32 virgins.

9. What is the origin of the “mighty men” giants known as nephilim?

  1. They were the offspring of God’s angels and young women.
  2. They were the result of an earlier, botched creation.
  3. They were monsters from the evil nation of Nephi.
  4. They were part of the “blessing of Abraham” that ensured military victory to God’s chosen people.

10. What happened to Korah and his family, Israelites who thought they could deal directly with God without a human intermediary?

  1. They became priests.
  2. They were expelled from the nation of Israel.
  3. The earth opened and swallowed them up.
  4. They were stripped of all their belongings, houses, and livestock.

11. According to the bible, who created evil?

  1. Adam.
  2. Eve.
  3. God.
  4. Satan.

12. According to the bible, what is God not able to do?

  1. Save the very worst sinners from hell.
  2. Make a rock so huge he can’t lift it.
  3. Repel chariots of iron.
  4. Make people tell lies.

13. According to the bible, where does God live?

  1. On a throne in the seventh heaven.
  2. In darkness.
  3. Above the clouds.
  4. On a planet between the sun and the stars.

14. According to biblical biology, what is a bat?

  1. A bird.
  2. A mammal.
  3. An insect.
  4. A mythical creature.

15. According to biblical anatomy, where does thinking happen?

  1. In the heart.
  2. In the brain.
  3. In the kidneys.
  4. In the lungs.

16. How did Gideon demonstrate his family values?

  1. He lived with a young boy named Jether.
  2. He and his wife Ophrah had three sons who became spiritual leaders.
  3. He fathered 71 sons through his “many wives” and a mistress in Shechem.
  4. He remained single, becoming the inspiration for St. Paul.

17. After Jephthah was victorious in battle, what sacrifice did he burn on the altar, as he had vowed to the Lord?

  1. Himself.
  2. His livestock.
  3. Two unspotted lambs.
  4. His virgin daughter.

18. What price did David pay King Saul for his first wife?

  1. 500 cattle.
  2. The heads of 100 Philistines.
  3. The foreskins of 200 Philistines.
  4. The swords, shields and horses of 300 Philistines.

19. How many sexual partners did King Solomon have?

  1. One wife and 300 concubines.
  2. One wife. (The concubines were servants.)
  3. 300 wives.
  4. One thousand sexual partners.

20. What happened to 42 little children who teased God’s prophet Elisha for being bald and he cursed them in the name of the Lord?

  1. They were whipped by their parents.
  2. They and their descendants to five generations were forbidden to enter the tabernacle.
  3. Two bears came out of the forest and killed them all.
  4. They were forced to work seven years for the Levites as child slaves.

21. What reason did God give for tormenting Job?

  1. “Job was a sinner. He deserved it.”
  2. “I didn’t torment Job. Satan did it.”
  3. “Satan dared me, so I destroyed Job for no reason at all.”
  4. “I wanted to see how far a man would bend before breaking.”

22. According to the bible, what does Satan look like?

  1. A skinny red man with horns and a pointed tail.
  2. A red dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns.
  3. A garden snake.
  4. An angel in a black robe.

23. How does the biblical god treat haughty women?

  1. He makes them barren.
  2. He puts scabs on their heads and uncovers their private parts.
  3. He takes away their gold and expensive clothing.
  4. The Holy Spirit causes them to feel shame for their arrogance.

24. In dollars (shekels), how much is a woman worth?

  1. Half a male.
  2. The same as a male.
  3. Twice as much as a male.
  4. Irrelevant. The bible does not put a financial value on human life.

25. What happens if a man rapes an engaged virgin in the city, and no one hears anything?

  1. The man should pay her father 100 shekels of silver.
  2. The man is stoned to death.
  3. The woman is stoned to death.
  4. They are both stoned to death.

26. What is the Mosaic Law punishment for being handicapped?

  1. You will be stoned to death.
  2. You must sacrifice two additional doves on the altar.
  3. You are not allowed in church.
  4. You must bathe for two months before entering the tabernacle.

27. According to the bible, when may a husband have sex with his wife?

  1. As often as he likes. She is his property.
  2. Not during her menstrual period.
  3. As often as he likes until the first son is born, then by mutual agreement.
  4. As often as the wife allows it.

28. How should you feel when you dash babies against the rocks?

  1. Happy.
  2. Ashamed.
  3. It depends if the babies were guilty or innocent.
  4. Nothing. It is all in God’s hands.

29. How many human generations were there before Jesus?

  1. “More numerous than the stars.”
  2. 144,000.
  3. 412.
  4. 62.

30. What Christmas tradition is expressly forbidden in the bible?

  1. Singing carols house-to-house.
  2. Exchanging gifts.
  3. Christmas trees.
  4. Kissing under the mistletoe.

31. According to Jesus, what must you do to have eternal life?

  1. Obey the law and keep all the sacraments.
  2. Sell everything you have and give all the money to the poor.
  3. Attend church regularly and tithe ten percent of your income to God.
  4. Confess your sins and ask Jesus to come into your heart.

32. According to Jesus, how should Christian disciples treat their parents?

  1. Parents should be loved, honored and cared for.
  2. Parents should be taken care of by the church community.
  3. Parents should be hated.
  4. Parents should be ignored–“Let the dead bury the dead”–because when you are born again, God becomes your true parent.

33. According to Jesus, how should slaves be treated?

  1. They should be beaten daily to keep them in line.
  2. They should be beaten for disobedience, but not more severely than they deserve.
  3. They should be treated humanely, as members of the family.
  4. They should be set free because slavery is wrong.

34. What did Jesus say about peace?

  1. “Peace on earth, good will toward men.”
  2. “Don’t think that I came for peace on earth. I came to start wars.”
  3. “Each person makes their own peace, according to their faith and how they treat others.”
  4. “There is no peace apart from God.”

35. Which one of these phrases did Jesus not say about witnessing?

  1. “Thou shalt not bear false witness.”
  2. “God is my witness.”
  3. “If I bear witness of myself, it is true.”
  4. “If I bear witness of myself, it is not true.”

36. What personal sacrifice for “the kingdom of heaven” was Jesus talking about when he told his disciples, “He that is able to receive it, let him receive it”?

  1. Leave your family.
  2. Pluck out your eyes.
  3. Become poor.
  4. Castrate yourself.

37. According to New Testament medical advice, what should you do if you are sick?

  1. Seek medical help from doctors ordained by God.
  2. Ask the church elders to apply oil to your skin and pray for you.
  3. Ask Jesus or the elders to exorcise the evil spirits from your body.
  4. Kneel down before a brass serpent wrapped around a pole.

38. What does Paul prohibit a woman from wearing in church?

  1. A hat, or any head covering.
  2. Gold.
  3. Necklaces, bracelets or anklets.
  4. Men’s clothing.

39. According to Paul, what is the role of women in the church?

  1. Women are equal to men in all respects.
  2. Women do the praying, singing and testifying, while men handle the preaching and finances.
  3. Women must keep silent. They should learn from their husbands at home.
  4. Women are not allowed in church except on high holidays.

40. What does Paul say about marriage?

  1. “I wish everyone were single like me.”
  2. “Celibacy is a pagan practice.”
  3. “Elders and deacons may have more than one wife.”
  4. “If your feelings are only sexual, then don’t get married.”

41. Paul forbids divorce, but Jesus allows it under one circumstance. What is that circumstance?

  1. If the husband has sex outside of marriage.
  2. If the wife has sex outside of marriage.
  3. If either has sex outside of marriage.
  4. If the wife fails to produce a son.

42. What group of people will make it into the heavenly choir?

  1. Those who are “poor in spirit.”
  2. Those who confess their sins and accept Jesus as their savior.
  3. God’s chosen people, the Jews.
  4. 144,000 male virgins who have not been defiled with women.

43. Which one of these words is in the bible?

  1. Trinity.
  2. Liberal.
  3. Christmas.
  4. Rapture.

44. Where does the bible say that all men are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights?

  1. The laws of Moses.
  2. Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount.
  3. The Book of Revelation.
  4. Nowhere.

45. Should Christians allow nonbelievers into their homes?

Yes. No.

46. Should Christian men kiss each other?

Yes. No.

47. Should Christians always give what they have to anyone who asks for it?

Yes. No.

48. Do the Ten Commandments prohibit incest or rape?

Yes. No.

49. If you lose a lawsuit, should you pay exactly what the court decides?

Yes. No.

50. Can Christians ask their boss for a raise?

Yes. No.

(Unanswered questions will be counted wrong.)

NOTE If the “Submit” button doesn’t work, see Bible Quiz Answers (minus your score).

Warp speed NOW!

Instead of using rockets or thrusters, a craft equipped with warp drive would move by distorting space.
By Konstantin KakaesPosted 04.01.2013 at 12:08 pm27 Comments

The Warp Drive

The Warp Drive Kris Holland, based on Enterprise Design by Matt Jeffries

The warp drive proposed by Miguel Alcubierre would achieve faster-than-light speeds by distorting space-time. The device would generate a field of negative energy that would squeeze or stretch space-time, creating a bubble. The bubble would ride the distortions like a surfer on a wave. As evidenced in the big bang, space-time can expand so quickly that objects move faster than the speed of light.

1) The vertical dimension represents how much a given volume of space-time expands or contracts in Alcubierre’s model. Positive values [red] imply an expansion. When space-time expands behind a craft, it propels the ship forward.

2) Inside the warp bubble, neutral space-time would leave the ship undisturbed. Passengers would experience a gravitationally calm zero-G environment.

3) Negative values [blue] imply a contraction in space-time. The contraction balances the expansion of space-time as the bubble moves forward.


Negative Energy: Creating a warp drive requires negative energy—a mysterious form of matter that repels rather than attracts. While predicted to exist, it has never been measured in a laboratory, and known methods for creating it are extremely limited; they would generate so much positive (normal) energy that any negative energy effects would likely be drowned out.

Faster-Than-Light Limitation: If scientists could generate a powerful field of negative energy, they would need to position some of it in front of the craft. “The problem,” says Alcubierre, “is that you wouldn’t be able to make this field reach the region you need.” In other words, to get the energy in front of the craft, it would need to move at faster-than-light speeds, which is impossible.

Destabilization: Even if scientists could generate and position a field of negative energy, there is little reason to think the integrity of the field would hold. A group of Spanish and Italian researchers wrote a paper in 2010 arguing that quantum mechanical radiation, analogous to the Hawking radiation that appears at the event horizon of black holes, would show up and “inevitably lead to [the warp bubble’s] destabilization whenever superluminal speeds are attained.”


Watching Warp

Watching Warp: If a ship with warp drive zipped past a stationary observer, according to a simulation by German researchers, he or she would see the drive’s effect on space, pinching as it approached [top], transitioning as it passed [middle], and dilating as the ship moved away [bottom].  Courtesy Thomas Müller and Daniel Weiskopf, based on Milky Way Panorama by ESO/S Brunier


Read the Popular Science profile of NASA engineer Harold “Sonny” White and his research into warp drives here, from the April 2013 issue of the magazine.


1. Decide to arrange for something other than yourself to exist

2. Create a being by the name of Lucifer with full knowledge that this being will betray you and ultimately cause an infinite amount of suffering unnecessarily.

3. Allow an unfathomably horrific dimension of existence known as ‘hell’ to emerge created by yourself or perhaps Lucifer and allow that dimension to continue existing. Do not override or prevent such a thing. It will come into play later

4. Create objective unchanging moral prescriptions and base them upon whatever your nature happens to be and then label any action or thought contrary to these standards ‘sin’.

5. Be sure to include in these moral prescriptions edits for social and psychological health such as encouragement to beat ones children with a rod, permission to buy and sell slaves and will them as property to ones children for life, requirement that women not be allowed to teach or have authority over men and of course the instruction to kill anyone who expresses interest in worshiping other gods.

6. Design a physical universe, planets, animals and vegetation all with the appearance of age be sure to include in your creation biological flaws redundancies and over-complications that appear as if they were the product of blind cumulative processes, perhaps a urinary tract that runs straight through the prostate gland or a unnecessary appendix prone to inflation and rupturing, or maybe a respiratory and digestive system forced to share the same plumbing, (these are just a few working ideas).

7. Create a garden with a tree in it bearing fruit that when eaten provides knowledge of your objective moral standards, and create two sentient cognitive beings without knowledge or awareness of these standards and instruct them not to eat from the tree which would enlighten them (in other words, arrange it so that only AFTER they eat from the tree are they capable of understanding that doing so was a violation of objective moral standards).

8. Warn these cognitive beings that they will undoubtedly die if they eat from this tree, but don’t follow through if they do, then endow a reptile with vocal cords, lips or some other means of speaking audibly to your cognitive beings enabling it to make a convincing case to one of them for eating from the tree. Do not prevent this or intervene.

9. Now by this point make sure your cognitive beings have been equipped for reproducing themselves and multiplying, and because one of them has sinned, arrange that every single one of their descendants until the end of time will be born with an inherited sinful nature, defaulting in a future of everlasting torment. Do not by any means allow each of them to be born with a clean slate and the capacity for living a sin-free life if they desire as you did with your first two prototypes.

10. Endow these cognitive beings with a ‘soul’ which keeps their thoughts and feelings and other cognitive faculties in existence forever one way or another. And then allow the sinfulness of these beings to be incompatible with your presence and let hell be the only other place that they can go once they exit the the physical world, do not make any attempt to spare these souls the eternal torment of hell such as allowing souls to stop existing all together or creating additional realm for them to reside besides with you or in hell.

11. Over time allow these beings to populate the earth you’ve creating, knowing with infallible certainty of course that after so many generations they will disappointed you enough that you find it necessary to kill all of them in a global flood and start all over from scratch.

12. Now when this happens (again right on schedule) make an exception for one small family of cognitive beings who you deem righteous of course it goes without saying that powers of omnipotence allow you to know, again, with infallible certainty that this family to will ultimately disappointing in the same way that those who you drowned, rendering the entire endeavor futile, but for now it’s best that you pretend not to know that.

13. Instruct this small disappointment of a family to populate the entire world all over again by way of incest.

14. Declare that until further notice the only way for these cognitive beings to rectify their sinful nature while on earth is to preform ritual animal sacrifice’s and other acts of senseless violence, additionally when certain sins are committed by any one of your cognitive beings demand that the surrounding community kill that being themselves.

15. In the meantime perform many epic miracles for all to see and intervene often with your physical creations, stop the sun in the sky, part the red sea, turn rivers into blood, and women into pillars of salt, give men superhuman strength, speak to the thousands with a booming voice from heaven etc, but before these cognitive beings become advanced enough in the area’s of science and communication that they could actually document, share, playback and verify these epic miracles, make sure you stop performing them all together .

16. Decide at some point that the most pressing of your objective moral prescriptions are not as obvious to these cognitive beings as you once thought, take this opportunity to chisel your top ten moral concerns into two tablets of stone and commission one of your cognitive beings to deliver these tablets to the masses, (Note to self: Roughly half of these moral concerns should center around pleasing you, praising you and remaining loyal to you)

17. After several thousand years impregnate one of these cognitive beings so that she gives birth to your son in physical form, who also happens to be you, at the same time.

18. Allow this cognitive being who is your son but also you to grow up and make several revisions to you/your son’s original standards of morality then arrange for other cognitive beings to torture and kill you/your son, authorize this sacrifice of yourself as a means of granting all other cognitive beings immunity from the consequences of their sinful nature, which you allowed them to be born with in the first place.

19. Do not however make this sacrifice free, establish that none of these cognitive beings shall be eligible for benefits of this sacrifice unless they actively believed that it happened, in other words, despite the quality of their intentions any cognitive beings henceforth who finds themselves unconvinced these events actually took place, is unwittingly designating themselves for the endless suffering of hell.

20. With that established, be sure to refrain from making it clear and knowable to the rest of the world that these events actually took place, ensure that no cognitive being after the first century has the luxury of witnessing your son who is also you say or do anything to indicate he was a living guy. Again, make sure that all of this occurs before advancements in science and technology are available to verify for those who aren’t present.

21. Arrange so that the only surviving record of these events will be offered anonymously by non-eye witness’s translated to a language different from the one you/ your son will speak written no earlier than thirty years after you/your son preformed these miracles and makes these clams, however do make sure that these records feature the precept that believing in something without evidence is morally superior to investigation and verification.

22. Be sure that after only a few decades the only accounts of these events in existence are copies of copies of copies which will be verifiably altered and added to in historically and theologically significant ways from generation to generation, sect to sect. Do not preserve the original copies of these accounts, do not protect them from revision, do not set in place any mechanism of protecting them from being interpreted in hundreds upon hundreds of ways most of which being heretical and therefore punishable.

23. Do not bother to employ your omniscience in such a way as to discern which of these cognitive beings are truly rebelling, and which simply don’t know how to distinguish you from other versions of god which do not in fact exist.

24. Do not make it clear to these beings that you are are even here. Allow for your very existence to remain an easily debatable, easily questionable, easily doubtable proposition, allow billions and billions of souls to be unthinkably tortured for all of eternity regardless of their character, integrity, bravery, responsibility or conduct because they had not correctly assumed that the right set of propositions were true by the time their lives on earth were over.

25. And finally… when all is said and done demand that you be praised for this plan.

Checkmate… there’s Christianity for you. 

Above content borrowed from an atheist argument site. Very pertinent and specific. This piece yet again asks why an all knowing omnipotent being would go thru all this fucking drama that reads like a bronze-age episode of the Kartrashians!

Thank GAWD!


I saw an interesting but tragic news story on Saturdat that featured a man who was swallowed up by a sinkholewhile sleeping. The funny thing was is that 2 days after this had happened they called off the search and are assuming that the guy is dead. On the sidelines the guy’s family is seeing it as a sign from god that the family bible made it out of the house intact! Maybe, just maybe the LOGICAL thing to do would be to ask why oh why the fuck did ‘you’ have to take whats-his-nuts and save us the fucking BIBLE?! These idiots probably go with the Gawd’s Plan explanation anyway. Also, it seems quite clear that Tebowing is no longer helping Tim Tebow as his star is already on the wane! Should he file a grievance or just change gods? If you can fire your agent for not doing his job, can you not fire your GOD for not living up to ‘his’ promises? I would! Hey Zeus! Yaweh just ain’t cuttin’ it these days regardless of how often I make myself look like an idiot Tebowing to him. You want the job? Show me da munny!! No less than $20 million to sign! I am also fiddling with my hitchens67 youtube channel to put up some special effects and get it more interesting. Please visit if you have an inclination, I would greatly appreciate it and I comment in return! I will be adding some historical points and some debating info for the non-believer to use in arguements so look for this as well. I will catch up to y’all later and peace out!