Hi God!!


Hey God!

Me again. I forgot to thank you today for inflicting your plan on the Washington mud slide victims of all ages, including a baby, that was creative! Let’s not forget the 200+ victims of flight 370. Hey, your loyal follower Jane says hi and thanks for the uterine cancer to strengthen her faith in you even though she probably won’t survive it, there’s that, mmmhmmm. I saw the most inspiring thing the other day at the children’s hospital, a mother wheeling around her critically ill toddler in a wagon while holding your word in her other hand, thanks for not disclosing your plan to THAT person! Hey it’s all part of your grand plan man! You got a plan Homie! There’s just that TINY part of not telling those that you inflict it upon that bothers me, I dunno, call it a respect thing if you will. I didn’t walk up to an old lady, whop her upside the head and run so I wuz thinkin’ that you probably shouldn’t either…juuuust sayin.’ God?? God? Are you listening? Hmmm, sometimes I get the feeling that you just don’t exist!

Love and respect


Conscious what?!


As a confirmed skeptic, I have had to tell many, and I mean MANY two legged sheep to keep their creepy star-stalking bullshit to themselves. I am speaking of those vacuous idiots that are living vicariously through those out-of-touch bastards referred to as ‘celebrities.’ I, of course, refer to them as overpaid flotsam in need of a good plane crash, ( about ten airliners full ).or brain transplant. After about a good ten years of being famous, most of these overgrown children seem to just forget that anyone else besides them exist.George Clooney pontificates about the suffering in Darfur while sucking the toes of beautiful women half his age on the Amalfi Coast. Gwyneth Paltrow regales us with how well her trainer is whipping her into shape and about her “conscious uncoupling” from her deluded other half all while telling us how goddamned hard it is to be a superstar, SHUT YOUR WHINING HOLE GWYNNIE!

My only concern about these trained monkeys is that they dance on cue to entertain me when I need it and convince me that they are the character that they are portraying! ‘Ol Gwynnie better shut her cake-hole before people start to think that the best role she ever had was having her scalp peeled back over her head as a corpse in Contagion! Also, the sheeple! As usual, they will question nothing fed to them by the magic box in the living room. They just turn on network news and the reality programs and hope that Phil Robertson will go off on those evil homos again or that he’ll say some other closed-minded Gawd-speak in an effort to piss off ‘them damned librulz.’ I just shake my head in wonderment that this kind of mindless drivel is the main type of entertainment enjoyed in the free world today. It’s just pablum for the masses meant to further lull them to sleep so that they won’t pay attention to the important issues such as clean energy right now or the fact that Duke Energy in North Carolina is getting away scott free with dumping pure poison into the Cape Fear river right under the nose of the EPA. Don’t worry about the real issues people, J-Lo just got another manicure and we need to know how it turned out!

Hell, I spend so much time telling people that I don’t care what their favorite celeb did today that I should just wear a damned button and be done with it! I am too busy trying to learn something useful EVERY SINGLE DAY to care about what a spoiled brat did on his/her vacation in the Swiss Alps, but most people actually don’t realize this. They spend their time hating their own boring lives instead of fighting to eradicate injustice in the world and prevent corporate takeover of the nation as well as it’s piecing out to multinational interest through the elimination of education and infrastructure! If even 20% of these sheep pulled their heads out of the sand and dusted off their underused vision, it would send ripples through the country and to the billionaires that a change was occurring, but they know that the dummying down of humanity in the U.S is working perfectly and when things really go to shit the remaining folks will just kill each other for the remaining resources.

A bleak outlook indeed, and I will continue to fight it with activism and skepticism slowly feeding the message of common sense logic to the sleeping masses. I hope that some will awaken, but I fear that people have allowed themselves to be taken over the point of return and that they will blindly walk into the corporate bug zapper without a fight. I continue to find educated people who look at me as if I’m out of my mind when I say that people of the middle class have been sandwiched in between social and corporate welfare to eliminate any chance of a backlash against the corporate rape of the common citizen. By dividing the numbers their is absolutely NO chance of going Robespierre on their asses virtually eliminating the Constitutional power of the people. Due to the new corporate sponsored Homeland Security laws, the act of using your right to forcibly change your government is now an act of domestic terrorism! Remember past posts involving a camera on every street corner? These weren’t put there to ensure public safety no matter how the political spin doctors play it! They were installed as yet another way to keep tabs on the populace and ensure control and the naysayers cry conspiracy theorist if you point this out! Why? Because it violates their little comfort zone to be a meddler in regime politics. Most prefer to be silent because they don’t want to rock the boat and be singled out by Big Brother! Hell, next thing you know they’ll be calling me Alex Jones Jr. Hopefully not, I’d hate to be lumped in with that loudmouth! I just am totally against sleeping through the sale of my own country!

Well, I’ve said that which I came to say, now it’s time to go back to the T.V and catch Honey Boo Boo! Cracklelackle Alekum my blog brothas and Peace be unto you! 

The next theory that will become absolute fact!


How the Big Bang discovery came about

By Meg Urry
updated 10:03 AM EDT, Sat March 29, 2014


This long-exposure image from the Hubble Telescope is the <a href='http://hubblesite.org/newscenter/archive/releases/2014/01/full/' target='_blank'>deepest-ever picture taken of a cluster of galaxies. The cluster, </a>called Abell 2744, contains several hundred galaxies as they looked 3.5 billion years ago; the more distant galaxies appear as they did more than 12 billion years ago, not long after the Big Bang.<!-- -->
</br> This long-exposure image from the Hubble Telescope is the deepest-ever picture taken of a cluster of galaxies. The cluster, called Abell 2744, contains several hundred galaxies as they looked 3.5 billion years ago; the more distant galaxies appear as they did more than 12 billion years ago, not long after the Big Bang.
NASA’s NuSTAR telescope array generated the first map of radioactivity in the remnants of an exploding star, or supernova. Blue in this image of Cassiopeia A represents radioactive material. Click through to see other wonders of the universe.//
A supernova was spotted on January 21 in Messier 82, one of the nearest big galaxies. This wide view image was taken on January 22.//
The M82 supernova, seen here, has been designated SN2014J because it is the 10th supernova detected in 2014. At 11.4 million light years from Earth, it is the closest Type Ia supernova recorded since systematic studies with telescopes began in the 1930s.//
Is that a giant hand waving at us? Actually, it’s what’s left of a star that died and exploded a long time ago. Astronomers nicknamed it the “Hand of God.” NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, or NuSTAR, took this image in high-energy X-rays, shown in blue. The image was combined with images from another space telescope, the Chandra X-ray Observatory. //
The Hubble Space Telescope captured this image of the Southern Pinwheel Galaxy, one of the largest and closest galaxies of its kind. The center of the galaxy is mysterious, researchers say, because it has a double nucleus — a supermassive black hole that may be ringed by a lopsided disc of stars, giving it the appearance of a dual core.//
Hubble scientists say this is the best-ever view of the Tarantula Nebula, which is located in one of our closest galactic neighbors, the Large Magellanic Cloud.//
Those spots on our sun appear small, but even a moderate-sized spot is about as big as Earth. They occur when strong magnetic fields poke through the sun’s surface and let the area cool in comparison to the surrounding area.//
This Hubble image looks a floating marble or a maybe a giant, disembodied eye. But it’s actually a nebula with a giant star at its center. Scientists think the star used to be 20 times more massive than our sun, but it’s dying and is destined to go supernova.//

  • Meg Urry describes the sequence of discoveries that lead to evidence of “inflation”
  • Urry: Inflation, far faster than speed of light, happened in the first instant of the universe
  • Urry: Theory began 80 years ago with Edwin Hubble: Telescope named after him
  • Urry: After inflation, the universe went into more “sedate” pace of Big Bang we see now

Editor’s note: Meg Urry is the Israel Munson professor of physics and astronomy at Yale University and director of the Yale Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics.

(CNN) — For the past week-and-a-half, people have been marveling over the discovery of evidence supporting “inflation,” the theory describing the birth pangs of the Big Bang 13.7 billions years ago. What do these findings mean and how did they come about?


Lots of articles reported the news, but I am going to try to explain it in depth. Stick with me, because this is one of the most exciting astrophysical discoveries in decades.


Meg Urry

Meg Urry

Humans have wondered about the origin of the universe for millennia, and last week’s news brought us a little closer to an answer. What this development means, basically, is that for the first time, we may be seeing what happened in the first billionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second of the universe.


Assuming this discovery is verified by other similar experiments, it means the very birth of the universe can be studied. These will tell us about the physics of matter and energy well beyond the reach of earthly particle accelerators like the Large Hadron Collider.


In a press conference on March 17, leaders of the Background Imaging of Cosmic Extragalactic Polarization (BICEP2) experiment announced their discovery of evidence of gravitational waves — predicted by Einstein’s theory of General Relativity — that were generated by the near-instantaneous expansion of the universe by some 50 factors of 10, or a factor of 100 million, trillion, trillion. Those waves were predicted by the theory of inflation, developed 30 years ago by Alan Guth, Andrei Linde and others.


Inflation is the instantaneous initial expansion, far faster than the speed of light, that “describes the propulsion mechanism that drove the universe into the period of tremendous expansion that we call the Big Bang,” as Alan Guth put it. Incidentally, the term “Big Bang” was coined as an insult by a physicist who didn’t like the theory.


The Big Bang idea itself is simple. Edwin Hubble — after whom the Hubble Space Telescope is named — showed more than 80 years ago that our universe is expanding. Objects in space are not hurtling outward: Space itself is becoming bigger over time. That means the distance between two galaxies grows even if neither galaxy is moving through space at all.


By extrapolating the Hubble expansion backward, we have long known that the universe was once smaller by many, many factors of 10. All the mass and energy of the entire universe squeezed into such a tiny volume would have been much hotter and denser. Then, as the universe expanded over time, the energy density went down, so the temperature cooled. This Big Bang idea implied that cool relic radiation should be visible today.


Indeed, this Big Bang glow of radiation was discovered in the early 1960s by two Bell Labs engineers, Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson, who were trying to build the world’s best radio antenna.



Watch this video

Ripples in space-time revealed


Watch this video

A Big Bang breakthrough?

Their instrument recorded a mysterious irreducible low-level noise from every direction. Apparently worried that the surface of the antenna horn had been corrupted by, um, debris from pigeons roosting inside, the engineers repeatedly disassembled and cleaned the antenna, to no avail.


Physicists later connected this measurement to the Big Bang prediction of a cosmic microwave background, for which Penzias and Wilson were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1978. As a colleague at Bell Labs joked, referring to their obsession with pigeon droppings, “They went looking for dung and came up with gold. For most of us [scientists], it works the other way.”


The Big Bang idea was well established by the 1980s. But it did not explain important pieces of the story.


First, the universe looks pretty homogeneous and isotropic — that is, galaxies in any one direction look very similar to galaxies in the opposite direction, no matter how distant. The number of galaxies, their masses, their shapes and their stellar content are remarkably similar, to the furthest reaches we can observe.


This is surprising because the Big Bang-Hubble expansion implied that very distant regions should never have been in causal contact. How then could they be so similar? Here is a simple analogy: Imagine a thermos of ice water and a thermos of hot tea. As long as these two liquids are separate, they will have different temperatures. But if the two liquids are combined, the mixed liquid will quickly reach an intermediate temperature. Similarly, two well-separated regions of the universe can be alike only if they were at one time in contact.


The theory of inflation explains this quite naturally: If at the beginning the universe inflated at an extraordinarily rapid rate — much faster than the Hubble-measured expansion today — then all parts of the universe visible today were once in contact. That means they had the same initial physical conditions (such as temperature and density), so that similar stars and galaxies eventually formed out of the cosmic soup.


Inflation also explains why the universe has a very “flat” geometry — something revealed in the 1990s by analysis of the spatial distribution of tiny fluctuations (hot and cold spots) in the cosmic microwave background radiation.


In principle, other geometries of space were possible. For example, a two-dimensional surface can be flat like a table; convex like the surface of a sphere (also called open); or concave like the surface of a saddle (also called closed).


For the universe to be flat requires a very precise balance. It has infinitely more ways to be open or closed, with strong curvature, weak curvature, or anything in between. But to be flat — well, that’s like balancing on a knife edge. Inflation naturally explains this odd fact.


Specifically, the idea is that, at the very beginning, the universe must have inflated enough to stretch the fabric of space until no trace of curvature remained. Imagine inflating a beach ball to the size of the Earth: you can easily see the curvature of the beach ball in your hands but once it’s hyper-inflated, any piece of its surface seems very flat, just as the Earth feels flat locally.


The enormous inflation in size would effectively erase the initial conditions in the universe. Whatever the initial temperature, for example, inflation would cool the universe to absolute zero. Even if the initial universe were very lumpy, after inflation we can see only a very smooth, local part of the original volume — and it would seem perfectly flat.


After about one hundred millionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second, according to theorists, whatever repulsive gravity caused inflation then transformed into a hot, dense soup of particles and energy. At this point, the Big Bang expansion that Hubble discovered took over.


How inflation began and how it ended are not yet understood, but this simple idea of inflation neatly explains otherwise odd characteristics — isotropy and flatness — of our universe.


Still, until now, there had been no direct evidence of inflation. What BICEP2 saw was the imprint of inflation on the cosmic microwave background radiation.


Specifically, inflation should have generated a lot of gravitational waves — that is, it would cause propagating ripples of space itself. Such waves have a characteristic pattern, squeezing space rhythmically in one direction then the perpendicular direction, like two hands pressing a rubber ball top to bottom then side to side.


This distortion of space causes a special pattern of polarization in the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation. So what is polarization?


Light is a wave that oscillates back and forth — polarized light oscillates preferentially in one plane. Because most light is a mix of random directions of polarization, its net polarization is zero. But any scattered light, like sunlight reflected off water, is polarized — which is why polarized sunglasses cut down substantially on glare.


BICEP2 scientists searched for that special pattern of polarization in the cosmic microwave background that would show the evidence of inflation, working for several years analyzing and reanalyzing their data.

As they ran through every possible check of the analysis, team members finally began to believe they had detected the first direct signs of inflation.


Now other experiment teams are redoubling efforts to find the same signal — or to find contradictions. The reported BICEP2 signal is unexpectedly strong, so it should be within reach of at least some of these experiments.


Physicists around the world know: the BICEP2 discovery is only the beginning of the story. If this result is verified by independent experiments, new, more accurate experiments will be designed to better measure the polarization imprint. This in turn will tell us about how matter and energy behave in conditions much hotter and denser than on Earth or any other place in the cosmos.


As Carl Sagan once said, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” Let the observations begin.

– The big deal between believers and reasonable people is the constant reference to the Big Bang Theory as ‘it’s just a theory.’ Now the “smart stupid people, ” as Bill Maher calls them, the scientists who can actually cling to the fairy stories of the bible and still have lofty science degrees, I can’t tell you why they could remain so deluded. I can only speak of those who blithely speak of scientific things and haven’t a clue as to what they are disparaging. It takes thousands, if not millions of hours of research and fact basing to establish a scientific ‘theory.’ People constantly throw the word around for their own thoughts but would shrivel under the rigors of scientific research that establishes a theory. These experiments must turn out exactly the same every time that they are performed or the theory is thrown out and the science team goes back to the drawing board. 

Theists just blindly accept a wild bunch of fairy stories written in the Bronze Age by people speaking to a crowd of complete illiterates. I, for one, would not be able to look an intelligent person in the eye and say that I believed the stories of the bible, and I refuse to cherry-pick things that I like over those more unsavory things in the doctrine. Therefore, I have to use skepticism, logic and reason to come to a sensible conclusion rather than stick to fables followed by fearful delusional shepherds dancing around a campfire fearing the wrath of a genocidal maniac.

I have it on enough authority that the above is the best evidence on the evolution of the universe and will keep looking to science to answer my questions instead of Bronze-age fear mongering. 


Good news my friends!!


(CNN) — All the traditional elements were in place for Joseph and Fiona Long’s 2009 New Year’s Eve wedding.

She wore a white dress; he wore a tuxedo and her family wore kilts in honor of her Scottish heritage. After they exchanged vows and rings and sealed the deal with a kiss, an officiant in a black robe pronounced them husband and wife. Then, they dined and danced the night away at an Atlanta country club with their closest friends and loved ones, culminating in a midnight confetti drop.

Missing from the guest list: God.

The Longs are atheists who did not want gods or religious texts involved in their marriage celebration. But apart from the non-church setting, the only hint at an deliberately non-religious wedding was contained within their vows and readings. These included selections from Shakespeare, Robert Burns and the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, which they felt “beautifully expressed the social and secular significance of marriage without any appeal to religion,” said Joseph Long, a lawyer in Tampa, Florida.


Dying dad’s present to 10-year-old girl


A bride’s bittersweet reunion

“We felt it made the point well that you can have the sanctity of marriage without having to fit into a particular group,” he said. “It basically states that marriage is extremely important in society for a variety of reasons, regardless of what someone’s god thinks about it.”

As secularism continues to rise in the United States, more couples like the Longs are deviating from a traditional wedding blueprint that includes prayers, blessings and biblical passages.

“A secular wedding can be exactly like a religious wedding with two key differences: no mention of any deities and no recitation of supposedly sacred texts,” said David G. McAfee, author of “Mom, Dad, I’m an Atheist: The Guide to Coming Out as a Non-Believer and Disproving Christianity and other Secular Writings.”

“Many secular weddings have vows, flowers, rings, a reception, a kiss at the end,” he continued. “Although most religions have incorporated marriage rules and ceremonies into their faiths, the act of marriage itself is not a religious one; it’s a human one.”

Venues, readings and vows are just some considerations for atheist couples or couples planning secular weddings. Others struggle with how to break the news to relatives or meet their demands, especially if those loved ones are helping pay for it.

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Some couples provide relatives with opportunities to say a few words within set parameters during the ceremony or reception, said Ed Buckner, former president of American Atheists and current chair of the Atlanta Freethought Society. He has performed several atheist weddings over the past decade and emphasizes that it’s important to talk about it ahead of time, openly and honestly.

“You need to stop and think about what you want to accomplish. Are you trying to publicly commit to a lifelong union with your partner on your terms, or do you want to please others?” he said.

“I would argue that if you don’t believe in God and have God blessing the celebration, you’re participating in a sham. But, there are ways to to acknowledge God for others, if that’s what you want,” Buckner advised.

Give fair warning

Andrew and Wendy Rank chose to have a small, secular wedding ceremony.
Andrew and Wendy Rank chose to have a small, secular wedding ceremony.

Buying a home was more important to Wendy Rank and her fiance than spending big bucks on a wedding. Instead, they went to a justice of the peace in September “for the official stuff” and held a “picnic wedding” in their backyard later in the day. Her mother paid for catering while more local guests brought side dishes.

“We wanted to get married, but we’re not really comfortable with doing it in a church and all that stuff,” Rank said. “We’re introverts, so we didn’t want a big wedding. Just a few friends and family. This way, we had a wedding and a housewarming party.”

They wanted to keep it simple and inexpensive for everyone. Rank comes from a family of believers, so she felt like she needed to warn them on the wedding invitation with a message to the effect of: “This is a small, nontraditional secular service. If you’re comfortable with that, we’d love to have you.”

Most relatives ended up coming, though no one who didn’t show up explicitly cited the secular event as the reason. “We wanted to put it out there so no one would book a flight and fly 3,000 miles expecting a pastor and a ceremony.”

It worked out for the guests as well; several of her mother’s religious friends said they enjoyed the wedding it because it was “short and sweet.” The mothers of the newlyweds did a reading from Calvin and Hobbes before the couple exchanged rings and planted a tree — their twist on a unity candle.

“No one said anything or seemed to or care that it was secular or atheist wedding,” said Rank, who lives outside Nashville, Tennessee. “It was a perfect day.”

Elope now, wedding later

Darren and Sheena Thomas eloped this summer.
Darren and Sheena Thomas eloped this summer.

Darren and Sheena Thomas are proud atheists who met on the dating site OK Cupid. Both come from deeply religious families.

As the son of a nondenominational Christian pastor, Darren Thomas grew up going on mission trips and attending church camp. At 16, he stopped going to church and became the black sheep of the family. In his 20s, he started identifying as atheist, meaning he doesn’t believe in “anything supernatural: God, the afterlife, ghosts, spirits, supernatural souls, anything like that.”

When he came out to his parents, they tried to convince him to return to Christianity for a period of time. Eventually, his father acknowledged that there was nothing he could say or do and decided it was up to God to change his son’s mind. He would always love and support his son.

Still, after Darren proposed to Sheena in February, it was hard to tell his father that he didn’t want him to perform the wedding.

“I tried to frame it in a positive light; I told him I wanted him to enjoy it without having to work it,” said Darren Thomas, a high school English teacher. “But we’re pretty passionate about our beliefs, and we want to have a secular service with no mention of God, Jesus, eternity or blessings.”

Growing up in West, Texas, Sheena Thomas and her family were pretty much the only people of color, so religion was a way for her to fit in, make friends and be part of a community. In college, she was exposed to a broad swath of faiths, ethnicities and sexual orientations.

Sheena began to question her own beliefs and came to realize that atheism felt right for her. Her family still struggles with this decision; her mother periodically laments that she won’t see her daughter in the afterlife, and her grandparents say they are praying for her. She keeps discussion of religion to a minimum.

Their attitude toward religion contributed in part to the couple’s decision to elope in July, about a year before they’d originally planned to have a wedding. Everyone knew the couple had gotten engaged in February, but when Sheena Thomas lost her job, they decided to get legally married without the celebration.

“We basically decided that it would be easier to tell everyone after the fact,” Darren Thomas said.

The Thomases made it official and then brought a wedding photographer to Denver’s Red Rock amphitheater, the site of their first date in 2011.

They still plan on throwing a book-themed wedding in July 2014 to celebrate their relationship and their shared passion. Sheena, a librarian, is working on bouquets and centerpieces of book pages, and the save-the-dates are made from old library due date cards.

The Thomases haven’t decided on readings, but they’re leaning toward some of their favorite texts related to love and romance. Darren’s looking at something from “Jane Eyre” or “Love in the Time of Cholera.” For Sheena, it might be Kurt Vonnegut.

“What has bothered me about some weddings is, the focus becomes God and religion when it should be about the two of you and your and relationship,” Sheena Thomas said.

“I like that our wedding is going to be focused on us and our love.”

Is it important to you that a wedding have religious elements? 

From the office of thebraveatheist:

Thank science that reason is spreading rapidly and old fairy tales are ebbing. The fact that this is garnering heavy coverage is very significant in our society. Ten years ago there wouldn’t be many stories such as this because atheists stayed mostly in the closet for fear of persecution. As more and more people admit that they just can’t swallow the bullshit anymore the younger atheists will feel empowered to show themselves, but they still feel the pressure from their closed-minded myth-believing counterparts. The encouraging thing is that most atheists know that AT LEAST a quarter of the christian followers in this country do not even believe in God but don’t know what to do with those feelings. They were raised by lackadaisical Christians and were exposed to more of the truth instead of the myths. Inside they actually don’t believe in supernatural garbage and are just afraid to let go of indoctrination.

The TRUE number of non-believers is actually astronomically higher than the current estimate and will soar as these people’s children come of age having not gone to church or studied the Ultimate Book of Fairy Tales.I, my friends, am truly excited in this dawning age of reason!  




Let’s imagine we’re sitting together having a relaxed, honest and open discussion about religion. On the table is a huge stack of white index cards and on each index card is one of thousands of different religions, gods, belief systems, along with arguments for believing in that particular religion or god. Maybe a card has a current religion, or maybe it has a older religion that no one believes in any more, or is largely forgotten. It doesn’t matter – the point is that they’re all here in this great big stack, except for the ones that you believe in – you religion’s not in this stack.

One at a time, I draw up a card and I read you the religion and god and arguments for why you should believe in it and you respond with the reasons you dismiss the arguments and why you don’t believe the religion or god, and I’ll write the responses down.

So we go through every argument ever made for every other religion, their gods, supposed holy books, witnesses, miracles, profits, saviours, prophecies, testimonies, answered prayers, faith claims, affects for good, archeological support; whatever the argument, we go through it. We note all your counter arguments and dismissals on the back on each card.

It won’t take long before we realize that there is a pattern. Your argument for dismissing one religion will likely be similar to a previous answer. We won’t need to write anything down any more – we can just refer back to a previous argument.

Once we get to the bottom of the stack, I take another card out of my pocket. This card has your religion and god on them, and all the arguments that you think support them. We go through that card and they are refuted referring back to arguments you made before, just as we did with all the previous cards.

The fact is that you’re an atheist in regards to thousands of other religions and gods. You already know everything there is to know about dismissing religious arguments. You’re an expert already. You rationally dismiss thousands of other religions or gods just like any atheist does. The difference is you don’t turn that critical side of your mind to your own beliefs.

This realization is all anyone needs to know to recognize their faith doesn’t stand up any more. It’s just question of how honest you can be with yourself.

Young Atheism


Good Morrow Atheists and other readers!

Yes, I still struggle to get my message out there because this is my first blog ever! I have to strategically embed it into all of the leisure/social electronic networking that I do to spread the GOOD news! But I digress…

My daughter had her best friend over this weekend and she happened to leave one of her college papers here on accident and I just picked it up. The subject is religion and how people are still following it even though it is obviously filled with crooks in almost ALL of the leadership positions. She goes on to mention such mind-criminals as Joel ‘The Hole’ Osteen and various other modern day snake oil salesmen who are not at all masking their Tony Robbins style of mind control. Not that this is necessary seeing that 80 or greater percent of humanity are a bunch of vapid, media-digesting lemmings, but just so you know where this is going, get my drift? This is not new or news in that we already know that those of us who buck this archaic system of spiritual slavery are going to be reviled for our forward-thinking, our vision into a world absent of the yoke of religious oppression.

The paper goes on to point out various things that should be obvious to the average person, that the religion is not on the level and should be ACTUALLY regarded as a financial institution fully vested in the task of earning money for it’s leaders. The opulence in which these assholes exist and to which they elevate the church should at once be the cue, but serves to actually BUILD the flock of the blind! Check out the many Osteen books and seminars, the suits he wears, the money he makes and see if it can be equated with the simple robes and sandals supposedly worn by Jesus! Lemmings eat this shit UP! Some would say that this represents the Great Whore of the ‘End Times.” I say give me her number, I could use a good whore about now! HA! Just kidding! Seriously, the Great whore seems to come into the living room and to the mega-churches everyday and hoodoo EDUCATED people into believing this fairy-tale bullshit!

Just today I was into my Yahoo page and one of the stories was about Jillian Michaels and her new adoption as well as coinciding birth, from her partner, of their new baby. Now I clicked in because I thought I might get to see her in some of her incredibly sexy workout clothes but it was not to be. The article said that she was told early on that she could not have children. Ms. Michaels says that GAWD had other plans for her! This is where it gets to the point that I say that humanity is too stupid to carry on! In Vietnam many of the people are Christians as well as Korea. In Mexico almost all of the population is Catholic. In Ireland you have the Catholics and the Protestants. In the good ol’ USA you have a mix of all AND you have gays and lesbians that go to church, WHY!! All of the above groups that I have just named were FORCED to capitulate or they were killed! Why are these idiots still embracing the religion of their oppressors? Yes, I understand the sociology, but that means that we are truly base life forms who are to pass into history just like the Dodo!

These are frustrating times for those of us who embrace science and reason over cockamamie fairy bullshit. These churches are an unchecked infection that is ravaging mankind and the most prominent symptom is BLINDNESS! Todays huckster sells you on how ‘hip’ it is to believe in fairy tales, that GAWD doesn’t MIND if you have wealth because the ‘faithful’ deserve it for being so kind and upstanding! Church is now run on business models that are right out in the open now! They don’t have to hide it because the business man astually LIKES that his church is the most successful. Sound like the Mormons? They have been following the business model for years earning them the animosity of the other faiths, but now that it’s the ‘in’ thing, it’s popular now for all churches to be a business. This and they dangle the fact that other church members will only patronize YOUR business because you are one of them.

Beware, is all that I can say. Beware of these motivational spiritual self-help books based in religion that will encourage you to believe that you can’t improve yourself without faith. When I envision ‘The Great Whore’, besides thinking of yo’ mama(just kidding, I am a guy you know), I see these Creflo Dollar/Joel Osteen/Benny Hinn fucking illusionists preying on the weak-minded, the troubled and the psychologically injured souls who are searching for meaning and falling for the Tony Robbins-like pump-up to make them feel whole again. Atheists tend to have these traumatized souls as well, but traumatized from religion. We also have the fiercely independent people who think appropriately that religion is just another crutch, a plug in the the leaky wall, a band-aid and not a viable solution to problems that need a PERMANENT solution.

On that note, I will say FUCK FUCKETY FUCK FUCK FUCK!! Strange ending? Sorry. I had a houseguest over the weekend who calls EVERYONE on ‘Language’. This isn’t because of religion, but the adherance to certain rules closely resembles that crap! With such prose as the above, I am finding that one does NOT necessarily use cursing because their vocabulary is lacking, please see above rant as an example. I have NEVER been accused of the lack of vocabulary, indeed I have been vociferously accused of using my ‘Harvard Mouth’ to baffle and gain the upper hand in a debate! Team America-FUCK YEAH! I will now sign off and attend to the business of fighting religion by other means. Please, if you are a believer, leave a response. I have not been, in one of my thousands of debates with believers, been swayed or even close to beaten when debunking religion. I have science and reason and NOTHING trumps THAT!  Peace out!