Young Atheist!!


Hello my friends! 

I want to begin this post with the very reason that an atheist can NEVER rejoin ‘The Matrix.’ Faith. Once you have lost it truly, then you can never recover it no matter how hard you try! The reasons will be given here soon for all to see. First, I see very clearly how a person who had claimed to be logical and rational could now claim to be a true Jesus faithful! All that would be needed would be a hard dose of mortality laced with the fear of the unknown. Usually it is fear that keeps people in ignorance and adhering to religion because it gives them the ‘Afterlife Option.’ Science gives them the truth of what will really happen, decomposition. A very few thinking people become so afraid that they want to be re ‘plugged,’ and they should not be ridiculed for their weakness. Fear is human nature and plays to the very heart of the ancient fears that all primates have. 

Not all of us can be atheists. It takes great courage and the ability to stand being ostracized from ones social network to make such a drastic life choice. The rejection of the belief in a ‘Life Fairy Tale,’ takes possibly the most incredibly brave decision of a person’s life due to the devastating fallout that it produces. Most of this person’s associations are going to be with members of his church, and when they see that he no longer believes the fairy tale, they will turn against him and commit acts of sabotage. It is then up to this poor bastard to learn to effectively survive in a world where he is only in the world’s most fastest growing minority, ‘The Nones.’

The ‘Nones,’ are that caste of people reviled by the religious, not because of their non-belief, but because they are growing like a cancer among their ranks! ‘Nones comprise not only the current atheists, agnostics and non- affiliated, but the ‘Closeted atheists,’ that could make up as much as 20% more of YOUR ranks!! We are growing and there is nothing that ‘The Deluded Community,’ can do about it! Their GOD is becoming a choice and not a requirement with the freedom declaration of every new atheist/agnostic! Truly more people are becoming less afraid of the persecution that they will receive from the community of fairy tales!

I highly recommend podcast for those of you looking for a less controversial voice on atheism. Seth is an incredibly articulate gentleman who could talk God himself into becoming an atheist due to his finesse. He soothes the frayed nerves of the minister who calls in to confess his atheism and truly speaks to the pre-teen who is way ahead of her religious throwback parents. 

I, on the other hand, lace my blog with vitriol and angst borne of a person who had to fight for his identity. I had a fundamentalist mother who traveled the states with her children in tow to the lowliest soup kitchens and claimed that she had God on her side. I fought as a 12 year old to break free of the insanity that IS belief in fairy tale bullshit to establish a belief in the wonders of science. I lived the spite and ridicule of that pitiful idiot as she proved to me time and time again, why her fantasy sky fairy wasn’t a part of reality! She and I degenerated into animosity that kept the two of us apart until I had received a call about 23 years later that she had passed on, I was 46 and the time is now!

I encourage all of those that this blog reaches to fly away! Spread your wings and ascend to the reality of the never-ending wonders of science! I ask that you put aside childish bullshit and secret invisible friends and enjoy the reality of knowledge!! Immerse yourself in the sciences and philosophy and question ALL that has ever been told to you! Ask questions and question the fantastic! Think freely and for yourself and question ANYONE that sets limits on your knowledge! If there is a condition and proof is not offered then the speaker is probably without merit and a charlatan selling the snake oil of religion! This is the quick feel good fix that lets you forget about reality and personal responsibility and ‘Let go, let God.’ The ultimate cop out in taking responsibility for your own actions! 

Think for yourself but don’t be hasty. If you are in a social or work situation that might require much thought about ‘coming out,’ then weigh your pro’s and con’s. Do not irreparably damage yourself until you have a good support system in place because Christians are treacherous and vengeful and will do anything to discredit a dissenter! They have proven there evil over and over again and must be treated as a threat! New atheists need to be very careful not to ‘out’ others and of respecting the curious believer that appears to be questioning their indoctrination. The only thing that an atheist should be interested in, in my opinion, is spreading the truth and treating other well as many Christians have not! Be careful and help others to see the truth amidst the fairy tale.

In ending this, I hope to stir others to action and help others to protect budding non-believers from the idiocy of there detractors. Peace!


Mack Quigley Report


Howdy Blogspotians!

I recently read an incredibly idiotic piece( of shit ), about ‘new DNA evidence’ giving Evolution the death blow! First of all, I’d like to know when a believer has EVER used evidence to prove ANYTHING! Also, you can’t use Christians OR da Byble to disprove the idiocy of religion or believing in magical sky fairies. That would be like asking a fucking Mormon if his myth is true! You know goddamned well what they are going to say so give the bullshit a rest Mack! When real science can disprove Evolution, THEN and only then, will sensible people believe. I really think that your narrow minded ass is going to be calcium dust before you even get the reply that you are deluded from the great men of science. First because they don’t believe in the God Delusion, ( Yayahhh! Dawkins move!!), and second, because they regard these arguments as completely pedestrian. I only reply because I am amazed by the close mindedness of believers to science that has long since debunked Christianity. 

I, for one, have done thousands of hours of research and have come up with the same conclusions as most of the scientific minds in the world; that religion is just opium for the masses of sheep-like followers that spend their days in front of the TV set watching reality drivel.