The great Sam Harris!


Sam Harris has debated and won against the most learned religious scholars in the world. I find it very strange still that most of the population doesn’t give an atheist points just because there is NO PROOF that ANY religion is factual in any way! These geniuses have had to debate supporters of fairy tales for years because of the gullibility of mankind.

Evolutionist gets owned by Creationist? Really?


In this video you see a confident creationist explaining his beliefs but STILL without a shred of proof. He states that the Young Earth explanation in the bible is exactly right and that it is a literal interpretation of god’s word. This, of course, is completely ridiculous to believe in an age of reason AND logically cannot stand as an argument without the most important thing, PROOF!
Faith in something that you cannot see is a refuge of the weak sheep-like masses who await their next instructions from the great talking square in the living room. The above video further illustrates how people can be tricked into believing in myths. The Creationist neither ‘owns’ nor imparts anything that logical people don’t already know; that religion is just another opiate for controlling the masses!

Atheist definition


A Working Definition of Atheism

Posted on 20 Nov 2009 by AJ

Unlike some prominent public figures who seem very caught up in semantics, I’m happy to acknowledge that I am an atheist, just as I’m also happy with the terms sceptic, bright, and secular humanist.

Having said that, let’s just make sure we all understand what an atheist is.

Being an atheist does not mean that I believe there are no gods.

It means that I do not believe that there are any gods.

See the difference? It’s subtle but really important. Atheism is not a belief system, let alone a faith or religion. It is simply the absence or lack of belief that there is a deity or deities.

There’s a popular and helpful quote here (I’m not sure where it originated):

Atheism is a belief in the same way that bald is a hair colour.

So religious folks who say “well, you still believe in something – you believe that God doesn’t exist” haven’t got it right. My lack of belief in a god isn’t a belief itself – indeed, it’s the opposite.

But neither do I believe in nothing, which is another thing atheists are often accused of. I believe some things that others may contend are not certain. I believe that I’m quite good at my profession, for example. I believe that peace in the Middle East is not achievable in my lifetime. I could go on. It just happens that the existence of a deity is not one of the things I believe

The Jesus myth


I have spoken of the Jesus myth many times and always seem to get uninformed speeches about him only being a great philosopher etc. But this video explains it perfectly and is narrated by one of the foremost intellects of our time.