Mack Quigley Report


Howdy Blogspotians!

I recently read an incredibly idiotic piece( of shit ), about ‘new DNA evidence’ giving Evolution the death blow! First of all, I’d like to know when a believer has EVER used evidence to prove ANYTHING! Also, you can’t use Christians OR da Byble to disprove the idiocy of religion or believing in magical sky fairies. That would be like asking a fucking Mormon if his myth is true! You know goddamned well what they are going to say so give the bullshit a rest Mack! When real science can disprove Evolution, THEN and only then, will sensible people believe. I really think that your narrow minded ass is going to be calcium dust before you even get the reply that you are deluded from the great men of science. First because they don’t believe in the God Delusion, ( Yayahhh! Dawkins move!!), and second, because they regard these arguments as completely pedestrian. I only reply because I am amazed by the close mindedness of believers to science that has long since debunked Christianity. 

I, for one, have done thousands of hours of research and have come up with the same conclusions as most of the scientific minds in the world; that religion is just opium for the masses of sheep-like followers that spend their days in front of the TV set watching reality drivel.