Holy Shit!


Negan was right, “I’m bringing ORDER to this shit!” I seem to remember this above all else OVER the constant shit about how a society deals with, ‘The most vulnerable.’ Or as I call them, the people that would be culled due to inadequacy and weakness. Most people born with the inability to care for self would naturally die out and the strong would survive. Weak assholes liberalize the reason for non-producers to survive in a time of plenty because they are idiots who can’t live with themselves if they actually made the right decision about defective human animals. These people are eradicated on a natural level. If you cannot contribute to the village pot, you are turned out or driven out due to your uselessness. This is life as an animal in the real world.

Most stupid humans try to believe that they are beyond their animal origins and believe that overpopulation is not an issue due to bullshit asshole hubris believing that they are above the ecosystem of the basic animal. This is fucking crap! Humans have busted out of the ecosystem that they occupy resulting in unnatural results such as adjusting habitat situations resulting in elevated murder/crime statistics resulting from too many rats in the maze. We are an animal regardless of the religious communities opinions or dictates and the opinions of the assholes that believe we are better than the things that they allow to piss on their lawns.

We have problems that are going to kill us as a species related to the opinion that we are above the other mammals on our planet. Until we manage our villages like we do our rabbit hutches and hen houses, we are going to spiral out of control and kill each other trying to take resources to survive.


Cheeto Man!


Trump supporters….Those who are too stubborn to realize that the honeymoon is over and that now the sex has just degenerated to revenge fucking. How do they do it? I have no idea. I am about the most measured guy a person could meet and I gave the Orange Guy a chance…for about a month. After that, he just started putting his Jimmy Choos in his oral toilet on a daily basis and hasn’t stopped telling pathological lies since! This fat golfing addict bastard is so on a roll with being in love with himself on the great power trip that he seems to believe that impeachment is still something served out of a can in heavy syrup! This, of course, points to high time that Americans need to wake up, pull the face out of the puddle of drool on their collective pillows, and realize that their top elected official is using his public office as a personal Ms. Pacman arcade!

First off, thanks Dimmocrats, for choosing the asshole corporate hack misogynist Hillary over Bernie Sanders. You played right into the Republican’s hands. Bernie may have had extreme socialist ideas, (that would never work in a country so full of welfare leeches), but he was passionate and forthright in a sea of corporate run assholes who were slowly selling the country out to the highest bidder. I, the middle-road guy would have chosen him in a fucking hot minute over Shillary! Second, I cannot fault the moderates and Rightys for their choice because Chester Cheeto was the only other candidate speaking to the middle-under-fire-class that pays for corporate welfare AND for able-bodied people at the bottom to sit on their fat asses. I wanted free college for anyone willing to pull themselves up, I wanted Fed regulations on these educational institutions to have to consult with public and private sectors on career needs instead of handing out pH D’s in fucking basket weaving for $100,000 dollars, which are fucking worthless!

Now we have the Lefty ‘No hopers,’ who’s mantra is, “when you take away ALLL HOPE,” which is dis empowerment speak for, ‘When you sit on your Liberal ass and stay asleep, refusing to fight for your freedom and rights, while whining the whole fucking time.” Homey, I have a useful degree AND was homeless on and off for 18 years, (up until 18 yrs of age), and made the choice to refuse drugs and to pull myself up by my bootstraps! Personal choices people! Give away your hope and someone will come along and take it from you you fucking idiot! A person can still make the right choices without blaming others and be a success in this world! No Hopers are just complacent liberal assholes too cowardly to take what is rightfully theirs!

The 1% needs to be taken down a notch and through mass numbers, this CAN be done! People just need to use guts and force with a little thought to sacrifice! Military people did this in multiple conflicts. so take back the greatness of your nation and stand up to Cheeto Man and put a man of the people in there! People need to wake up and hold the political machine responsible to the public, and let the rich know that they are being watched and that ala French Revolution, their fucking melons could suddenly be separated from their necks if they overstep their bounds. Cheeto Man needs to go, he is a piece of shit. Let’s do this now before he does some REAL damage!

The Amazing World of Dumbball.


I find myself coming back to my writing more and more as I realize that it comforts me and allows me to actually be my true self. There are no employers, no friends with religion, no other influential assholes here that harsh my literary mellow or try to squash my opinions with their idiotic outrage. When I write I go to my creative happy place and with a lack of worry, create what I believe to be some pretty cool and edgy prose on the foibles and frets of mankind, and how easily fixable most of it all is if people weren’t such complete dunces most of the time.

As a healthcare professional, I am somehow required by the law of man to passionately give a shit about humanity and strive for the betterment of these creatures above all else, even though they fuck themselves on a constant basis. I care, I do actually have a conscience, but the limits therein create a line that about 90% of humanity crosses on a daily basis with all of their petty infighting and,  ‘I don’t give a shit about any problems but my own,’ attitudes. These people annoy me to no end and cause me to be very aware of an almost sociopathic quality to my personality that I am apologizing for quite rarely these days, but there are those whose opinions greatly matter to me over all others. The ones that matter discuss things sanely and fairly, without harsh judgment to those that they disagree with, without totally denying peer-reviewed demonstrable evidence, without masking their assholery in in pseudo-educated unsubstantiated circumlocutions tainted by holier-than-thou bullshit. These people are very few and far between and are always greater than an arms length away, making them very difficult to reach.

I used to consider my self a humanist, and maybe I am one, more so than I actually think. I believe that doing the best for the human race is the greatest gift that you can actually give it, so being a bit harsh, but adhering to logic will save the race without giving in to pseudo-morality and bullshit pandering to completely fucktardish thinking. Therefor I must now put forward my basic thoughts about humanity and it’s failings.

I believe in a swift death penalty only with irrefutable evidence. There is no room if conviction was done upon race and socioeconomic standing. If genetic evidence is present or a camera shows the crime in question, then convict and execute immediately as the gavel falls. Why? Not because of, ‘an eye for an eye,’ but because we have too many rats in the maze and it is showing the scientific signs of breaking down in real time as we speak. The animal condition of overpopulation is the real problem behind most of our difficulties on the planet Earth and less human beings is the answer. Religion will say different and knee-jerk liberalism will also defend the weakest, but the reality is that if you have a defective brake pad, then you wouldn’t install it on your car. So if this is the case, why do we keep death-row inmates alive and why do we keep those too disabled to contribute, alive when the system is the entity paying for their survival? This is a logical call, not a knee-jerk call! Asshole liberals will say that this is, ‘draconian,’ until the population reaches it’s breaking point when too many rats are in the maze, and then where are the liberal sentiments when these assholes are just trying to shore up their supplies by eliminating the needy?

I just believe in pre-empting the inevitable, the mass extermination of those not deemed worthy by the current government. We need to think and act upon forcing birth control on Medicaid recipients creating multiple children and using welfare as a career. The system needs to enact a free college and trade school system for these people while taking them and instructing them that they need to get a trade or a career, or forever be banned from the welfare system as complete flotsam. The system needs to be focused on being a necessary part of the village instead of a burden. People need to be trained for needed skills and plugged into the system as needs arise, and discouraged from getting worthless degrees that they, ‘dreamed of,’ getting because these fucking fields are goddamned pipe dream fields not populated by those based in reality. Yes, I understand the 1% and I get the bullshit that is going around, but I also believe that if society allows you to say what you want, then rise against the 1% and demand a better deal! This is possible because the status quo relies on the majority NOT rising up with guns and assassinating the minority! So get this shit together if you are unhappy with the current state of jobs and the minimum wage and be willing to risk your piece of the American pie to make the changes that you want, because if the Government is allowed to make those changes, you are probably not going to be quite satisfied with their incarnation of YOUR wishes. My father-in-law is very accustomed to using the word, “Draconian,” to describe anything that he disagrees with, ie, ALL things not extremely liberal, but given the problem with overpopulation, I hope that liberals get the net and realize that when people in industrialized countries begin fighting over resources, you a see the altruistic liberal vanish in a heartbeat when they miss a few meals.

The truth of the matter is that human beings need to start embracing some of their similarities to other animals, because it is unnatural and against what we are intrinsically as mammals to try to deny ourselves. We pontificate about unnatural things that we think elevate us and make us better as beings but ignore the fact that in the animal world there are no freebies and everyone contributes, or those that do not get nothing, THAT is natural and good! It is advanced thinking to assist a person or a family in temporary need, but it is unnatural to create a strata of flotsam who constantly graze on the labor of the working people while sitting on their subhuman asses. Things need to change that allow for socialized education and assistance programs for retraining if a person is injured, but if the person does not want these things and is abide, they need to be denied any tax dollars from those that work for a living. If this confederacy of dunces resort to crime, than force them to labor for 10 hrs a day and give them three meals a day and a cot, AND NO CONJUGAL VISITS! These slope-browed idiots should be mandatorily sterilized so that they cannot repopulate the trailer park!

You see, there is a serious need for people who are hardwired to do the right thing no matter how hard the decisions may be. I see these things in black and white and realize that half of our people have deluded themselves into thinking that all of this altruistic save-everyone bullshit is advanced thinking, much to the detriment of the ENTIRE planet, it’s climate, and it’s renewable resources that are rapidly dwindling. Most of these positions are due to liberal and far right religious folly, religion being the cancer upon humanity that seeks to fill the pews by restricting birth control and encouraging Latin men to essentially force their wives into maternal servitude and early death. These are just a few things that humanity uses to pump up the volume of an already overpopulated species! Yes, I know that poor Muslim countries do this as well and the 90% of their people follow it hook, line and sinker, or stinker, just like most of the majority of human beings. We have people like the ducking Fuggars who view the vagina as God’s sacred clown car, the more that comes from it, the better, until we are shoulder-to-shoulder and literally spiriting our neighbors away in the middle of the night to carve ’em up ala Terminus style and save ’em in ‘th big freezer until maw needs a shank fer the fucking stew!

The world needs a shake-up in the leadership, and not one that ignores the coming problems. It needs forward-thinking social Darwinists able to make decisions that are sensible and animal for the good of the producers/survivors, for the hunters that put meat on the table and keep the village psycho from running rampant! Liberal idiocy aside, these things are gonna happen and I would LOVE people to get on the bandwagon and support sensibility rather than support the free-love freebie snowflake shit happening today. I WANT green energy NOW! I want free college and trade school NOW! I want sustainable solutions to save the planet like fucking yesterday, but I am NOT a knee-jerk liberal and I think that the far right are insane. People need to, ‘be willing to break a few eggs.’ The reality of the matter is that people need to return to the days when hard choices were something you just had to make, instead of turfing it to someone with more guts and sticking their heads in the sand! I always say that I notice how 99% of self-made people are NEVER extreme liberals because they are too used to making tough choices and working for stuff instead of getting it for free, and I mean that. Without a frame of reference, a person should NEVER speak of something of which he/she has no experience. It’s like a career poor person telling you that money can’t buy you happiness. Has this person ever had money? No! Keep your mouth shut unless you have demonstrable evidence! Many of those without experience will pontificate on things that they know nothing of and they usually make themselves look like fools. These people usually are not those who have made hard choices that ended in their success or the success of others. Hard choices have to be made by people with guts who can look you in the eye after sacrificing something to save countless others.

I have gone on long enough. As I have said before, I am a social Darwinist who believes that the salvation of the human race relies on us going back to embracing the fact that we are animals and returning to a village lifestyle, where those who don’t contribute are given a job and if they can’t hack it, they receive NO benefit.






The targets of a deluded mass.


I will begin by describing this article as a personal insight from observation into the behaviors of believers related to their responses to published works by prominent atheist authors. I have experienced firsthand the denial and the complete resistance to reasonable arguments by believers when faced with the cold hard evidence refuting their beliefs in mythological gods and so forth. Believers first express their pity for my non-belief followed by a palpable awe that a person could actually believe in reason and logic over blatant superstition. They practically piss themselves as their deluded minds try to wrap around the fact that I am totally serious about my stance as well as my belief that explaining this WILL NOT result in my being struck by lightning on the spot due to blasphemy. I then have to listen to the standard bullshit that Jesus died for my sins horribly on the cross at Calvary, and how could I possibly refuse such a selfless sacrificial gift by the son of the one true god. All of this is proffered with the attitude that the believer is in the presence of one of the stupidest  beings ever to have existed! The very act of a rational person being in the presence of such a deluded individual is excruciating enough let alone having to exercise good manners by not telling this person emphatically to go fuck himself!

These religious anachronisms assume that they are the enlightened ones in the discussion and that they are to relate to non-believers as if they are just misbehaving children who have to be made to understand what they are doing wrong. The conversation usually consists of condescending tones used to convey a doctrine that intelligent people already know has no basis in reality, has been authored by many non-credited sources and has more contradictions than a Scottish Korean! Aye Lad, yer a walkin’ contradiction! Ya make absolutely no sense at all! The verses, as we know are fraught with rules as to how to deal with or beat your slaves, when incest is tolerated as well as bigamy, when to stone your children or your wife. Just so many pearls of wisdom on how to be a human monster! Fuck Michael Myers and Jason, I’m goin’ as God for Halloween! This motherfucker is MUCH more scary than these rank amateurs. Gimme a fuckin Snickers lady or I’ll rape you and blame you for it, then stone you to death! As usual, christians use the ‘That was in the Old Testament’ bullshit to explain a now kinder, gentler cosmic tyrant. Google the Good Book and you will be pleasantly surprised to find even MORE atrocities among the many contradictions in the New Testament,(of still unproven horseshit ). I don’t know about you, but if you told me that I can now worship a nutjob because he is now on meds, I will tell you to go fuck yourself! The point being, REALLY? The bastard had you performing all of these horrible things in his name like a fucking circus animal and NOW he says that he doesn’t want you to do these things anymore? Frankly, my reasonable, logical side says that it wasn’t sane to follow him in the first place AND knowing his psychotic past, it probably isn’t in my best interest to trust him now given his history of mental instability!

Christians just don’t get that just because the rules of the mythology have changed, it still doesn’t make the delusion more palatable! Sensibility tells me that something with no proof is NEVER to be believed, PERIOD! The condescension involved with conversing with these people is never ending because they are so afraid and naked without their security blanket that they will fight to the death to stay blind. Atheists tend to read the bible far more than the people who believe in it, so we are able to give the logical, research-oriented feedback that makes most christians turn a cold sweat under the balls. This causes them to usually turn on even more condescending behavior or just end the conversation before major cracks develop in their faith. When backed into a corner, most christians,( or other such deluded folks ), react with a visceral fear due to their incredible dependency on being plugged into The Matrix. They thrash and fight like the detoxing heroin addict and hold their hands high to beseech the LORD OUR GOD to deliver them from ……..EVIL? (pinky to side of mouth ), and….he never comes but these schizophrenics seem to hear HIM loud and clear while all I hear are crickets!

Christians in groups are like mean girls in high school, they circle awaiting that drop of blood in the water so that they can tear you to holy shreds. Generally, you can NEVER talk reason with one of these people when in a group delusion. They are like a bunch of hippies on shrooms, there is no getting through to them. They also praise HIM openly while having each other’s backs in holy war upon non-believers thus effectively extinguishing dissension with sanctified horrific acts . As we all know by our examination of history, religion is steeped in bloodshed caused by GOD’s terrible need to force everyone to purchase HIS spiritual merchandise! Remember Total Recall with Arnold sitting in the chair being told that he is delusional and that all he has to do is swallow the ‘magic pill’ and he will be safely back in his comfort zone again fucking a very fetching Sharon Stone minus the beaver shot. Open your mind Mr Quaid! Quatto is speaking from his heart, or actually from the stomach that he hangs off of! People must reject the magic morphine of religion and wake up! Free your mind by actually thinking for yourself instead of following the almighty’s flock of idiots.

People want to believe in sky fairies because the mind fights to keep them in a comfortable place reality or not. Lemmings fight to believe because their anthropomorphous god feels good and non alien to them and covers them in the vacuous love that is religious euphoria. He also gives them excuses to ignore personal responsibility in many areas because HE has their backs in a lot of these situations according to the Doctrine of Fairy Tale Bullshit. Lets face it, GOD is actually a shackle that these people willingly put around their collective necks in exchange for certain promises that they will be rewarded for being minions and that they won’t just wink out when it’s time to cash in the cosmic chips! If there is a creator, it is quantifiable and not a god. It resembles nothing that we could ever comprehend and has no such predilection toward individuality. Our individuality is just a preset notion in our minds that dictates how we view our world. Our interpretations of our surroundings is a primitive comfort zone constructed in our psyches to prevent sensory overload and to break things down into simple mush that the common people can handle without going postal. Most people are devoid of true introspection due to the need to follow the masses into the designated comfort zone and ignore the harsh realities of the actual world as viewed by the forward thinker. Mythology is just another way in which smart men control other men by creating an artificial zone and punishing non-believers with horrible consequences for trying to awaken the sleeping sheep. Sheep will follow the leader even when they suspect that it will lead to the slaughter, but find the concept of the slaughter infinitely more palatable than harsh reality , because looking ahead or checking out who is following you is to frightening. Religion has always had the tendency to bring together warring factions so that they will follow a central leadership and die obtaining wealth for that leadership. Religion is about money, sex and unlimited power for the leaders of the church, because they don’t really believe in god, they just use to threat of HIS vengeance to cull the lemmings into subservience. THX-1138, Brave New World, 1984, all testaments as to how the powerful control the weak with illusions of spectacular power and strength. The weak tend to just give themselves over to their masters without a fight but never truly know what they are giving themselves to. The never ending question being, ‘is a lemming society inhabited by idiots who destroy their environment AND the other lemmings worth saving? I am too small to know this I guess. Visions of Soylent Green dance in my head as I mentally feed these assholes into the chipper melding them with soy protein for  feeding the perpetually poor in all of the third world nations that have been poor since modern times. Now THOSE people are just too dim to breathe any sense into. The Catholic Church keeps these masses dumb and producing children that they cannot feed that die from malnutrition and they just keep on fuckin’! People such as the glorious Mother Theresa glorified poverty and subsequent followers continue to use foolish poor women as a stepping stone to their own flagging or non existent faith by preaching on the evils of birth control. Churches all across the globe continue with the insanity of ‘End Times’ prophecy using the calamities created by the ignorant as fuel to stoke the religious fire and poor nutjobs swallow that puke instead of enacting greener practices. The greedy rich parishioners of these churches continue to rape the planet of it’s natural resources and blame Bible prophecy when the Earth fights back never telling the minions, ‘Oh, by the way, I just use God to fuck you little people out of more money and labor but remember, keep reviling those who don’t believe in HIM.’ A very clever use of the sheep to keep the powerful rich and to refute facts that would result in more ethical practices. But back to those who ignore the lack of evidence for sky fairies!

I have personally read the scathing reviews of the works of Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris and others by the religious press in an effort to diminish these well written and accurate books. Due to the lack of evidence for the various world religions, these idiots attack by using character assassination and completely false claims of inaccurate research and revisionist historical reference, but if you read one of these books with a computer near, all you have to do is Google the facts and they appear on several historical websites. Intelligent christians tend to take up the torch for the less educated ones by using their research skills to create lengthy tomes with impressive historical references to portray them as factual, when really all they are are carefully worded pieces that leave out certain details that would expose the lack of concrete evidence. Skilled debaters such as Hitchens used to take great pleasure in completely debunking these works by the use of keen observance and an almost surgical grasp of literary content to fillet the fat from deceptive material. In closing, I have seen the complete terror in the eyes of the faithful when separated from their command structure. They tend to become completely irrational and resort to practically covering their ears like an angry child who doesn’t want to hear what you have to say. This, of course, is the main reason that many are willing to kill for religion. It being the irrational notion that their god is the one true god and he wants non believers to be punished for not ruining their khakis bowing down to him. I don’t know whether the end game will be a more educated society, or one that breeds itself out of existence, but I do know that if religion does not significantly fade soon then we will be gone. I will speak out and blog on in an effort to turn the tide, but I am just one out of a very few who dares to jaywalk in front of the almighty sky cop. We need more jaywalkers. Thank you readers for your time and for you insightful articles as well. Peace and Good without God!