Hello my friends,

My 20 year wedding anniversary is today and I celebrate it with the woman who has been by my side this whole time. She inspires me to brew better beer and to continue my career advancement in nursing and as a better father to my three children. I have tried to impart a doctrine of personal success and self-reliance to my children so that they may never become a cancerous boil on the ass of mankind and will always earn their own way! My wife and I have overcome many personal obstacles put in our way by irresponsible parents who sucked off of the labor of others and have changed the dynamic and direction of our own family. We believe and worship personal responsibility and bow at the alter of do-it-your-fucking-self. We received no help and pulled ourselves up by ourselves for ourselves, so fuck you godfolk and other deluded peeps! WE DID IT OURSELVES AND CONTINUE TO DO SO!!!! No anger, just pride in the fact that we never thought that some fucking god would rescue us! Thank you Melany, my partner in crime!

No problemo asshole!


The title is a T2 reference for those who are NOT geeks! I have a great task before me to create videos on my Youtube station that aren’t blatantly offensive. I am aware that most deists would not afford atheists that kind of slack, but I am not them! I am an atheist trying to appeal to atheists! I want people who are considering leaving the bondage of the church to see my opinions as not just another christian-like attack on something not understood, but a glance into logic and reason! Evidence presented in an understandable format has all of the power in an aguement for the belief in myth and foolishness! Well presented evidence and logical arguement will always win an open mind to common sense. Do I say that religion is NOT poison and should NOT be eradicated? NO! I believe that a world without religion is a world of forward-thinking people with their thoughts firmly planted in the future of sense and reality!

The idiots of Benny Hinn and that asshole Osteen are in need of a wake-up call because they are relying on their cult leaders to guide their life in the name of a god that the cult-leading asswipe doesn’t even believe in! Those tele-assholes don’t believe in the Bronze-Age shit that they are peddling to the lemmings in the audience, they are laughing all the way to the spiritual Fuck-You Bank! A fatter christian wallet means another Mercedes Benz for religious leaders!

I will warn all who blog here that I do NOT want anyone to visit who will be insulted and just leave. If you are insulted but have a seed of doubt planted because of the evidence against ALL religion presented then come on back! Most religion is easily debunked because it has NO CONCRETE EVIDENCE and relies on the lemming-brain of the common human being to believe in hokey ancient fairy tales! So, if you want reason and enlightenment then come on down! If you want snake oil and complete bullshit, then listen to your pastor!

Please take a minute to consider what is here. I don’t do this to help myself, I do it to help others to logic and reason! We need people to stop living vicariously thru the Kartrashians and take charge of their own lives individually! Lemmings listen to a pastor, free-thinkers listen to evidence! Faith is just a word to fool smart people into deciding foolishly!