I think that the reason I am not Catholic is because if I took communion I’d always wonder if the priest that was putting the wafer in my mouth had stuck the same finger in a choir boy’s butthole.

The bottom line….


I see before me many a soul looking for salvation in the good book of mythology called the Bible. These kind folk are the lemmings of the world who trust not their own senses and their ability to understand science and reason! These are the very same people who were once persecuted by said beliefs contained within the mythological text mentioned above. I give you anyone who has ever descended from a people forced into Christianity from another mythology that was once practiced  by their native peoples! Please study the indoctrination of the African Americans, the Koreans, the Vietnamese, the Native Americans, and the list goes on! Peoples who were tortured for their belief in a ‘savage god’ and forced upon penalty of death to worship the ‘generous and loving god’ of Abraham!

The above examples are of the recent crimes and don’t even touch upon the Crusades or other wars fought in the name of love and glory! The comedian Chris Rock once said, “If a black person is a Christian than he’s got a short fuckin memory!” AMEN! Why would a people who have claimed freedom fro an oppressor continue to embrace the captor’s religion? Why are there Korean Christians? Vietnamese Christians?