Some good ‘ol common sense!


As many people do, I look forward to Halloween because it is one of the few times that we atheists get to worship The Lord Satan! Just kidding! I have nothing against people who keep their religions to themselves and I don’t antagonize the believers just to make myself feel better because that is a rather immature thing to do. As you well know, I have said in the past that an atheist that is an atheist because of a beef with GOD is just a disgruntled Christian awaiting re indoctrination. I am an ex christian who lost my faith and WAS angry about it because of the incredible guilt that it brought me, but I got over it. I went through my antagonistic phase but tired of it quickly and moved on to building a solid free thinking life without god or gods. My christian friends are very valuable to me because they do not judge me and they are true giving thoughtful people, therefore I treat them with reciprocal respect. I do not guide them to my thebraveatheist Facebook page or to this blog due to the fact that my atheist activism is only for those interested and for the hypocritical believers out there. I do not wish to throw my stance into the face of good people just because their belief system does not jibe with my own. 

I am an atheist because I cannot be anything else. I see religion as a refuge for the weak and as a crutch for those unwilling to trust themselves and conquer their innate fear of the dark. When presented with religious argument, I automatically counter with fact based data and established scientific theory. Believers naturally counter with pointing out that theories are just theories while failing to recognize the thousands upon thousands of hours invested in the complex experiments that helped to establish those theories. This is where the refuge of ignorance comes in, just like those who ask simple questions over and over because they cannot fathom the magic of Googling! It’s easier to ask someone else and lay that responsibility on someone else than to use the grey matter in your own skull. Human laziness, human ignorance. When 20 million viewers watch the Kartrashians then how can I buy into what 80-90% of Americans say that they believe in? 

I always found it disturbing to think that their might actually be an almighty being out there who sits on his hand while bad things happen down on Earth. I am not gullible or ignorant, so I have to question this delusional crap just because it is so fucking far fetched! Hell, Harry Potter is more believable than the christian GOD! Harry, at least, springs into action when evil is afoot and actually tries to combat it instead of remaining silent while still demanding adoration! I believe in Harry, why? Because Harry puts his money where his mouth is and kicks ass on HIS devils. In the end, he doesn’t expect to just bend Hermione over a stump and collect his winnings, he’s humble! He asks just for support in the ongoing war against bad shit! He’s like an English Samuel L. Jackson, he kicks a fair amount of ass and stays cool while doing it! As things go, I believe in the goddamned X-Men more than an old man in the sky!

The best advice that I can give to anybody is to believe in your doctors if you are sick, faith healing is bullshit but the power of prayer is effective due to the strength of the human mind, not a fairy spirit. Believe in your nurses to help you heal and your firemen to deliver you from the fire. Believe in your tax man to get you the best refund and believe in the soup kitchen to feed the poor. The food came from donations from real hands not from a magical delivery by God, no matter what denomination is represented on the door. Catholics have decent social services and hardly ANY of them actually still believe in God. For them it is a cultural thing that is deeply ingrained and is to them as blood is to life. It is the same with Jewish people. The religion is thousands of years old but many of them do not actually believe anymore, it’s more of a cultural thing that they must adhere to to be accepted in their communities. I truly feel for them because they are in a very difficult position for all of the bullshit that they have to observe. 

My tiny mind tends to come up with these foolish observations and irrational counter arguments in regard to religious debates such as, ‘if I, as a nurse, allowed a patient to seriously injure themselves and did nothing, would I be considered a moral person? Would I be worthy of praise?’ This is the statement that I use for the ‘Free will’ argument when children are massacred on ‘God’s’ watch and ‘He’ of course as usual, sits back and does nothing, thus proving that he is either impotent or doesn’t give a flying fuck, or as we atheists know, just does not exist! Every Christian debater uses the tired old ‘free will’ argument to explain their god’s inaction, but these are convenient arguments used by the weak to keep believing in something that you can surrender personal responsibility to. As I said before, thank that cop that worked tirelessly to find that missing child when prayer didn’t work! Two hands working can accomplish much more than a thousand clasped in prayer!

Well, I’m out for this evening. I will be back soon to throw more sense in the face of fable! Peace and love to my blog people!