Evolutionist gets owned by Creationist? Really?


In this video you see a confident creationist explaining his beliefs but STILL without a shred of proof. He states that the Young Earth explanation in the bible is exactly right and that it is a literal interpretation of god’s word. This, of course, is completely ridiculous to believe in an age of reason AND logically cannot stand as an argument without the most important thing, PROOF!
Faith in something that you cannot see is a refuge of the weak sheep-like masses who await their next instructions from the great talking square in the living room. The above video further illustrates how people can be tricked into believing in myths. The Creationist neither ‘owns’ nor imparts anything that logical people don’t already know; that religion is just another opiate for controlling the masses!

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What is OATH?

OATH is a commitment to a promise that one makes after understanding what human trafficking is and who it affects; A vow to self, to others and to the world that I will not rest until this injustice is made right; A pledge to do whatever it takes to end modern slavery in all of its evil forms; A passionate dream that every man, woman and child will live free to pursue their God-given purpose in life; A dedication to one’s commitment that will not easily be distracted by self-serving comfort or surrendered to opposition. OATH is what it takes to see justice for all.

Pat Robertson….


I think that we all can agree that Pat Robertson and all of the idiot Sky Fairy believers are a bunch of out-of-touch assholes who give the most bullshit irrelevant advice based on their Book of Lies. From now on, if you see Sky Fairy and Book of Lies I am referring to god and the kabible! I am taking the liberty to photoshop a huge ebony penis and a gay pride T-shirt on to a photo of Pat Robertson! Since he talks about gays all the time I assume that he is a frustrated closeted homosexual and in need of my help. I am also submitting his name to Rentboy.com in the hopes that he will meet a man that can truly satisfy him! Pat’s misunderstood and needs our love and cast-off sex toys! Please take time to let him realize his true sexuality and let him live his inner freak! I will excuse myself now to put on the punk rock music, put on my makeup and dance with my dick tucked between my legs! It puts the lotion in the fucking basket!