I very much doubt the existence of the Lord YOUR god


I very much doubt the existence of the corporeal Jesus due to the overwhelming lack of historical evidence as well as the conflicting tales surrounding his supposed life. I also must often suffer the common platitudes of the closet philosopher’s specious supposition of a Buddhist-like Jesus figure who never meant to become a living god, but who wandered among the masses spreading a message of peace and love. Now I understand this mostly milquetoast approach to the argument as a way to avoid the intellectual stimulation of good old fashioned debate, but let us be honest in our assessment of the absolute facts or lack thereof.

According to the most trusted and reliable historical data there is very flimsy evidence supporting several possible candidates for a likely Jesus. This equates to searching for the proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’ and is at best supportive of conjecture only. In the podcast archives of The Thinking Atheist website there is a historical discussion of this very nature by noted authorities refuting ALL of the most popular suppositions as to the existence of a historical Christ. These arguments are accepted by most reasonable scholars due to the thorough nature in which they dissect the explanations offered by theological experts. In short-all argument for the existence of a true Christ figure are nothing but fragments of prehistorical references pieced together by those wishing to exploit the virtuous aspect of a philosopher-king in an effort to control a vast number of people. Jesus, my readers, was created for crowd control as was pepper spray. Jesus is a celestial can of pepper spray that if crossed, promises to have dire effects on the chosen offender!

The only remedy for pepper spray is to flush the eyes vigorously and then you will see….are you beginning to see?Hmmmmm? FLUSH YOUR MIND AND YOU WILL SEE-THE TRUTH! (As Mulder said, ‘It’s out there!’)