Matt Dillahunty


Matt Dillahunty has been my greatest inspiration in the debate for atheism. I have studied his style and coupled it with my own to create a very strong technique which generally leaves my opponent either stuttering or repeating his tired old argument over and over again. I use pure fact, logic, reasoning and yes, theatrics to purposely throw my opponent off balance. I don’t care if it is in your face arguing as long as reason wins.

I also use many elements from the style of the late great Christopher Hitchens in constructing a defense that is iron-clad. Many of the new atheists think that these styles are too mean spirited, but as the feminists say ‘Well behaved women rarely make history.’ Well, the same goes for atheists. Hitchens, Harris, Dawkins, Dennett, Myers, Andrews all made their mark by blatantly challenging the religious elite. I shall as well. I hope to one day debate the likes of Wm Lane Craig and Sye Ten Bruggencate. It would be awesome to get the best of two deluded followers of Christ who seem to always be declared winners in debates against the likes of Hitchens. I have seen the Youtube clips and can assure you that these hacks NEVER got the best of this man. Christians always state that a flurry of unproven claims mixed with cheap parlor tricks and bravado equal winning an argument, even though neither one of the above mentioned apologists has ever presented a shred of proof as to the existence of their fairy tale. 

So my friends, I am diligently polishing my skills and will work my way up the ladder to challenge the pillars of the religious media. If Pat Robertson or even Phil Robertson wants a piece of me then I will be glad to oblige. Until then, have a godless and reasonable day fellow heathens!