The nerve of some people!


I was sitting in the Subway sandwich shop near my house and happened to overhear a conversation by a couple of men about their Christian ministry. Now the reason that I so rudely kept listening is because I heard the word ‘Bejing’ in the discussion and began to wonder if these people were among the pompous assholes who go to other people’s countries and indoctrinate their poor ignorant citizens. Much to my expectation, these were, in fact, those type of intrusive, close-minded self-rightious idiots who believe that it is their God-given right to invade another nation and spread the poison of religion to the downtrod villagers. They went on and on about the glory of the gospel of Jesus and how God had blessed them with growing resources to pummel the Chinese with missionaries and bibles.

Let’s not go and selflessly build schools and get people to their very first appointment with a modern physician, no! Let’s go over and indoctrinate and show the love of Christ in exchange for belief! THEN we will improve your lot and say that Jesus was the reason that your fortunes changed! I always wonder what goes through these idiots feeble minds when they do this and celebrate when one of them gets a sentence of hard labor when accused of teaching sedition. These people SHOULD be charged with a crime if they go to someone elses country and break the law! I’m a fan of freedom, yes, but this is NOT giving people better lives, it is trading food education and medicine to ignorant people for the price of belief! If they wanted to do some actual service than they would start educating these people about birth control and preventing common diseases and educate them in the sciences and technology. These are real tangible things that would benefit the entire surrounding populace.

These will be more of the same people that come in and preach the evils of abortion and believing in scientific theory. They will teach myth over fact and tell them that the poor will inherit the Earth and give them  false hope about a shining hereafter. The nerve of some people! I really hope that these idiots do get arrested and put in a dark Chinese gulag where they will make poisoned lead painted toys to ship to the U.S! Side note-The Port of Portland here in Oregon just stopped a shipment of lead painted toys that the Chinese shipped out. Great of our wonderful trading partner trying yet again to stab us in the back! Back to the Christians, oh yeah! Fuck ’em. The end!