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I grow increasingly hopeless about the incredible gullibility of the general populace in regards to politics. I know that most politicians on both sides are already bought and paid for, but thats because of the system of bribes called political donations given out by the greedy corporations. The various lobbies continue their agendas while paying off the very people that are supposed to be working for the people of the United States.The people are able to change this en masse but are afraid to because they do not want to put their little piece of the pie on the line. They want to believe that it is safe inside their little bubble and ignore the creeping, insidious motives of the conglomerates that are cornering both the world’s food and energy markets. Why as we speak, the ‘moovahz ‘n’ shakaahz are busy buying up alternative energy companies and patents so that when you all wake up to a greener world, the evil fucking billionaires will STILL own your ass, so don’t count on being a part of all of this!

As food becomes more scarce due to unchecked population explosions, the corporations garner more and more favor for their brands of frankenfood to feed this continuing burden. The needs create desperation which fuels indifference towards the information being exposed regarding the real dangers of genetically modified foods and the pollution caused by the immense corporate farms. Listen close people! Chicken shit fed to your seafood IS NOT safe and it does not provide them nutrients as it does the soil! It gives them disease which is passed on to the consumer due to antibiotic resistant bacteria that has formed in their gut! Cow shit is only good for the land in a varying degree. When ultra concentrated and mixed with petroleum based fertilizer and insecticides, it becomes a vile poison that destroys aquifers and surrounding land. The cattle from these FRANKENFARMS also contain antibiotic resistant bacteria that enters the food chain and renders the consumer vulnerable to disease! Please Google how many meat and other food recalls that have occurred due to E-Coli or the deaths that have resulted from the ingestion of this putrid filth that companies like Tyson call food!

This is real science and can no longer be ignored! This is not just hippie bullshit or liberal nonsense, this is actual applied and proven science that is telling you that you are eating fucking Soylent Green! I expect free-thinkers to do their homework because they are the most sensible people and they account for most scientists in the field. Do not believe the lying corporations, all you have to do is watch Supersize Me on Netflix to see how ONE MAN spotlighted the insidious marketing plan by McDonald’s to poison YOUR children! The man ate McDonald’s for ONE MONTH and began suffering life threatening changes! Google where these Franken chicken McPoisonnuggets are coming from and a sensible person will never eat them again! Tyson feeds people SICK, DYING chickens for fucks sake! Monsanto pushes their poison by telling sheeple that they are trying to breed out the “cancer causing microbes that naturally occur on maize!” Can you believe that? We are breeding genetically poison and pest resistant corn soaked in cancer causing petroleum chemicals just for you so that you can feed your family safely! Can we say ‘crock of shit?’

Just between you and me, I need to ask a fucking question that has been burning a hole in my head. IF Monsanto and the other poison factories run by people who almost ALL claim to believe in the Christian god, are actually trying to help and are NOT trying to turn people into helpless consumers of their cancer causing filth, then why have they made half the U.S diabetic by putting high fructose corn syrup into almost EVERYTHING!!!??? Why have they almost totally shut out EVERYONE else in the food industry and hired legions of lawyers to leverage competition out of business?! Why when a farm becomes INFECTED by frankenshit corn, is it THEIR burden of proof to prove that no theft occurred? Fresh and Food Inc. Watch them and learn!

The next thing that I must ask is even harder. Why, if we know that we will have 20-30 billion people on the Earth by 2050, do we not do anything about it? God doesn’t exist, HE is not going to ‘Rapture’ your ass out of a world that you helped fuck up! We have dozens of problems already as the result of overpopulation and we only have 7 Billion sheeple grazing the fields! Frankenfood companies claim to be trying to provide cheap, inexpensive food for the burgeoning masses yet no one addresses the fact that there should not BE burgeoning masses! Sit on your collective asses now, but when the problem is bad enough and throngs of homeless hungry people are shitting all over the lawns of the best neighborhoods in our cities, THEN people will want to do something. Until then, sheeple will ignore the problem and stay asleep.

What would I do with them? I would reenact the village model of productivity. If you need help, the village will help you get back on your feet, BACK ON YOUR FEET!! Not give you a free check for life and let you blame someone else for your misfortune! If you want to sit on your fat lazy ass and benefit from someone else’s work, then you are turned out to fend for yourself, and if you resort to stealing, then you will be punished by forced labor to benefit the village. Murderers, pedophiles,rapists and those who cannot possibly imagine life as honest people would be worked in the fields or provide other services under armed guard for 12 hours a day 6 days a week and be housed in a fucking gulag, ( after DNA conviction, of course ). These people would never be allowed to infect the gene pool again or victimize more innocent people. The death penalty would be a thing of the past as these scumbags would actually provide a workforce to accomplish backbreaking tasks to earn their keep. Scumbag lawyers would be a thing of the past and careful tribunals of several would listen to the evidence instead of one scumbag lawyer in a black robe.

Believe me, nothing is perfect, but then neither is representation by an overpriced crook who believes that for a fee, everyone is innocent! The Criminally Unjust System is horribly broken and dangerous criminals are getting out of jail and killing innocent children instead of being put to a deserved death. Subhuman, ape-like anthropoid dirtsacks are being allowed to tell us that murderers and rapists do not deserve death! These apes are being allowed appeal after appeal under our system of idiocy and injustice! Allow criminals to be worked in the fields and whipped in public and a large number of worthless shit sacks become productive, albeit horribly ass raped and beaten members of society! That problem is solved!

Now allow for widespread birth control and licenses for future parents and another problem is contained! Quit providing assistance to low income families, ( two words that should not even exist in the English language ), and people start to make better choices based upon consequences. Beef the fuck out of the education system and promote it to the poor with financial incentives and you take care of another problem that has plagued our American society. Quit pounding sand in a rathole by sending billions to feed junta soldiers in the guise of feeding starving masses and quit buying anything from these dictatorships and you solve THAT problem. These are the simple solutions for HONEST people of which about 5% of the population could be considered in this category. Most people, of course, are greedy sons of bitches who would sell their own families for a billion dollars and keep their tiny little heads tucked far inside their asses so that they can claim ignorance of the atrocities of which they are willingly a part of. But hey! Tough times, tough rhetoric huh?

I just like to think of what life would be like if people were actually, honestly trying to do the right thing instead of posture and ignore the coming fall. Nations fall you know, and this one is almost a superpower of the past and will be in ten years. How long until civil unrest occurs because we all ignored the current problems, huh? Can’t happen here though, huh? We are different because we are free? Free… to come and go as long as we do what we are told and accept the ‘safety measures’ of the Govt. intruding on our privacy. Free as long as we continue consuming and keeping up with the Jones’s. Free as long as what we say doesn’t actually strike a chord with the dissatisfied and free as long as we keep side tracked by the many peripheral issues being thrown at us by the media!

The super rich are enslaving us by owning all of our power and food sources AND by pitting us against each other! The religious are a prime example of this! They believe that some imaginary GOD is going to deliver them so they keep their heads in the sand and don’t resist the shackles being applied to their feet! We go to work, spend all of our money and believe that those who prepare for disaster are ‘paranoid.’ It seems bad, very bad, and it seems that a shot won’t even be fired in defense. The sheeple continue toward the slaughter as if going off to play and trust their scumbag lawyer leaders on Capitol Hill to sort it all out!

Shit. I’m just rambling now, so I’ll slink back to my hole and bury my head. I only ask that readers enlighten themselves and wake up! First to your food and next to the idiots in public office that are selling you out. Pretty soon the young people of America are gonna wake up one day in middle age to wall to wall people, mass starvation and children who report them for speaking out against the Government. The billionaires, of course, will be safe and sound inside the citadels built for them by their minions, with clean, fresh water and plentiful good food. Sounds like paradise huh?


Chinese farms cause more pollution than factories, says official survey

Groundbreaking government survey pinpoints fertilisers and pesticides as greater source of water contamination

Pollution from toxin in Chinese farmland, Guangzhou, China

Overuse of fertilisers and pesticides has sent agricultural pollution through the roof. Photograph: Alex Hofford/EPA

Farmers’ fields are a bigger source of water contamination in China than factory effluent, the Chinese government revealed today in its first census on pollution.

Senior officials said the disclosure, after a two-year study involving 570,000 people, would require a partial realignment of environmental policy from smoke stacks to chicken coops, cow sheds and fruit orchards.

Despite the sharp upward revision of figures on rural contamination, the government suggested the country’s pollution problem may be close to – or even past – a peak. That claim is likely to prompt scepticism among environmental groups.


• Anti-pollution riots break out in China
• Chinese villagers storm factory blamed for lead poisoning of 600 children
• Chinese citizens set to launch first ever environmental lawsuit against government

The release of the groundbreaking report was reportedly delayed by resistance from the agriculture ministry, which had previously insisted that farms contributed only a tiny fraction of pollution in China.

The census disproves these claims completely. According to the study, agriculture is responsible for 43.7% of the nation’s chemical oxygen demand (the main measure of organic compounds in water), 67% of phosphorus and 57% of nitrogen discharges.

At the launch of the paper, Wang Yangliang of the ministry of agriculture recognised the fall-out from intensive farming methods.

“Fertilisers and pesticides have played an important role in enhancing productivity but in certain areas improper use has had a grave impact on the environment,” he said. “The fast development of livestock breeding and aquaculture has produced a lot of food but they are also major sources of pollution in our lives.”

He said the ministry would introduce measures to improve the efficiency of pesticide and fertiliser use, to expand biogas generation from animal waste, and to change agricultural lifestyles to protect the environment.

While the high figure for rural pollution is partly explained by the immense size of China’s agricultural sector, it also reflects the country’s massive dependency on artificial farm inputs such as fertilisers.

The government says this is necessary because China uses only 7% of the world’s land to feed 22% of the global population. An industrial lobby is pushing for even greater use of chemicals. It includes the huge power company CNOOC, which runs the country’s largest nitrogen fertiliser factory in Hainan’s Dongfang City.

But the returns on this chemical investment are poor. According to a recent Greenpeace report, the country consumes 35% of the world’s nitrogen fertiliser, which wastes energy and other resources, while adding to water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

“Agricultural pollution has become one of China’s gravest environmental crises,” said Greenpeace campaign director Sze Pangcheung. “China needs to step up the fight against the overuse of fertilisers and pesticides and promote ecological agriculture which has obvious advantages for human heath, the environment, and sustainable development of agriculture.”

Wen Tiejun, dean of the school of agriculture and rural development at Renmin university, said the survey should be used as a turning point. His research suggested that Chinese farmers used almost twice as much fertiliser as they needed.

“For almost all of China’s 5,000-year history, agriculture had given our country a carbon-absorbing economy but in the past 40 years, agriculture has become one of the top pollution sources,” he said. “Experience shows that we don’t have to rely on chemical farming to resolve the food security issue. The government needs to foster low-pollution agriculture.”

But in what appears to be a statistical sleight of hand, the government said the new agricultural data and other figures from the census would not be used to evaluate the success of its five-year plan to reduce pollution by 10%.

Zhang Lijun, the environmental protection vice-minister, claimed China was cleaning up its pollution problem far faster than other countries during their dirty stage of development.

“Because China follows a different pattern of development, it is very likely that pollution will peak when per capita income reaches US$3,000,” he said, comparing this with the $8,000 he said was the norm in other nations.

If true, it would suggest the worst of China’s pollution problems may already be over. According to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, per capita incomes in China have already passed this point. If exchange rates and a low cost of living are factored in, Chinese incomes may be equivalent to more than $6,000.

But Zhang’s claim is contestable. As countless pollution scandals have revealed, many industries and local governments routinely under-report emissions and waste.

Many harmful or controversial forms of pollution are either not measured – as is the case for carbon dioxide and small particle emissions – or the data is not made public, as is the case for ozone.

Zheng said the government would expand its monitoring system in the next five-year plan.

Extracts from China’s first pollution report (for 2007):

• Sulphur dioxide emissions 23.2 million tonnes (91.3% from industry)

• Nitrogen oxide emissions: 18 million tonnes (30% from vehicles)

• Chemical oxygen demand discharges: 30.3 billion tonnes (44% from agriculture)

• Soot: 11.7 million tonnes.

• Solid waste: 3.8 billion tonnes (of which 45.7m tonnes is hazardous)

• Heavy metal discharges: 900 tonnes

• Livestock faeces: 243 million tonnes.

• Livestock urine: 163 million tonnes

• Plastic film on cropfields: 121,000 tonnes (80.3% recycled)


Tilapia raised on shit! Read all about it!


Rumor: Imported Chinese tilapia are often raised on feces

Chinese Tilapia raised on feces: Do fish farmers in China and Southeast Asia feed their fish, including tilapia, with animal feces?: Thai fishermen catch freshwater white tilapia fish at a fish farm in Samut Prakarn province.


Thai fishermen catch freshwater white tilapia fish at a fish farm in Samut Prakarn province.

MSN News7/15/13  Curtis Cartier of MSN News
Small farms, high demands and lax oversight are inspiring fish farmers in China and Southeast Asia to feed their fish, especially tilapia, with animal feces.

TRUE:In many cases, fish farmed in Asia and imported to the US have been raised on diets of chicken and pig feces

Tilapia is a flat, white fish that comes in nearly a hundred different species, is cheap to raise, easy to cook and recently became the fourth most-commonly consumed fish in the United States, behind shrimp, tuna and salmon. About 82 percent of the United States’ tilapia comes from China, according to USDA documents. But a simple online search of the subject reveals numerous alarming accusations involving Asian fish — particularly tilapia — being raised on diets of animal manure, and thus turning into magnets for food-borne illness. MSN News spoke with a leading food-safety scientist who said that, in fact, Chinese tilapia’s reputation for being unsafe to eat is quite well-deserved.

“While there are some really good aquaculture ponds in Asia, in many of these ponds — or really in most of these ponds — it’s typical to use untreated chicken manure as the primary nutrition,” Michael Doyle, director of the Center for Food Safety at the University of Georgia said. “In some places, like Thailand for example, they will just put the chickens over the pond and they just poop right in the pond.”

Asked to estimate what percentage of Chinese tilapia are raised using animal feces as food, Doyle said “I’d say roughly 50 percent.”

Feeding fish animal feces makes them highly susceptible to bacterial infections likesalmonella and E.coli, Doyle said. Furthermore, he said that the large amount of antibiotics that are given to the fish to ward off infections makes the strains of salmonella and E.coli that the fish do catch extremely hard to eliminate.

“It’s incredible to see how much of these antibiotics are applied, and they leave large residues of antibiotics in the ponds,” Doyle said. “We have multiple antibiotic-resistant strains of salmonella coming in with these fish.”

Farmed fish now more common than farmed beef

Last month it was announced that farmed fish had overtaken farmed beef in terms of worldwide production for the first time in recorded history. This watershed moment for human food consumption was made possible by a vast network of fish-farming operations that allow enormous quantities of seafood to be raised in a minimal area and with minimal resources.

According to reports, in China and other Asian countries like Vietnam and Thailand, intense demand for farmed fish and cutthroat competition among farmers drives many of these farmers to cut corners. Feeding the fish with pig and chicken feces is much cheaper than using standard fish food.

An explosive Bloomberg News story published in October of last year and headlined “Asian Seafood Raised on Pig Feces Approved for U.S. Consumers” revealed in graphic detail fish farms and packing plants in China and Vietnam that are rife with filth and disease, and U.S. inspectors doing what appeared to be a poor job of stopping the tainted fish from entering the food supply. According to the piece, 27 percent of seafood consumed in in the United States comes from China, and yet the FDA only inspects 2.7 percent of the fish that gets imported. Of the fish inspected, the FDA has reportedly rejected 820 Chinese seafood shipments since 2007, including 187 that contained tilapia.

FDA defends inspections

In response to questions from MSN News about imported Asian seafood, the FDA defended its practices in an emailed statement, which reads as follows:

“The FDA’s priority is to ensure that both domestic and imported seafood sold in the United States is safe. The agency uses a multifaceted and risk-informed seafood safety program that relies on various measures of compliance. For imported seafood, these measures include inspecting foreign processing facilities, sampling seafood offered for import into the United States, domestic surveillance sampling of imported products, inspections of seafood importers, evaluations of filers of seafood products, foreign country program assessments, and information shared from our international partners and FDA overseas offices.”

“Seafood processors and aquaculture farmers are required to have controls in place to keep hazards out of seafood. The FDA conducts targeted risk-based testing, taking action when it finds violations.”

Despite the FDA’s assurances, Doyle said he recommends consumers pay attention to the country of origin of their seafood, which grocery stores are required by law to display.

“Personally, I always stick to seafood that’s caught in the Gulf of Mexico,” Doyle said.

UPDATE: Pressed for more details on whether seafood imported from Asia receives, or deserves to receive, more scrutiny than seafood from other regions, FDA spokesperson Theresa Eisenman flatly denied that the widespread practice of feeding feces to farmed fish occurs.

“We are not aware of evidence to support the claim that this practice is occurring in China,” Eisenman wrote to MSN News. “Both domestic and imported seafood products are required to meet the same food safety standards. If FDA had information that an aquaculture product was raised in a manner that would violate FDA’s food safety requirements, that product would not be allowed entry into the United States.”

Eisenman wrote that as far as her agency is concerned, the only food-safety issue specific to Chinese seafood has been the types and levels of antibiotics used on the fish. An official FDA “Import Alert” was issued on June 27, 2013, that names China as having frequently used potentially carcinogenic antibiotics on its fish farms. The alert vows that the agency will stop any shipments of fish that contain antibiotics like malachite greennitrofurans,fluoroquinolones, and gentian violet.



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