Politics and such


First, let me begin by saying that I am neither Libertarian nor Republican. I do not believe in elitism or any other practice that purposely disenfranchises sections of humanity. I am an atheist middle-of-the-road type who believes in the reality and certainty of Natural Selection as well as the hardwiring of human inclinations to destroy themselves. My statement that 90% of humanity is composed of followers remains true as is demonstrated by the animal in question. 10% of humanity are forward thinkers and less than 2% are natural born leaders, and the 90% drag the 10% down and thwart most of the good that the 10% could ever accomplish. This has been repetitious throughout human history since the formation of villages.

In the village there were village elders who held authority due to experience and charisma and directed the function of the body of people to greater efficiency or to complete ruin, it depended upon the leader. As humanity overcame natural predators, we gathered into concentrations of greater numbers and abandoned the hunter-gatherer way of life in favor of agrarian society. Villages appeared with small governmental structures and alliances or wars were made against opposing human concentration. History remains very much the same in that the elders, kings, whatever they called themselves, were many times afforded the ability to ignore the very laws that they themselves created because they had become corrupt and greedy. Seem familiar?

Today we complain about deregulation and the oligarchs that it has created. The ‘village elders’ have enacted broad deregulation of all of the major industries in this nation which in turn has allowed a select few to buy everything and stamp out small competition and bring the working people under the corporate boot. This is no different from the practices of 10,000 years ago and will continue until humanity has self-destructed or, on the off chance, evolved beyond the need for killing his brother, which I don’t think is possible. We can put a microchip on the head of a pin in 1967 but can’t control base animal behavior in 2015; we’re gonna fucking die!

Don’t be stupid people, we are full on oligarchy in the U.S and are nothing more than a corporate state with 1% of our population about ready to corner 40% of global wealth, that does NOT bode well for anyone and there is no significant opposition to this form of condoned indentured servitude! People are watching the fucking Kartrashians and worrying about what that stupid vapid whore Kim is gonna name her next genetically challenged supertard instead of trying to prevent corporate America from putting chains around their necks! Unbe-fucking-levable! Get your Goddamned face out of Michelle Duggar’s fucking diseased, well-traveled snatch and pay attention to whats going on before you end up having to hoist a rifle to protect your way of life!! But then again, instead of enacting sensible gun legislation, you pussies will probably try to ban them first. Hitler himself said that the best way to conquer a people was to first disarm them, and I truly believe in this. I believe that one of the reasons that we don’t experience the same problems as the Western Europeans is that terrorists fear our legal gun owners and know that they would never make it to trial if they tried the shit that they did with Charlie Hebdo, (Je suis Charlie, by the way, you savage pieces of shit!).

We, as a nation, are living up to the expectations of those who decry our lack of historical knowledge. We are repeating the most basic corruptions practiced by village elders of pre-history, we are excusing the transgressions of our leadership and looking the other way until things are so fucked up that it takes armed bloodshed to correct! We are doomed, I say. I have no faith in humanity to correct their greed and avarice, so I expect that we will destroy ourselves and another species will become dominant, period. All that I can do as a father, is to protect my children for as long as I can and hope beyond hope that humanity is more than just a base animal, I think not.

Fuck the talk about minimum wage and the bullshit about redistribution of wealth, we won’t be around long enough for anything to make a difference. Free-Speech TV is just a granola-shitting attempt to envision the human race giving a shit about one another and that is truly delusional shit. Much of it is crap anyway and doesn’t jibe with any real situation whatsoever, big fucking surprise.

Auschwitz liberation 70 year anniversary.


As the 70 year anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz is observed, I, as an Ashkenazi Jew, reflect upon this as a very significant event. I am a secular person, identifying as atheist but still realize that really fucking horrible things happened to six million people 70 years ago. I am an atheist and realize that the extermination of these people happened on a psychopaths watch, but I am still connected to this by the death of family members and culture that will never be the same again.

I am as distanced from this event as could possibly be, but will remember the horror of this event as it festers in the backs of our minds. You want to know why most Jews don’t believe in God? It’s because of the Holocaust. We were sold to be the “Chosen People” and what we got was a raw deal of prejudice and persecution related to our elders screwing people over and ostracizing others because they weren’t Jewish. I wouldn’t have killed people because of prejudice, but many used our prejudice as an excuse to behave as amoral dicks! I see this 70 year anniversary as a reason to put the assholes of the Nazi regime in the spotlight of the intolerant psycho bastards that they were, and I’m glad that so many of them were assassinated by Mossad in cold fucking blood.

Those bastards didn’t deserve mercy or the consideration of a trial, if they were Nazis, they deserved any death that they received and fuck them in their imagined Hell! I hope that they rot, and I hope that people come to realize that child molesters are as low as Nazis and begin a wholesale extermination of them as well! DNA evidence implicating one in a horrific crime such as child rape should damn these pieces of shit to a painful death in public, but I digress.

I have no problems related to the death of Nazi criminals and include the crimes against children as equal to these, so learn from this and start butchering child rapists! I remember those who died during the Holocaust and hope that the legacy will be knifing child killers in the heart.

Kinder gentler atheist


I can no longer justify being a militant atheist in the wake of the Thinking Atheist episode featuring the beautiful, perfect, intelligent Cara Santa Maria. I have followed her since Huffington Posts Talk Nerdy to me section, and have followed her into the podcast verse on Talk Nerdy. She has made the very intelligent argument about the benefit of talking to theists as opposed to üUattacking them and has struck a chord. I have normally been a militant anti-theist but have found that as I evolve as a human being, I really don’t want to offend as much as I want to educate.

I want more people to reject theism based upon it’s lack of evidence more than I want to lock horns with them. Theists CAN be turned to sense as proven by the Seventh Day Adventist minister who has recently lost his faith due to following common sense. Most smart people don’t want to be sniveling idiot followers like the Duggars, who do as the church says and pollutes the gene pool with mega-copies of their flawed country DNA. Most intelligent people will surf the net looking for alternatives to being mindless followers but will run into the many sites encouraging them to reject science and embrace utter stupidity! Personal prudence must prevail.

This said, I must say that as long as GOD doesn’t get in my way, I won’t get in HIS way. HE should keep a respectful distance lest I kick HIS mythological ass, but thank you yet again for the cancer death of ESPN anchor Stuart Smith, a person who didn’t deserve your wrath. Also, thank your despotic ass for the crash of the AirAsia plane……are we seeing a trend here? God is a myth period!!

Neil deGrasse Tyson!!


Hello all!

I return from seeing Dr. Tyson in person at the Schnitzer Auditorium in Portland, OR. I am pleased to say that he went WAYYY overtime and was the most engaging speaker that I have seen yet! Dr. tyson spoke of the incredible work that NASA and other agencies performed in the 60’s and 70’s. He told of the wane in scientific research that is on the horizon and of the gutting of the public school system that is causing it. You know, the intentional destruction of the very system that kept us a cutting edge scientific power for many years but is on the downslide now, that system!

He spoke of the shortsightedness of greed and divisiveness that is growing the 1% and killing exploratory research which is directly responsible for the growth in industry of OTHER countries. He quoted Dawkins and chastised those who let dogma interfere with scientific research and emphasized the need to return to innovation and education. He directly correlated religion with scientific oppression and denial, and addressed the violence that it’s divisive nature produces. Dr. Tyson also made the point that it is cognitive dissonance, NOT stupidity that allows intelligent people to get degrees in science yet hold onto the myth of a supreme being. Never did he belittle believers, but he also did not align himself with atheism. The brilliance of this position is that it allows him to teach science to religious people which often leads to their de conversion and allows them to enter reality without as much difficulty as having to be told that god is only a myth.

Atheists with nothing to lose and no wish to have a platform from which to speak in the religious community, appreciate Dr.Tyson and already know that gods are a myth created by men afraid of the dark and of death. Dr.Tyson, on the other hand, wants very much to bring scientific truth to these people that plant their heads in the sand, and by getting them interested in truth, he creates more people based in reality and not in the fantasy world of unseen specters. I see and very much appreciate his approach and see that it is a wonderful effort to wake people up without insulting the mythology that they believe in.

Most people are followers, and will do what they are told. Those with their heads in reality tend to resist the crowd mentality better than those who believe in the nonsense of the bible and other books, so when led to the light, the rest of the truth usually breaks the trance that these people have been in for years.



The planet Kolob and the song about it.

Kolob is a star or planet described in Mormon scripture. Reference to Kolob is found in the Book of Abraham, a work published by Latter Day Saint (LDS) prophet Joseph Smith, Jr. According to this work, Kolob is the heavenly body nearest to the throne or residence of God. While the Book of Abraham refers to Kolob as a “star”,[1] it also refers to planets as stars,[2] and therefore, some LDS commentators consider Kolob to be a planet.[3] Other Latter Day Saints (commonly referred to as Mormons) consider Kolob to be a Christian metaphor.

Kolob has never been identified with any modern astronomical object and is not recognized as an ancient concept by modern Egyptology. Kolob is rarely discussed in modern LDS religious contexts, but it is periodically a topic of discussion in criticism of Mormonism. The idea also appears within LDS culture, and there is a LDS hymn about it. Kolob is also the inspiration for the planet Kobol within the Battlestar Galactica universe, created by Glen A. Larson, a Mormon.[

Da Bibble!


The problem with God is that only the most simplistic person can believe the incredibly primitive suppositions that the theological community has attributed to the myth. I am not the brightest bulb in the pack, but I find it impossible to believe the obvious bullshit contained within the fairy stories of this Bronze age tome. I have encountered seemingly rational people who insist that the stories of the Beeble are actually occurrences with factual basis. As the rational thinking person knows, the bible is, in fact, the most contradictory, contrived piece of crap fiction ever foisted upon the virus known as mankind. 

Fairy stories do endure in the face of the harsh realities facing the human race. This only because the reality of taking responsibility of one’s own life usually is too much for the average human to comprehend. To be responsible takes pragmatism and sensibility, something that the devout usually do not posses. Giving in to myth usually means that you can abdicate responsibility to an anthropomorphized GOD who, of course, knows exactly how you think and feel and will eventually validate your problematic flawed way of fucking up your life! 

The actual reality of the matter is that you will be held accountable for the fuckups that you have caused and you will suffer the wrath of those that you have fucked over in the name of your religious fairy cocksucker in the sky! Please note that I am not tyrying to judge, and that you hold the key to going and fucking yourself! My advice is to un-fuck yourself and rely upon yourself and reality to pull you through, so give GAWD the heave-ho and trust yourself!!

Christless? I think so!


Hey bloggos! I am sitting here on this rainy day listening to the very beautiful Ingrid Michaelson and musing atheistic. I am also having a very interesting back-and-forth with a fellow WordPress blogger on the subject of my idiocy in the area of ‘HIS’ existence. In other words, he is using the bible to tell me how foolish I am for not believing in ‘The Lord.’ He believes that quoting bible verses makes people who question the god thing seem completely out of their minds. The only reason that I have even entertained this lunacy is because I am bored as shit and proving, yet again, that people are close-minded sheep for the most part. 90% of the masses will believe almost anything that someone ‘in authority’ tells them and will use the ‘ misery loves company’ mentality to spread the word of mass delusion.

Now, we know that all of the biblical passages mentioning Jesus were written approximately 30-80 years AFTER his death. There are no eyewitness accounts written about Jesus, and only two disputed articles written within 100 years before or after his death making any so-called evidence of ‘His’ existence completely contrived and 99.99% complete bullshit! During the time of Jesus and shortly thereafter, over 50 most prominent people of the time wrote NOTHING of the man called Jesus! These names include Josephus and Apollonius to name two and the others are found at the touch of a Google search, all easily referenced. Info on this is included on the sites http://www.jesusneverexisted.com and http://www.nobelief.com. There are also hundreds more that have been contributed to by countless trusted authorities on the subject, so please do the research and check these out for yourself. I handle my atheism like I handle my money. Why would I blindly trust someone else with something so important when I can learn the information myself?

The silence of history is also upon the existence of the apostles, and you would think that a man and followers who had caused such a shitstorm in the Jewish and Pagan faiths would have had a few more ‘Wanted’ posters drafted in ‘His’ image, but curiously that honor only falls to the OTHER famous folks of the time! Now the History Professor Bart Ehrman states in his book, Did Jesus Exist, some very interesting suppositions regarding alleged proof of the existence of the man Christ, but is refuted in several instances that are also available in a simple Google search and is the reason that I cite the title of the book. I do not name the rebuttals only because the ability to access them is only a keystroke away! I am not here to insult intelligence, only to expand it.

The REAL interesting meat of this all is on The Thinking Atheist website under podcast #101 which includes an interview with the renowned Prof. of Ancient History and Christianity expert, Dr. Richard Carrier, who appeared on the show’ Faith Under Fire’ and has debated none other than William Lane Craig! Dr. Carrier also has the pleasurable distinction to appear in Warren Allen Smith’s book,  Who’s who in Hell’, a list of non-believers who are going to burn in Yaweh’s imaginary lake of fire! I always like the whole’ if you don’t believe in my god you will burn in Hell’ idiocy! He also has given many talks on ancient history and Christian accounts of history that have been proven false. He has spoken on the Gospels and why they are mythological by including literary and writing analysis that has proven beyond a doubt that many of the book’ s cited authors were in fact not the stated ones.

Dr. Carrier published a book, On the Historicity of Jesus Christ, ‘ that confronts the accepted false accounts used by popular historians to supposedly prove jesus’ existence such as how priests communicated with Christ in vision and prayer as well as how he came upon this Earth in very much the same manner as several other deities. Theologians will dispute the ‘Other gods similarity,’ claims, but that is where careful research comes into play and attention to detail.

Dr. Carrier also has critiqued Dr. Ehrman’s book “Did Jesus Exist” and has called it very poor in writing and fact as if written very hastily, but recommends Ehrman’s book, ‘Jesus Interrupted’ as a mainstream manual on how modern day religious historians explain their position on the existence of Christ. Dr. Carrier has had several heated exchanges with Dr. Ehrman on the subject of Ehrman’s books that can be read by internet searching, ‘Dr. Carrier/Dr. Ehrman recap. The 1st result is usually “Ehrman on Historicity,’ and links to all of the other exchanges between the two individuals.

I have done much of this research myself and have come up with so many holes in the myth that is christianity, leading me to dismiss it as a definite appeal to the masses for control! I have been reading literature by Carrier and Ehrman to further inform myself so as not to expose myself to ignorant sheep-like behavior!

My father-in-law who has NEVER taken a religious history class and had been a life long bigoted racist until the recession told me that even though he does not believe in God anymore he knows that the historical Jesus HAS been proven. I countered with my evidence based in years of scientific research only to be told that I didn’t know what I was talking about. This is the tired old refrain of the lemming, don’t do research and inform yourself, just listen to the magic box in the living room!

I ask my blog followers to please do the research, no matter how in-depth it gets, so that the myth can be refuted and placed in the dustbin of all other dismissed crap. Listen to the above-mentioned podcast and digest the very informative and credible information. Until then, have a godless existence!

Some good ‘ol common sense!


As many people do, I look forward to Halloween because it is one of the few times that we atheists get to worship The Lord Satan! Just kidding! I have nothing against people who keep their religions to themselves and I don’t antagonize the believers just to make myself feel better because that is a rather immature thing to do. As you well know, I have said in the past that an atheist that is an atheist because of a beef with GOD is just a disgruntled Christian awaiting re indoctrination. I am an ex christian who lost my faith and WAS angry about it because of the incredible guilt that it brought me, but I got over it. I went through my antagonistic phase but tired of it quickly and moved on to building a solid free thinking life without god or gods. My christian friends are very valuable to me because they do not judge me and they are true giving thoughtful people, therefore I treat them with reciprocal respect. I do not guide them to my thebraveatheist Facebook page or to this blog due to the fact that my atheist activism is only for those interested and for the hypocritical believers out there. I do not wish to throw my stance into the face of good people just because their belief system does not jibe with my own. 

I am an atheist because I cannot be anything else. I see religion as a refuge for the weak and as a crutch for those unwilling to trust themselves and conquer their innate fear of the dark. When presented with religious argument, I automatically counter with fact based data and established scientific theory. Believers naturally counter with pointing out that theories are just theories while failing to recognize the thousands upon thousands of hours invested in the complex experiments that helped to establish those theories. This is where the refuge of ignorance comes in, just like those who ask simple questions over and over because they cannot fathom the magic of Googling! It’s easier to ask someone else and lay that responsibility on someone else than to use the grey matter in your own skull. Human laziness, human ignorance. When 20 million viewers watch the Kartrashians then how can I buy into what 80-90% of Americans say that they believe in? 

I always found it disturbing to think that their might actually be an almighty being out there who sits on his hand while bad things happen down on Earth. I am not gullible or ignorant, so I have to question this delusional crap just because it is so fucking far fetched! Hell, Harry Potter is more believable than the christian GOD! Harry, at least, springs into action when evil is afoot and actually tries to combat it instead of remaining silent while still demanding adoration! I believe in Harry, why? Because Harry puts his money where his mouth is and kicks ass on HIS devils. In the end, he doesn’t expect to just bend Hermione over a stump and collect his winnings, he’s humble! He asks just for support in the ongoing war against bad shit! He’s like an English Samuel L. Jackson, he kicks a fair amount of ass and stays cool while doing it! As things go, I believe in the goddamned X-Men more than an old man in the sky!

The best advice that I can give to anybody is to believe in your doctors if you are sick, faith healing is bullshit but the power of prayer is effective due to the strength of the human mind, not a fairy spirit. Believe in your nurses to help you heal and your firemen to deliver you from the fire. Believe in your tax man to get you the best refund and believe in the soup kitchen to feed the poor. The food came from donations from real hands not from a magical delivery by God, no matter what denomination is represented on the door. Catholics have decent social services and hardly ANY of them actually still believe in God. For them it is a cultural thing that is deeply ingrained and is to them as blood is to life. It is the same with Jewish people. The religion is thousands of years old but many of them do not actually believe anymore, it’s more of a cultural thing that they must adhere to to be accepted in their communities. I truly feel for them because they are in a very difficult position for all of the bullshit that they have to observe. 

My tiny mind tends to come up with these foolish observations and irrational counter arguments in regard to religious debates such as, ‘if I, as a nurse, allowed a patient to seriously injure themselves and did nothing, would I be considered a moral person? Would I be worthy of praise?’ This is the statement that I use for the ‘Free will’ argument when children are massacred on ‘God’s’ watch and ‘He’ of course as usual, sits back and does nothing, thus proving that he is either impotent or doesn’t give a flying fuck, or as we atheists know, just does not exist! Every Christian debater uses the tired old ‘free will’ argument to explain their god’s inaction, but these are convenient arguments used by the weak to keep believing in something that you can surrender personal responsibility to. As I said before, thank that cop that worked tirelessly to find that missing child when prayer didn’t work! Two hands working can accomplish much more than a thousand clasped in prayer!

Well, I’m out for this evening. I will be back soon to throw more sense in the face of fable! Peace and love to my blog people!



Oder to the late great Christopher Hitchens!


You know, I have been missing the enlightened banter of the late great Christopher Hitchens lately and have been traveling Youtube endlessly listening to his debates. I miss his ‘in your face’ indictments of the religious community as they try to justify putting myth above fact. When the depictions of Mohammed in the Danish press caused such a backlash, Hitchens bravely chided the Muslim community for sitting back and tolerating the backward animals that were rioting over simple cartoons. The leaders, of course, did not have any relevant response to the animalistic responses of their fellow myth followers and actually tried the ‘cultural’ angle to the situation. Hitchens, of course, made instant example of the preferential treatment to Muslims in the aftermath of the cartoons and the leaders, of course, stated that the overall response was not mainstream.

Hitchens stated that if the response was not shared by the mainstream Muslim community then why did they choose to stand with the extremists and stand silent as animals rioted because someone had insulted their pedophile prophet. Islam is a myth just as any religion and is an optional belief. While some of us stand with logic and reason, some of us choose to delude themselves and believe shit that requires that you put blinders on. O.K. I can tolerate your unfounded beliefs as long as you don’t try to teach your insane, psychotic creationist bullshit in classrooms and you stay away from my door about ‘the good news.’  I have always said that the good news was that you weren’t going to tell me that your myth had been resurrected to take me to your fictitious Valhalla called ‘Heaven.’ 

 I don’t think that I could put up with GOD checking in on me every time I m about to blow my nut in Scarlett Johansen’s imaginary face! I would take the Hell scenario every fucking time! A cosmic Kim Jong Un is not my idea of paradise and most of the people that I know of would rather have free will in the afterlife too. I cannot imagine bowing to some tin shit GOD every hour of every fucking day so it gives me relief to know that it’s all a fucking myth and the GOD people are a bunch of deluded crazy fucks who LOVE following something regardless if it is real or not! Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindu, etc. these are ALL myths and have absolutely NO PROOF whatsoever! To believe is a choice and not a good one! Science changes the world, not devisive bullshit religion. Religion poisons everything while science enlightens all! Give people a theory and they will advance it. Give them religion and they will kill their brothers in self-righteous rage!

I miss your intolerance of stupid religious excuses and have carried on in your absence. I believe that you were on the right track related to the scientific evidence that backed your claims and of the bullshit that religious idiots used to make themselves look even more deluded. I swear to advance the truth in the name of intellectuals everywhere and will fight the dark wherever it presents itself. Darkness comes with the exclusion of cold hard science. Ignorance comes with ignoring science. Religious myth stands in the way of reason and logic and frowns on advancement. I will continue to keep science in the forefront and debunk religious bullshit as it frequently arises. I miss you Christopher, but have learned well.