People, and just people!


Funny how physiology works isn’t it? We have the same features no matter how much melanin there is in the skin! Yet some assholes continue to separate us by skin color alone! Holy segregated water fountains Batman!!! What an ignorant position supported by zero demonstrable evidence anywhere! Humans are one in the same no matter what and there can never be anything that states any difference. One of the most brilliant scientists in the world is African American, Neil deGrasse Tyson, a person who I had the distinct honor to see in person in Sept. 2016, to confirm that he is the most engaging speaker of our time! I have soo many of his books and need his signature on them. I will probably be arrested for stalking before this happens, but I am de-fucking-termined!

The scientist who has posited the best theory to solve the equation of warp drive is…..wait for it….A Mexican! Miguel Alcubierre has posited the BEST most efficient solution to the problem that has existed! Fuck you racist assholes! Tyson and Alcubierre will find the answer and will be rock stars because of it!! Stop trying to separate the humans of this planet you assholes, because there are so many people who are science rock stars in this age!! I am Jewish and have known discrimination, so I am with those who have been fucked in the past! I am with you no matter what the lies are that a certain person, DS, has told to forward his worthless agenda! I support people as a whole!!!!


Holy Shit!


Negan was right, “I’m bringing ORDER to this shit!” I seem to remember this above all else OVER the constant shit about how a society deals with, ‘The most vulnerable.’ Or as I call them, the people that would be culled due to inadequacy and weakness. Most people born with the inability to care for self would naturally die out and the strong would survive. Weak assholes liberalize the reason for non-producers to survive in a time of plenty because they are idiots who can’t live with themselves if they actually made the right decision about defective human animals. These people are eradicated on a natural level. If you cannot contribute to the village pot, you are turned out or driven out due to your uselessness. This is life as an animal in the real world.

Most stupid humans try to believe that they are beyond their animal origins and believe that overpopulation is not an issue due to bullshit asshole hubris believing that they are above the ecosystem of the basic animal. This is fucking crap! Humans have busted out of the ecosystem that they occupy resulting in unnatural results such as adjusting habitat situations resulting in elevated murder/crime statistics resulting from too many rats in the maze. We are an animal regardless of the religious communities opinions or dictates and the opinions of the assholes that believe we are better than the things that they allow to piss on their lawns.

We have problems that are going to kill us as a species related to the opinion that we are above the other mammals on our planet. Until we manage our villages like we do our rabbit hutches and hen houses, we are going to spiral out of control and kill each other trying to take resources to survive.