The fact of the matters that I will describe are the following; as long as the nation’s concentration remains on creating a slave labor force that is completely dependent on the billionaires for subsistence, the uneducated will eventually breed out the educated and then we will have nothing but a dumbed down mass of followers clamoring for jobs that pay very little with the idiot worker feeling fortunate just to be employed. Incredibly, the push for socialized medicine has made the effort to socialize education wither and die on the vine. The masses of sheeple who rely on the Government for subsistence are now celebrating the Obamacare achievements while students and potential students everywhere in the U.S continue to struggle to get the education that would keep the country on the cutting edge of science and technology.


I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a conference featuring Dr.Neil deGrasse Tyson and was, of course, astounded by the man’s brilliance; you cannot be in Dr. Tyson’s presence without feeling that you are in a room with one of the world’s most incredible minds. During this event, he described all of the wonders that science has created and discovered as well as all of the damage religion has wrought as well as the completely preventable damage we have caused the planet over the course of the last few hundred years. He also presented a slide that showed all of the countries that are leading in scientific research. These countries were blown up like balloons to illustrate their significance on the globe, with the U.S being a very prominent player. Fast forward ten years and the next slide shows the U.S very much a deflated insignificant player on the world scientific stage. This, he said, was due to the deliberate dismantling of our educational system by the very pieces of shit that WE elected to lead us!

Now he did not say that these fucking roaches were pieces of shit, that was me, but he did say that there seemed to be a concentrated effort to dumb down the American people, and when 50% of doctorate and post doctorate student bodies in the most prominent U.S universities are foreign born, then yes, this country DOES have a definite problem! Our students here in this country cannot seem to afford an education, and higher ed is not even PUSHED in this country as it should be. I tell my children that college IS NOT a choice but a requirement in our family, because to ignore it is to aspire toward poverty and mediocrity at best! We have one of the worst education systems in the modern world in one of the richest countries, yet no one is outraged!

The Left end of the spectrum is too busy trying to use fuzzy warm feelings to trick the public into thinking that their latte-swilling asses aren’t corporate shills as are their Republican counterparts, and the Right is too busy stirring up the few closed minded people left in that irrelevant party to go against those godless Liberals! These assholes work for the same billionaires and are destroying the country while peripheral issues continue to cloud the treachery that is being wrought by both parties right under our noses! People are so busy blaming each other’s political representatives to realize that once the smoke has settled, it will be too late to salvage the wreckage and take care of the important issues. Education needs to be at the front of the line, not medicine. If the Left was not in bed with Corporate America then Obamacare would be a single payer system, and I know that you need to start somewhere, but education will solve MOST of these other problems with the advancement and evolution of the human mind. Forsake education and we devolve into a third world irrelevant nation stepping back into superstitious belief instead of into reason. Religion was borne of ignorance and will reappear in force if education is ignored.

Personally, if it were up to me alone, I would scrap the disastrous welfare system and initiate a WORKfare system designed to repair the inequalities in under served areas and to educate the masses. Giving someone something to be proud of is one of the most incredible motivators that exists. Giving one a handout creates dependency and squalor, just look at any Section 8 housing complex to prove this fact. Spend taxes to get people independent and the economy will improve fostered by the opportunity that it would provide. Crime will decrease and diversity will flourish if careers and futures are established, but this is heresy to those in power who make millions off of the slaves that they are creating to continuously restock their underclass.

A small piece of personal history. I used to wade into dumpsters to collect cans and other scrap metal to sell when I was 11 years old. At 14 I entered the work force full time just to feed myself, obtaining whatever job that I could as my mother irresponsibly moved us around homeless from state to state. When I reached 18, I finally got off of the street from living behind a gas station while holding down a 60hr a week job busing tables. I went into the Army to get college money and ended up with my degree and 7 years of college under my belt by the time that I was 27. I have a very hard time with self serving whiners who are able but scamming the system claiming that they can’t seem to catch a break when I, with no support, actively chose to forsake crime and drugs so that I could pull myself out of the streets. I know that everyone has a story, but the answer to achievement is in a hand up, not a hand out, and this all begins with socialized education made available to even the poorest of citizens. Maybe some of the idiots that are out there trying to raise the minimum wage so that they can stay in poverty but raise a family would choose not to pursue this illogical and unreasonable position if they were given access to adequate educational programs and assistance checks weren’t handed out to those who just can’t abstain from creating children that they cannot feed.

Our focus needs to change folks, and those who do not want to work but are able, or who would not accept an education program designed to get them employed should be left without a safety net. There are plenty of people out there who want to get out of a bad situation, so lets provide the hand up with education and expectation as well as true equality for everyone who contributes to the villages’ well being. That is it for this post and I am out!

Neil deGrasse Tyson!!


Hello all!

I return from seeing Dr. Tyson in person at the Schnitzer Auditorium in Portland, OR. I am pleased to say that he went WAYYY overtime and was the most engaging speaker that I have seen yet! Dr. tyson spoke of the incredible work that NASA and other agencies performed in the 60’s and 70’s. He told of the wane in scientific research that is on the horizon and of the gutting of the public school system that is causing it. You know, the intentional destruction of the very system that kept us a cutting edge scientific power for many years but is on the downslide now, that system!

He spoke of the shortsightedness of greed and divisiveness that is growing the 1% and killing exploratory research which is directly responsible for the growth in industry of OTHER countries. He quoted Dawkins and chastised those who let dogma interfere with scientific research and emphasized the need to return to innovation and education. He directly correlated religion with scientific oppression and denial, and addressed the violence that it’s divisive nature produces. Dr. Tyson also made the point that it is cognitive dissonance, NOT stupidity that allows intelligent people to get degrees in science yet hold onto the myth of a supreme being. Never did he belittle believers, but he also did not align himself with atheism. The brilliance of this position is that it allows him to teach science to religious people which often leads to their de conversion and allows them to enter reality without as much difficulty as having to be told that god is only a myth.

Atheists with nothing to lose and no wish to have a platform from which to speak in the religious community, appreciate Dr.Tyson and already know that gods are a myth created by men afraid of the dark and of death. Dr.Tyson, on the other hand, wants very much to bring scientific truth to these people that plant their heads in the sand, and by getting them interested in truth, he creates more people based in reality and not in the fantasy world of unseen specters. I see and very much appreciate his approach and see that it is a wonderful effort to wake people up without insulting the mythology that they believe in.

Most people are followers, and will do what they are told. Those with their heads in reality tend to resist the crowd mentality better than those who believe in the nonsense of the bible and other books, so when led to the light, the rest of the truth usually breaks the trance that these people have been in for years.

My ultimate goal!


I have just concluded a very detailed explanation to my son of the very complex and fascinating concepts explained in Cosmos, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s reboot of the Carl Sagan classic. I grew up with the Sagan version and was, of course, floored and dazed by the incredibly immense data presented in such a short documentary. The reboot is a series and not a limited documentary, but presents the proof and theory discovered since the release of the original Cosmos. I again , am floored by the incredible details provided by the genius Tyson about the origins of the universe and our human aspirations to decode the minute beginnings of this mystery called the Universe.

As I teach my 12 year old son and my six year old daughter the wonders of the universe, I am still challenged to answer questions posited by the information being presented. I go to the scientific texts and papers and glean the careful answers to these questions and am completely satisfied with the data given. Why? Because the answers are rooted in thousands and sometimes millions of hours of tried and true scientific data borne of provable discovery. The same discovery that is reviled by the religious scholar today. The same discovery that is refuted by the likes of William Lane Craig, Sye Ten Bruggencate and Ken Ham, the idiot titular head of the ridiculous Creation Museum. Now I know that the many thousands of factions that claim legitimacy in the Christian faith claim to have the right answer, but one should look at science when questioning because it has standards that hold ALL factions to same quality outcomes. Science, unlike religion, does not have different means in which to test it’s data, experiments are all held to the same standard and debunked if found to be completely in error!

I see the cosmic calendar that Tyson uses with it’s 12 months, and am taken aback by the reference that our species took only about 14 days within the 365 days to evolve. Compared to the 13.5 Billion year calendar, we were but a footnote in the last evolutionary phase in the cosmos to appear on the land of a backwater accretion disc in the ordinary galaxy called the Milky Way. Poor strange people trying to make sense of the unknown and trying to find a way to control less intelligent beings created an anthropomorphic god that had infinite power so as to intimidate the simple folks and their pliable minds.

Throughout history we see these types of gods used to control the greater populations because 90% of the people are sheep who are tractable, and 10% are held back by these followers. The creators of the gods of old do their best to control the people, but as science takes hold these people learn to think for themselves. If you look at most Catholics, they do not actually believe in God, they just are not ready to say so. This is fact, just watch Bill Maher’s Religulous and you will see this. Secular people are just those who lack the convictions to call themselves atheists.  They don’t believe, so what is that? ATHEISM!

Christians are just those who cannot read and do not believe that their God is an amoral genocidal, pedophile, maniac murderer, who carries out jealous homicidal campaigns of terror against innocent people who do not believe in the tenets of His tyrannical reign! Atheists and science buffs are people who put absolutely NO stock in biblical non-sensical bullshit and trust the scientists of this world to solve the mysteries and theories presented by scholars in this age of reason and logic! Sorry, but this is the most sensible course! Due to the overwhelming burden of evidence, I have to say that Creation survives as nothing more than an interesting story to be told as a footnote to explaining the history of Evolution!

New Earth Creation has already been debunked as total fallacy and retardo-bullshit. No one with credibility needs to go toe to toe with these delusional assholes because they are obviously completely crazy! If anyone, and I mean ANYONE can dispute the findings of the genius Tyson, then I will listen with open ears. Tell me it’s the free will of human beings or the ‘will’ of God, then I will be asking many more questions before the night is over! Thanks for the late soapbox and I will now climb down!

Just me and common sense!


I am an atheist BECAUSE I see wonder in the world. I refuse to limit myself with myth and superstition and choose to let my mind wander the stars in wonderment! Creation explains nothing wondrous, it just aligns it with a religious belief system that is so limited in the eyes of the universe as to be almost myopic. During the past few days I have had a little bit of a sparring contest with a christian apologist who sees religion with the eyes of a scientist. This person actually believes that belief in Jesus expands the mind rather than limits it. Anyone who has truly studied the bible knows that 90% of christians DO NOT know their own bible and the atrocities contained therein. These people only know of the feel good stories of the love and benevolence of ‘The Lord.’

I see ‘The Lord’ as a crutch for the weak and a mass delusion resulting from early indoctrination, not the eye opener to the known universe. My take on it is that if ‘He’ was so almighty then so many little children would not be in slavery around the world, dying of cancer or getting killed in school shootings. As I see it, ‘The Lord’ is sitting on his hands if ‘He’ truly exists or he simply does NOT exist! I chose the latter due to the overwhelming LACK of evidence for “His’ existence! The universe is currently being probed by telescopes and other instruments that reveal HUGE holes in the Creationist belief and give us facts everyday attributed to actual science. 

If you want wonder, listen to Neil deGrasse Tyson on the universe and it’s many incredible aspects. If you want to be limited by superstition, then go to your local church where the uninformed attribute these things to an invisible Sky Fairy that they cannot even summon for an interview! Continue to believe that the most powerful being in existence who can do ANYTHING requires the supplication of us primitive human beings! The concept of this is sooo disturbing that it borders on committable  mental illness! 

I WANT wonder, and the way that I receive it is to delve deeper into the known sciences and learn what thousands of geniuses have written in hundreds of thousands of papers published over the years. When I was in the church, I learned how to limit the scope of my inquiry and narrow it to the illogical explanations of religious nature. I now look at the universe without the blinders of the people that tried to exterminate freethought and forward thinkers. I have loosed my mind upon the still unexplained parts of the scientific realm and eagerly await the answers to come! That which I definitely know, is that the quest will NOT lead back to religion or ‘GOD.’

Mormon Territory!


Reporting LIVE from deep inside the Mormon territory of Boise, Idaho, I am your host G. Olson, with the latest on atheist happenings! I have contacted brave atheist members of this community to join me in bringing logic and reason to one of Joe Smith’s myth-filled strongholds in an effort to wake up the golden tableted minions! These people come from all walks of life and stroll directly into the gleaming bastions of deception EVERY Sunday in an effort to reach the Celestial Kingdom of Jeezus! Our job, of course, is to inform them that at the end of their deluded lives spent wandering in the desert, they will simply feed the worms until they too grow fat and die!

Yes my friends, they too will eventually see that it IS OK to masturbate on the Sabbath insted of going to church. I can personally tell you that they will accomplish more by flogging their dicks then clasping their hands in prayer AND get silky soft palms in the process! So please, be ambidexterous, because who the Hell wants unequally soft hands?

The late great Carl Sagan


One of the most stirring oratories pointing to the arrogance of creationists. This whole universe being constructed by God for a speck of a species such as humanity!