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MRFF Complains About Atheists Proselytizing at Air Force Academy? Surely Pigs are Flying!
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Yes, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) and its leader Mikey Weinstein are going after the Air Force Academy again.
This morning, MRFF was contacted by seven people at the Academy (four cadets, two faculty members, and one staff member; six of whom Christians) about an announcement made to all cadets in the Mitchell Hall dining facility that today and tomorrow were going to be “Ask an Atheist Days,” and that a table would be set up on the third floor of Fairchild Hall, an academic building.
According to a member of the U.S. Air Force Academy Cadets Freethinkers Club, these “Ask an Atheist Days” are being held in protest of the Academy’s refusal to allow their group to participate in S.P.I.R.E. (Special Programs in Religious Education). S.P.I.R.E. is a long-running program at the Academy, where one night per week is set aside for various religious groups and outside parachurch organizations to hold religious meetings for the cadets.
The Cadets Freethinkers Club has been denied recognition as a S.P.I.R.E. group by the Academy on the grounds that freethinkers are not a religion, and has only been allowed to operate as a club.
A MRFF client who is a member of the Freethinkers Club explained the motivation behind the “Ask an Atheist Days” to Weinstein, saying that since the Academy does not consider them a religious group for the purposes of participating in S.P.I.R.E., then they feel they are are within their rights, as a non-religious club, to set up a table and have their event announced on the same basis as other non-religious clubs would be permitted to do.
MRFF agrees with the Freethinkers Club that their group should be able to participate in S.P.I.R.E., but does not condone the manner in which these cadets chose to protest the Academy’s refusal to recognize them as a S.P.I.R.E. group.
According to Weinstein, allowing an “Ask an Atheist Day” to be announced to a captive audience of cadets in the dining hall and allowing the Freethinkers Club to set up a table in an academic building is no different that allowing an ask a Muslim Day or an ask an Evangelical Christian Day. “They are proselytizing for atheism,” Weinstein said.
No, pigs aren’t flying. Contrary to the constant and deliberate stream of misinformation being spewed by those who claim that MRFF is an atheist organization that only goes after Christians, the reality is that MRFF will take exactly the same steps to stop a violation of the Constitution or military regulations when that violation is being committed by a freethinkers group or by any other group or individual. You just won’t hear about it on Fox News.
Maj. Lonzo Wallace, Executive Officer to Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson, has told MRFF that the Academy is allowing the “Ask an Atheist Days” to proceed, despite of the clear violation of regulations in allowing a particular ideology — one that many would say is in fact a religious belief — to be promoted in a completely inappropriate time, place, and manner.
“Religious neutrality means religious neutrality,” said Weinstein. “Whether it’s saying that Jesus is your lord and savior or saying that there is no god makes no difference. Neither is a neutral position, and neither can be promoted by the United States Air Force Academy.”  ://

Heaven is for real!


Heaven is for Real, Heaven can Wait, All Dogs go to Heaven…..There are so many Heaven stories relayed by people who have had one foot in the grave and were mackin’ on the good drugs produced by the brain in conjunction with oxygen deprivation! One of those people is little Colton Burpo who when his appendix burst, he experienced the life-threatening condition called peritonitis which happens when fecal matter is introduced into the peritoneum and contaminates this area. Now some people can be medically managed for awhile even with a burst appendix, but God allowed his beloved follower’s child Colton, to almost die from this condition to further prove to the rest of us that He is willing to kill as many people as possible to prove that He truly ‘loves’ us! Makes sense to me! Funny thing. If I was a Pastor, as Todd Burpo is, and this happened to my child, I would be asking why he had to Job MY ass as a proof to His existence. 

Well, the Burpo Clan appeared on Fox TV last year to introduce the adoring public to their Heaven sent son Colton whose appendix burst when he was four years old and during surgery, Colton reported that he had traveled to Heaven. Now science has amply described the chemicals that convince the brain that it is disembodied during the process of dying, but some just can’t shake the need to feel ‘special’ as a race and have to continually invent another explanation beyond ‘we are a kernel of corn in the universe of trillions of planets.’The science of today has efficiently debunked the accepted fallacies of religion and the adherents are well aware of this and desperately trying to salvage a grain of credibility. We sensible people know that the testimony of a four year old high on endorphins and other neurochemicals is probably the LEAST credible source of information following a near-death experience that there ever could be. 

Fox News and the Christian publications responsible for his story are, of course, going to attribute Colton’s experience to God because these are the ‘smart dumb people’ described by Bill Maher that hold degrees yet defer to completely unfounded drivel attributed to a totally fallacious entity. These people are willing to walk up to the most brilliant scientists of our time and ‘witness’ to him/her about the beauty of being a mindless follower of a completely psychotic master who kills those that step out of line; sounds like Hitler’s followers to me! 

Todd Burpo is the pastor of Crossroads Weslyan Church in Imperial, Nebraska, a bastion of science and reason of course! The hacks at Fox News and Network are using this story to supplant the ridiculous ‘Left Behind’ and ‘Fireproof’ bullshit of the evangelical fool Kirk Cameron. Now here is a guy who just cannot accept science OR his insignificance in the universe. Kirk rails against the incredible proof against his fallacy religion in an effort to keep his psychotic man-made GOD in power as the bulk of us start to reject ‘HIM.’ Most Catholics do not believe, there are huge secular movements growing within the psychotic bullshit of Islam that are undermining faith, thankfully! This Burpo story is just another old white guy’s last ditch effort in trying to keep the young from jumping ship! I just thank ‘GOD’ that people are so stupid and are such followers that they buy this stupid book and will patronize the equally unbelievable movie filled with special effects and ‘feel good’ platitudes put forth by millionaire actors who are doing this movie only because it will give them a millionaire paycheck! Boy this shit makes me feel good! Also, Colton’s version of Jesus fits the fake bullshit anglicized one that white people are easily plied with in that He has blue eyes and DOESN’T look like terrorist Jesus from the Middle East where he ACTUALLY came from!

Colton also has visions of his parents doing totally unreal things such as talking to parishioners on the phone and such! Why would a PASTOR do such a thing? Only a vision from the Almighty would cue him into that image! Throughout this book, there are such complete bullshit references to things that ‘He couldn’t have known’ that I had knowledge of because I listened to things that I shouldn’t have from the top of the stairs. This is an obvious abuse of pastoral privilege parlayed into a bestseller that most have ever seen and the father should be ashamed. Maybe if I believed in a god of genocide, infanticide, ethnic cleansing and drunken philandering, then I would feel comfortable with exploiting my own son as Todd Burpo has obviously done his. I will not see this travesty of a movie and have not read the book that spawned this commercial nightmare!

Please do not boycott this book or movie because of my review, but I, for one, will not be in attendance of the movie or the book or the other bullshit that will follow this crap pile!   


 Maybe he’s looking for a good deli in Imperial, Neb. It should be easy to get extra mustard for the corned beef, because Colton said he has “a smile that lights up the heavens.” Good dental care in paradise? Check. That’s not the best part though. The Burpos have evidence that Colton really did see some unexplainable shit. His father told Gretchen that while in surgery, Colton saw his father in a small room talking to God and his mother on the phone. OMFG! Only a miraculous revelation could have revealed to a pastor’s son an image of his father fuckin’ praying and his mother on the phone with parishioners. Are these people daft? Is that what passes for evidence in churches in Nebraska? No wonder ID is making inroads in churches…

That’s not all. Colton was able to discuss his mother’s miscarriage, which he knew nothing about, and to relay stories about his great-grandfather’s relationship with Todd, a relationship that Todd Burpo described as “close.” No way in hell a father tells his son about his relationship with “Pop.” Nope. That had to be info only available on the streets of gold. And mom’s miscarriage? I’m sure Colton never heard that information in church. Nope. No prayer circles or gossip in Wesleyan churches in small towns in the American heartland when the Cornhuskers are still in the midst of sucking. Nope. Pure miracle.

Sorry, this gets better. Colton tells Gretchen that God, who is a “very, very big person,” can “actually fit the entire world into his hands.” In the immortal words of Hank Moody: “Fuck me in the face.” Seriously? This is what happens when your kid sings one too many verses of He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands or watches Con Air too many times on TNT. It’s also possible that, in that great evangelical tradition, he’s been taught to flatten metaphors. Watch the video on YouTube to see Todd and Gretchen try to figure out what facial expression to wear while little Colton is laying on the shit so mechanically it’s obvious he’s rehearsed it a gozillion times. Great tv. Thank you, Fox & Friends, and thank you, Thomas Nelson. Do I need to throw in that this book is a bestseller on Amazon? Sigh.

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Psychology of Religion

“Happy is the Man that Feareth Always”: Psychology vs. Religion (2005) by Daniela Kramer andMichael Moore

Kramer and Moore analyze four main conflicts between humanistic psychology and prominent religious precepts found in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic prayers. These conflicts concern locus of control, self-esteem, social values, and the status of the family. The authors conclude that the messages promoted by various prayers are diametrically opposed to the goals of humanistic psychology and progressive education.

Psychopathology in Religious Ideation: The Case of Death by Proxy (2013) by Michael Moore

A large body of data suggests a causal relationship between religiosity and psychopathology. One illustration of such a connection is the delusional belief in “death by proxy,” such as Greek orator Aelius Aristides belief that he could appease the Greek god Asclepius by sacrificing two of his foster sister’s children in place of himself, 16th-century Jewish scholar Yosef Caro’s belief that, although he was condemned to death, the death of his first wife and three children substituted for his own death, and psychoanalyst Carl Jung’s belief that his doctor’s death due to septicemia substituted for his own death, allowing him to survive an illness that would have otherwise killed him. Belief in death by proxy presumes that a divine being takes oneself to be so important that another human being can be sacrificed in one’s stead, approaching what DSM-IV labels delusional disorder—grandiose type and bordering on the psychopathological.

Review of Fighting Words (2006) by Kenneth Krause

Hector Avalos’ Fighting Words adds organization, scholarly research, and coherent theory to the phenomenon of religiously inspired violence. Analyzing religious violence in terms of “scarce resource theory,” Avalos argues that sacred spaces and authoritative scriptures constitute scarce resources accessible to, controlled by, or interpreted by only a few. Competition for these resources, or for group privilege and salvation, inevitably leads to violence which is only that much more tragic because of the unverifiability of the very existence of such resources. Failure to recognize the authority of, or correctly interpret or observe, a particular sacred text creates the potential for bloodshed; and Judaism, Christianity, and Islam’s soteriological justifications for violence only exacerbate its realization. Rather than merely explaining the root causes of religious violence, Avalos encourages us to assist religionists in modifying their traditions to thwart the maintenance and creation of unverifiable scarcities, or otherwise seek the elimination of their violent traditions.

Review of The Psychological Roots of Religious Belief (2006) by Kenneth Krause

According to M. D. Faber’s The Psychological Roots of Religious Belief, although we are born free of religious inclinations, widespread belief in a personal God has its roots in our early childhood development. In infancy, for instance, a child relies on his or her seemingly omnipotent caregiver (a “proto-deity”) to supplicate cries (“proto-prayer”) for nourishment and care. The child is consequently primed to map this process onto a religious narrative complete with its Parent-God. By promoting a religious narrative early on, religious institutions lay the groundwork for religious belief by exploiting an essentially subconscious process before a child has fully developed the ability to reason. None of us are quite “wired for God,” however; the existence of nonbelievers testifies to the possibility of accepting alternative narratives by the time one is exposed to religious ones. Despite reservations about some of the author’s contentions, Krause uses Faber’s analysis to offer his own recommendations for ensuring that one’s children enjoy the rewards of a rational life.

We Are Too Weak to Walk Unaided: A Family Therapist View of the Pathogenic Aspects of Prayer(2000) by Michael Moore and Daniela Kramer

Many aspects of psychology are at loggerheads with religion. In this paper excerpts from prayers, hymns and scriptures of the three monotheistic religions are used to illustrate major areas of conflict between these two institutions. Special attention is given to those aspects of prayers which contradict basic tenets of psychological well-being not only of individuals but also of families. The discussion is divided into four major fields: Feudalism vs. egalitarianism, developmental issues, defense mechanisms, and interpersonal control mechanisms. In each field, several examples, organized around subtopics, show how the manifest message of religious texts legitimizes and encourages practices considered pathogenic by the standards of various psychological approaches.

Why Religion is Persuasive: How Religious Rhetoric Taps into Intuitions Underlying Religious Thought (2011) by Adam Lewis

Many of our intuitions were not cobbled together by evolution for discerning truth, but for building approximations of reality that were useful to our ancestors. A number of skewed ways of thinking are well known to psychologists. Just as human beings are biologically “prewired” to learn language from their social environment, thinking in terms of the supernatural may also be inborn. Our biases might therefore explain why empirically vacuous claims about gods, souls, afterlives, and so on are rhetorically effective: they fit well with people’s prescientific intuitions. In this paper Adam Lewis explores how these intuitions shape beliefs about gods as supernatural agents, drawing on examples from the Koran, before finally considering their impact on beliefs about the soul and related afterlife 

Simple but effective for budding atheists!


How to Argue That God Does Not Exist

Edited by MrsB, Maluniu, EvilFlame, Ash Furrow and 78 others


Many zealots are very defensive concerning the nonexistence of god. Often times, an atheist will be verbally challenged simply because of their lack of religious belief. It is at these times when one could raise these questions. However, it should be noted that while proving nonexistence is a logical impossibility, proving existence on the basis of fideism (by faith) is harder still.



  1. 1

    Creationism is often the root of the opposing party’s faith structure. With the wealth of reasonable evidence at your disposal concerning its infeasibility, you might include arguments concerning evolution, radiocarbon dating–as ridiculous as it may sound, many believe that the earth is 5,000-6,000 years old–and asking for an admission where creationism is given some theoretical weight, besides the Bible or other religious texts.

  2. 2

    Challenge the belief there is any “science” in religion, except for the fact that there are a few scientific theories that explain that the paranormal isn’t impossible (written by actual scientists, not zealots) and that scientists only understand about 4% of the universe. The difference between science and religion is that the former is always willing to reconsider any of its theories, laws and rules. The catch is that the longer a theory is supported by evidence, the stronger the evidence must be to disprove it. Ask any religious person if they would accept any evidence disproving the existence of his/her god(s) and the answer will always be “No.” That is why religion can never be classified as “science” regardless of what name you give to it.

  3. 3

    Point out that some religious beliefs may require you to “dumb down” your mind in order to have faith. The mortal enemy of faith is knowledge, a scientific fact that has been demonstrated by researchers at the University of British Columbia.[1] The basis of any religion is that you must believe something someone else tells you is true, even though your mind tells you it is a lie and it makes no sense. There is name for that: fideism. Without fideism, the concept of religion would not exist.

  4. 4

    Show them morality does not require any religious belief. Many people believe that without religion, the planet would descend into immoral chaos. The reality is that the majority of heinous crimes committed against people on this planet across all of recorded history had their roots on religious beliefs, but the ability to distinguish right from wrong does not require any religious beliefs. In addition, animals who are incapable of understanding our human concept of religion show clear evidence of understanding moral behavior and distinguishing between right and wrong.

  5. 5

    ]]Challenge their religion’s roots. Examples of this might include (if challenged by a Christian) that the “devil” was not present in religious texts until the nomadic monotheists ran into polytheists and borrowed the idea.

  6. 6

    Point out that religion, throughout history, has been used to control the masses, rather than enlighten them. An example of this includes the Christian crusades, and the present day suicide bombings of Muslims. Are (insert any faith here) really that different?

  7. 7

    Target the religious texts. In the case of the Bible, often entire verses, stories, and anecdotes were falsified for the sake of making a point. Even the concept of the “holy trinity” is a fabrication created not by any god, but for political reasons by a zealot namedTheophilus of of Antioch in 412 AD. Exploit the plot holes, inconsistencies and illogical and impossible things.

  8. 8

    Relate to your debating opponent. Ask them for a reason as to why they believe so strongly in their faith besides being raised in the dogma’s environment. Be aware of the Hundreds of Proofs of God’s existence[2] they may try to use.

  9. 9

    Demonstrate that people believe whatever they’re told to believe. Ask your debating opponent if he believes in a specific belief of another religion–for example, if he’s Jewish you can ask him if he believes Jesus was the son of God. Assuming he would answer negatively, then ask him whether he thinks he would believe that if he were raised Christian.

  10. 10

    Religion has often been used to explain the unexplainable. The Greeks used Poseidon to explain how earthquakes happen, which we now know is due to the movement of tectonic plates to relieve pressure. What happens when we can prove, and you can’t deny, the Big Bang theory and Evolution, which both have such large amounts of logic behind them that it’s hard to deny that they are true. This is called “The God of the gaps” factor.

  11. 11

    What happens after death? Many Christians try to use this argument to trick you into thinking you have to go to heaven. However, try relating this to something that has already happened. What happened before you were born? Nothing in the Bible says anything about this. Ask them to explain near-death or death experiences that many people have related, and why they never speak of seeing any “heaven,” “god,” “angels” or anything of the sort.

  12. 12

    Use simple logic.

    • Christians believe their God is omniscient and knows everything, including everything that has happened and will happen, as well as every thought your mind creates before you think it. If that’s the case, there is no “free will.”
    • They also believe their God is omnipotent, and can do anything. Problem is, if their God can do anything but doesn’t lift a finger to stop all the disasters, massacres and wars that have happened, are happening now and will happen in the future, their God is also a psychopath who enjoys watching our misery.[3]
    • However, if the Christian God is not omniscient or omnipotent… well, in that case their God is not a “god” and doesn’t exist.




  • While you already have the benefit of thinking with reason rather than blind faith, you canuse your rationality to defuse many arguments. However don’t assume your opponent operates on blind faith – there are some very experienced debaters out there with well developed arguments which seem very rational at first glance, but come apart using a simple “divide and conquer” strategy.
  • While it is rather simple to point out shortcomings in other belief systems, asking the opposing party to “challenge YOUR beliefs with facts; no quotes or Bible passages admitted” can often lead to the party giving up entirely.
  • In the end, rather than making a concise point, your opponent will often default to “I’m sorry you’re going to hell”. At this point, they have exhausted their personal knowledge of their dogma and attempt to be seen as “the better man”. A good way to respond might be to say, “At least I’ll be with friends”. While it may cause a shock, you’ll at least get a good laugh out of their reaction. If they’re acting like jerks, try responding with “At least you’re coming with me.”
  • Read and employ arguments from God is not Great in which Christopher Hitchens contends that religion is “violent, irrational, intolerant, allied to racism, tribalism, and bigotry, invested in ignorance and hostile to free inquiry, contemptuous of women and coercive toward children.” The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, is an excellent source of rational arguments against the existence of a religious deity.
  • Many theists ask “If the big bang made the universe, what caused the big bang then?” you can retort “What made God?” if they say “God was always there and always will be” then they have answered their own question.
  • Remember that as an atheist yours is a not a specific belief, but a lack of belief. You have nothing to prove, other than their god does not exist. On the other hand, theists claim to know what happens when you die, so the much higher burden of proof rests upon them.
  • Point out the similarity between Christianity and a Dictatorship / the National Socialist party. Remember the phrase “Listen to me or I hurt you.”
  • An idea is to point them to facts that make the only logical conclusion that a supreme ruler in the universe is simply impossible, like “If God can not handle that I sin, God is not omnipotent” or “If God truly cared about us there would be no wars.”
  • If the other party in the debate brings up George Muller, remind them that Muller claimed the Bible alone was his standard of judgment, and point out some of the more egregious examples of immoral behavior the Bible claims is appropriate, such as incest.
  • Use Science as your main stance if you have the knowledge. Remember that almost everything in science can be proven including, for example, the existence of protons, electrons and neutrons.



  • Be respectful. Everybody has the right to believe in whatever they wish, unless that “belief” includes suicide-bombing, or burning lonely old women at the stake, or torturing others until they believe what you believe, etc. This includes nearly every religion.
  • Many of the steps and tips on this page are complicated issues. Stating them as fact without being familiar with the issues might invite your opponent to question them, and question your belief in them. Don’t just argue a point because you read it on a wiki–learn about it, form an opinion on it, and then debate it.
  • You do not necessarily have to argue that God does not exist to any believer you encounter; good friends do not need to agree with one another on points to be good friends. If you are always trying to stir up an argument with friends or “convert” them, be prepared to have fewer friends.
  • Unlike other belief systems, if you announce your atheism, many will see it as a challenge, and act accordingly.
  • Some people choose religion to get over a bad experience in their life such as addiction, or a tragic death. While religion can have positive impacts on people’s lives and can help them in times of need, that does not mean that the ideas behind the religion are true. If you encounter someone who claims to have been helped like this, exercise caution, as you don’t want to offend them, but you do not have to avoid them or pretend to think like them.
  • Make sure they know that you don’t need to follow God in order to have good morals. Make sure they know that you wouldn’t steal or murder because it’s wrong, and not just because a book tells you not to. Read Godless Morality by Reverend Richard Holloway.

Corporate greed!!



18 Of America’s Biggest Companies Using Tax Havens To Skirt $92 Billion In U.S. Taxes: CTJ

The Huffington Post  |  By Posted: 06/03/2013 1:58 pm EDT  |  Updated: 06/03/2013 5:05 pm EDT


Apple may be getting all the attention from lawmakers and the news media for its offshore tax practices, but a new report finds that other major companies are using similar tactics to avoid paying taxes on billions of dollars in profits.

At least 18 companies, including Nike, Microsoft and Apple, are stashing profits in offshore tax havens likely in a bid to avoid paying taxes, according to a new report from the Citizens for Tax Justice, a left-leaning research group. If the companies brought that money home, they would pay combined more than $92 billion in U.S. taxes, the report found.

“It’s misguided to say it’s some unique thing that Apple has created,” said Matthew Gardner, the executive director of the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, a research partner of CTJ. “A lot of big companies are very likely doing it.”

A Nike spokesperson declined to comment on the report. Microsoft and Apple didn’t immediately return messages from The Huffington Post seeking comment.

Apple came under fire last month after a Senate hearing revealed that the company paid just 2 percent in taxes on $74 billion in profits by housing its money in an Irish subsidiary that hadn’t declared its tax residency anywhere in the world. Apple CEO Tim Cook told lawmakers that the company pays “all the taxes we owe,” which, while technically true, offers an example of the larger issue of corporate tax avoidance that some lawmakers are targeting.

Companies like Apple are able to use loopholes to legally keep their money in other countries, and they don’t have to pay U.S. taxes on that money unless it comes back home. When a corporation brings money stashed abroad back to the U.S., it pays the difference between what was already paid in taxes to the country where the money was previously held and the top U.S. corporate tax rate of 35 percent.

The companies on CTJ’s list disclosed in their filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission that if they brought their overseas profits back to the U.S. they would pay a tax rate above 30 percent, indicating that the countries where their money is currently housed have very low tax rates.


“When you see somebody estimated that we’d pay 30 percent or even 35 percent when we bring these profits back, that is an indirect admission that they’ve paid nothing,” Gardner said. “There’s a very small number of countries in which you can pay single digits in taxes on your profits — and those countries have an awful lot of beach front.”

Gardner noted it’s likely there are more companies than those on CTJ’s list that avoid taxes by keeping their profits in other countries. The SEC offers companies two options when disclosing their U.S. tax rate for profits housed overseas: They can either estimate what their rate would be if they brought the profits back, or they can claim that it’s too complicated to figure out, Gardner said.

The companies that made CTJ’s list are those that offered an estimate, but there are 235 other companies that told the SEC that they’re holding profits overseas but didn’t disclose their hypothetical U.S. tax rate, according to the CTJ report. In total, these non-disclosing companies hold almost $1.3 trillion in non-repatriated profits abroad, CTJ found.

“In all likelihood the vast majority of these 235 companies could give you a good estimate of what they’d pay if these profits were brought back,” Gardner said. “The idea that they can’t just figure out what they’d pay if these profits were brought back is pretty laughable.”

Many of the companies discussed in CTJ’s report, including Apple, have pushed lawmakers to grant a holiday on taxes for corporate profits brought back home, or to move towards a territorial tax system that would allow companies to effectively pay no U.S. taxes on the income they earn abroad. Supporters of such proposals argue that adopting a simpler corporate tax code would make the U.S. a friendlier place to do business, while critics say the policies could cost America billions of dollars in tax revenue.

But Gardner said it’s difficult for lawmakers to assess those proposals when they don’t know how much companies are paying in taxes abroad.

“It’s asking an awful lot for Congress to evaluate these questions without having access to this basic information,” he said. “That’s the bottom line. Congress should have access to information that they currently don’t have access to.”

Also on HuffPost:

The Most Outrageous Corporate Tax Loopholes

Also in the news-How the middle class is subsidizing both the super rich and the welfare poor! The bottom line is that the middle class is sinking in the mire that the super rich have caused and we are expected to pick up the tab for assholes who sit on their asses as well! When does the Fed construct some programs to reward the working for being victimized by both the rich and the poor?? We cannot absorb this for much longer as the middle class sinks and the rich continue to get richer! Tax religion and business the way that they should be taxed and kick fucking idiots off of the welfare system and we have a chance to survive. Keep flotsam financed and we will not! This requires that stupid liberals grab their nuts and crack some eggs instead of sipping organic coffee as Rome fucking burns!! Not that the Tea Party has ANY answers, it doesn’t. As long as GOD rules the right then they can’t be effective either!

Thats a lot of smart people in one place!


Ads Promoting Atheism Plastered on NYC Subways

Published October 20, 2009

Associated Press

NEW YORK –  Ads promoting atheism will be going up in New York City subway stations.

The monthlong ad campaign begins next Monday in a dozen Manhattan stations.

It features the slogan, “A Million New Yorkers Are Good Without God. Are You?”

The campaign is being coordinated by the umbrella organization Coalition of Reason. It cost $25,000 and was funded by an anonymous donor.

The coalition has placed similar billboards in the Dallas area and West Virginia. Another group ran ads in Chicago and in the Indiana cities of Bloomington and South Bend.

In July, another group, New York City Atheists, ran a similar but unrelated campaign on city buses.

One estimate puts the number of New York City atheists at about one million.

From the ME zone–Counting the blase christians who actually don’t believe in any god but are the ignorant sheep of the world, I’d tally the count of non-believers at probably three times the one million. Most christians in urban areas that are middle to upper middle income would actually laugh at you if you ACTUALLY saw Jesus AND talked to him and then relayed the account to them. The number of ‘nones,’ those who have no religious affiliation is probably closer to 30-40% than 20%. It’s just going to take time for these people to stop lying to themselves!