The Selfish Gene.


The selfish gene describes the essence of the human race in the genius of the Richard Dawkins book of the same name. As a reader of the Four Horsemen, as they are called, Hithchens, Dawkins, Harris and Dennett, I am stricken by the almost clairvoyant observation into the nature of mankind and it’s complete relevancy in the genre of the study of our base nature. Humanity likes to deem itself special in the world of mammals because of the ability to build societies and reason over the lower forms of animals, but they fail to realize that their predilection for self preservation places them pretty much at the base as with any other life form.

Humans are treacherous, feeding off of and hunting themselves in just as savage a way as the most base form of life. They think that because they can record their history that they are a bit more evolved than those species that lack a serial killer, but that is the ultimate weakness, the chink in the armor. Please Chinese people, don’t take offense in my offhanded use of the word chink. 4:20 people still describe their hazy eyes as this.

Altruistic demonstrations are but a built in nature for protecting the species and not an actual show of sacrifice for the individual. As described in The Selfish Gene, these acts benefit the race and are necessary to continuing genetic superiority and have nothing to do with a higher form of being, only a proliferation of a superior gene. Primitive beings have throughout the ages proscribed natural occurrences to supernatural deities but have gleaned through science a more sensible explanation for these things as technology progressed to advance civilization.

Fringe fanatical belief sects still reject the reality of science and posit their completely unfounded notions as to the origins of man, but these are as ancient a fallacy as the Greek and Roman myths of old who held to that which could never ever stand the test of logic and reason. God, in the Abrahamaic notion, is as fantastical as Apollo and Zeus in the foolish supposition that He could have been the creator of the known universe. The scholars of the time were not even regaled with His knowledge that the Earth was round, let alone that the ark couldn’t possibly have performed the way that the fable describes.

Christians are burdened with the task of refuting impossible statistics and continuing the circuitous arguments of the likes of William Lane Craig and Cye Ten Bruggencate. When did God begin? Where was his beginning? No answer! If the Universe can’t come from nothing, the same rules apply to your God!! Read The Selfish Gene and learn from it! I could care less about PC feelgood bullshit! Personal responsibility is where it’s at, euthanasia is awesome and fuck your feel good take on people opting out of responsibility! If you can’t get your shit together than there sure as Hell shouldn’t be a safety net to catch you!