The walking dead!!


When contemplating cradle to the grave welfare or other programs designed to save people from their self-seving means, we are given stark reminders that the weak are usually eaten or fall by the wayside as the strong carve out a niche for themselves.  Caring for the weak is meant to be a temporary thing and those who demonstrate a chronic weakness should be slated for destruction. I believe that if you put yourself in the weak category you voluntarily accept that your destiny will be meted out by someone else and that some fucking idiot will make it look like this person needs care forevermore.

Please observe what I am trying to demonstrate as I describe this situation. Imagine that you have to fare for yourself in a world where law has broken down and food is scarce. You are your best resource and a lazy welfare asshole who sits on his ass is a liability. Rather than feed this piece of shit, you would leave his/her ass to the wolves rather than risk anything to help this lazy fuck survive. I see the modern society as pretty much the same. If you would abandon the lazy piece of shit in a time of need, then why keep this asshole alive now? If a person is unwilling to earn their keep then leave them to perish! When given the hard choice I bet that the lazy bastard would choose to earn their keep. Those who are truly down on their luck would be given a good example, and the teen idiots that keep having kids that they can’t take care of would think twice before fucking out of turn!

These are sensible choices NOT paid for by the people busting ass for a living and this would convince more worker bees to quit having kids that they cannot take care of. This is common sense and goes against the Liberal cradle to the grave welfare plan that they have.

The laws governing conglomerates would also have to be re-enacted and enforced so that the fucking liberals wouldn’t have anything to bitch about, like they ALWAYS do! We need a change up in politics that does not favor the oligarchs, but this is never gonna happen because the Repubs/Dems have the plan locked up. Stupid fucking people…….just too stupid to see the bigger plan that fucks ALL of the people in place of the rich…