I would like to begin with some insight into the thinking atheist brain to give a perspective on why we believe so strongly in DISbelief! Most of the atheists that I have spoken to give an explanation similar to the one that I give in that proof is non existent when it comes to religion. We weigh the FACTS and observe data that can be ‘categorized and easily referenced’ as Agent Mulder used to say. Yes there are those who would say that he used those words to disparage his peers for looking down on his belief in the paranormal, but he was also a character who did not believe in something posited with absolutely NO proof!

Atheists tend to scour studies and scrutinize data to determine whether or not something is worth believing in. The thinking atheist tends to not make knee-jerk decisions and carefully weighs the tangible to produce a conclusion that is reasonable and quantifiable. We shun the fantastic and the unbelievable when there is no reason to pursue it further and dismiss faithful drivel.

The following are examples of the reasons to BE an atheist and for atheists to continue indifference to religion instead of pursuing peace with it. I was witness to some VERY ignorant statements by some deluded faithful followers regarding the rescue of the 3 women found after ten years in captivity in Cleveland, OH. The bulk of the statements were of the nature of  ‘Thank God these girls were found safe.’ or ‘God must have been watching over them.’ and even ‘God delivered them home to their families.’ What ignorant out of touch poppycock sentimental bullshit! I am so happy that there are stupid assholes out there who believe that GOD! stood as a perverted voyeur for ten years as these women were beaten, raped daily and terrorized for ten fucking years! REALLY?! Where was the Sky Fairy when these women were being kidnapped and where was ‘He’ when they were begging for their lives chained up in a basement?! If I was a colossal slope-browed dunce I would say exactly the same thing! IMAGINE!

No, GOD! was there when your fucking football team won the goddamned Super Bowl and ‘He’ was there when YOU got the last beer and ‘He’ was definitely there when the church pastor was killed in an auto accident but you were able to make it home after a few beers without getting a DUI! Good ol’ GOD! A helluva guy when your praying that you have a little milk in the fridge for that box of mac & cheese, but not so handy when 8 year olds are getting blown up in Boston or a 12 year old is stabbing his 8 year old sister to death! Shit, when I need my car to start on a cold day or I need those Death Cab tickets I’ll just hit up the Almighty for ’em, because he sure as shit is no fucking good at saving lives or preventing suffering!

I send this mostly to christians because we already know that Muslims kill over cartoon caricatures and if you happen to piss the wrong way so logic is totally lost on these idiots, but most christians don’t even really believe in god and are christians just for show anyway. It’s easy to claim but very difficult to actually believe. With all of the available knowledge out there most people have a basic knowledge of science and if confronted by the unexplained, they dismiss it or scoff. This includes claims of believers who say that they have seen Christ or God. Christians say hallelujah but inwardly think that the person is fucking crazy or trying to get attention. If someone were to invent a device that you could scan a person’s faith with, most christians would have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do!

So, I’m goin’ to take a shit and I’m praying for a good outcome and I played the lottery and am hoping that the good Lord will bless me with the right numbers! I will be careful on the drive to work though, because I sure as Hell know that ‘The good Lord’  doesn’t intervene in times of REAL emergency! Oh, by the way christians, when the guy next to you gets his brains blown out by the psycho gunman and you get passed over, IT”S NOT A FUCKING MIRACLE!! IT’S FUCKING TRAGIC FOR THE POOR MOTHERFUCKER WHO JUST ACQUIRED THE NEW ASSHOLE IN HIS FOREHEAD COURTESY OF THE BASTARD THAT YOUR GOD FAILED TO STOP!! Perspective folks, it’s all a matter of perspective!

Young Atheism


Good Morrow Atheists and other readers!

Yes, I still struggle to get my message out there because this is my first blog ever! I have to strategically embed it into all of the leisure/social electronic networking that I do to spread the GOOD news! But I digress…

My daughter had her best friend over this weekend and she happened to leave one of her college papers here on accident and I just picked it up. The subject is religion and how people are still following it even though it is obviously filled with crooks in almost ALL of the leadership positions. She goes on to mention such mind-criminals as Joel ‘The Hole’ Osteen and various other modern day snake oil salesmen who are not at all masking their Tony Robbins style of mind control. Not that this is necessary seeing that 80 or greater percent of humanity are a bunch of vapid, media-digesting lemmings, but just so you know where this is going, get my drift? This is not new or news in that we already know that those of us who buck this archaic system of spiritual slavery are going to be reviled for our forward-thinking, our vision into a world absent of the yoke of religious oppression.

The paper goes on to point out various things that should be obvious to the average person, that the religion is not on the level and should be ACTUALLY regarded as a financial institution fully vested in the task of earning money for it’s leaders. The opulence in which these assholes exist and to which they elevate the church should at once be the cue, but serves to actually BUILD the flock of the blind! Check out the many Osteen books and seminars, the suits he wears, the money he makes and see if it can be equated with the simple robes and sandals supposedly worn by Jesus! Lemmings eat this shit UP! Some would say that this represents the Great Whore of the ‘End Times.” I say give me her number, I could use a good whore about now! HA! Just kidding! Seriously, the Great whore seems to come into the living room and to the mega-churches everyday and hoodoo EDUCATED people into believing this fairy-tale bullshit!

Just today I was into my Yahoo page and one of the stories was about Jillian Michaels and her new adoption as well as coinciding birth, from her partner, of their new baby. Now I clicked in because I thought I might get to see her in some of her incredibly sexy workout clothes but it was not to be. The article said that she was told early on that she could not have children. Ms. Michaels says that GAWD had other plans for her! This is where it gets to the point that I say that humanity is too stupid to carry on! In Vietnam many of the people are Christians as well as Korea. In Mexico almost all of the population is Catholic. In Ireland you have the Catholics and the Protestants. In the good ol’ USA you have a mix of all AND you have gays and lesbians that go to church, WHY!! All of the above groups that I have just named were FORCED to capitulate or they were killed! Why are these idiots still embracing the religion of their oppressors? Yes, I understand the sociology, but that means that we are truly base life forms who are to pass into history just like the Dodo!

These are frustrating times for those of us who embrace science and reason over cockamamie fairy bullshit. These churches are an unchecked infection that is ravaging mankind and the most prominent symptom is BLINDNESS! Todays huckster sells you on how ‘hip’ it is to believe in fairy tales, that GAWD doesn’t MIND if you have wealth because the ‘faithful’ deserve it for being so kind and upstanding! Church is now run on business models that are right out in the open now! They don’t have to hide it because the business man astually LIKES that his church is the most successful. Sound like the Mormons? They have been following the business model for years earning them the animosity of the other faiths, but now that it’s the ‘in’ thing, it’s popular now for all churches to be a business. This and they dangle the fact that other church members will only patronize YOUR business because you are one of them.

Beware, is all that I can say. Beware of these motivational spiritual self-help books based in religion that will encourage you to believe that you can’t improve yourself without faith. When I envision ‘The Great Whore’, besides thinking of yo’ mama(just kidding, I am a guy you know), I see these Creflo Dollar/Joel Osteen/Benny Hinn fucking illusionists preying on the weak-minded, the troubled and the psychologically injured souls who are searching for meaning and falling for the Tony Robbins-like pump-up to make them feel whole again. Atheists tend to have these traumatized souls as well, but traumatized from religion. We also have the fiercely independent people who think appropriately that religion is just another crutch, a plug in the the leaky wall, a band-aid and not a viable solution to problems that need a PERMANENT solution.

On that note, I will say FUCK FUCKETY FUCK FUCK FUCK!! Strange ending? Sorry. I had a houseguest over the weekend who calls EVERYONE on ‘Language’. This isn’t because of religion, but the adherance to certain rules closely resembles that crap! With such prose as the above, I am finding that one does NOT necessarily use cursing because their vocabulary is lacking, please see above rant as an example. I have NEVER been accused of the lack of vocabulary, indeed I have been vociferously accused of using my ‘Harvard Mouth’ to baffle and gain the upper hand in a debate! Team America-FUCK YEAH! I will now sign off and attend to the business of fighting religion by other means. Please, if you are a believer, leave a response. I have not been, in one of my thousands of debates with believers, been swayed or even close to beaten when debunking religion. I have science and reason and NOTHING trumps THAT!  Peace out!